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awesome theme! :)

Thank you, glad you like it :)

Very nice layout! :-)) Does the contactform work?

Thanks, yes the contact form works.

Great theme!!!!

Thank you :-)

Any time I make an edit, the “home page” stops loading in dreamweaver and in my Safari Preview. Why is this happening and what can I do about it?


Not sure as I don’t know what changes you were doing, send me an email via our profile page and I’ll have a look.

Thanks, Greg

Nice work wise couple. ;)

Thanks Jesus :)

A Wordpress version would be a big seller.

Question, can the GRID on the homepage slider be disable?

I like how fast and fluid it runs.


Yes, the grid can be disabled, or replaced with other effects that come with the package (or you could add your own effects, it’s easy). Also, effects can be different in every section of the template, for example you can choose a paper effect for the footers and no effect for the home page.



Awesome work once again guys!

Thanks bro :)

Recently purchased your template and I love it but I have a question on the following issues related to IE

The carousel slider on the Philosophy page is broken it won’t show up.

On the portfolio page when I click to enlarge an image, I get the enlargement but I am unable to advance any pictures or even close the current image. The following code appears in the top of the lightbox: 1)$urls = $splits0. ”?url=”.

Any ideas or have you run into this before??


Thanks for your purchase :-)

Could you please confirm which version of IE and which OS you are on? I’ve just tested on windows IE8/IE9/IE10 and it works in all of them here.

Send me an email via our profile page with the url to your site and I’ll check the other issue.

Thanks, Greg

Hi, thanks for the design! Can you help with this pls, the contact form ‘image verification, Are you Human?’ does not work.The verification process cannot get past a spinning wheel.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for your purchase, please send me an email via our profile page and I’ll look into it.

Thanks, Greg

This is such a great theme and the support of Wiseguys is even better! I had a few issues (simply being a newbie to web design) and problem with the newsletter form and Greg on the Wiseguys team was SO helpful. They were patient and helped me fix the little errors and responding to my emails quickly and helpfully. Wiseguys are GREAT and I would absolutely buy any of their themes again.

Thank you, we’re glad you enjoy our products :-)

How can i delete 2 sections, i have delete the entire tags, but the template stay in loading… Gracias!


Which sections are you trying to delete?

Thanks, Greg

“services” and “news” <section> i have delete entire content in this tags… but the template stay in loading…


I think this is because you didn’t delete the corresponding items in the main menu, if you delete a section, make sure to delete the corresponding menu item.

Thanks, Greg

Hi there, great template, I love it! I have a question, thought. How can I make the portfolio work in a way that when I filter by web, for example, and I click on a web image, to bring up only the web images and not the entire portfolio?

Thanks, Erika


No you can only have one group per item.

Also I just tested in IE8 here and the slider seems to work fine, you need to make sure javascript is enabled in your browser.

Thanks, Greg

JavaScript was enabled in my IE8, but I figured out what the problem was. The compatibility view was turned on, and with that, the main slider, the navigation menu and the picture carousel didn’t show up. I tried this with IE8, 8 and 10, and they all behave in the same way. So, now with compatibility view off, your template looks awesome!!

Glad you sorted it out and thanks for letting me know, good to know :-)

Hi Mase,

The home page and parallax footer images are 2 different things. The home page images operate just like any slider, they are set in the home section html so you can just view the source. The parallax images are css background images applied to that parallax area, which is technically a footer for each section, then a small javascript alters the background-position as you scroll.

Cheers, Greg

Hey Greg,

Ahhh… got it, thanks for the feedback ;)

I look forward to studying your template. Will pop you an email via your profile if in need of assistance.



Hey Mase,

Thanks for the purchase, and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Cheers, Greg

Is there a way to load this in a sub-folder? Instead of http://www.mydomain.com I ‘d like to use http://www.mydomain.com/uk for the indexfile, while keeping all folders (js, images, ...) in the root.


You would need to update all the paths, so for example currently you would load a css like so:


so you would need to do this instead:


So you use ”../” to go back up one folder, you need to do this for all files though, including images path in css files and possibly in js files too.

Thanks, Greg

I changed all ’../’ to ’/’ within the css, so I have absolute paths to the right location, no matter where I put the index.html file. The index file also points to the right locations for both .css and .js files.

But I can’t seem to figure out where paths must be changed within the .js files. Right now, I only get the preloader without loading the page.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think changing ”../” to ”/” makes it an absolute path, where did you read this?

You need to go back up one folder, so if you have ”../” in css, change it to ”../../”

Don’t worry about js, I was just saying that just in case, but it’s unlikely it would cause the site to bug.

If you have further issues email me via our profile page.

Thanks, Greg

Hi guys,

Nice theme, but there seems to be a problem with downsizing to the mobile screen (portrait and landscape). I only have an iPhone 4 to test on, but the logo either doesn’t show, or you can only partially see it. No need to send you my install as it is visible on the demo.

Also, how do you get a slider image to appear on the Home page when displaying on a smartphone? I replaced the main slider images in images > home > slider. Are there smaller versions hidden elsewhere, or does it pull a different image instead of Slide 2 in that view? (I’ve disabled the slider on mine).



Hi Kevin,

Ok I’m going to have a look on iphone 4, in the mean time send me an email via our profile page and I’ll keep you up to date.

Thanks. Greg


Again very nice theme, good job !

I could ask you how to change the orange color when mousing please ?



Hi Jo,


Have you had a look at the kenway_main_documentation in the help folder? In that help file there is a section called “Choosing your color theme” which includes details about changing the orange highlight color.

Thanks, Greg

Thank’s Greg !

My site does not work on iphone/ipad www.fauxtasticiron.com

please advise -thx


I recently discovered that google maps can cause issues on mobile devices, so try and add the following code at the bottom of your screen.css: http://pastebin.com/JXp34nJt

If you are still having issues, fell free to send me an email via our profile page and I’ll have a look.

Thanks, Greg

Hi – this did not seem to solve the problem. The site is still not viewable on iphone/ipad – specially the homepage

Hello, how we can include tabs in single item page? We have gallery, and if i click to image – then open single page with text – and here is dont work any JS includet in the page – as tabs, or accordition. How insert URL data link in this page? Whe i open this single page from galler i would like to open another page single from this primary signle page. Thank.


Please login with the account you used to purchase this file as this is the wrong one.

Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg, I just purchased the template and installed it to: www.harmony-egypt.com Great theme!! I have a problem that I dont know how to fix wit the contact form. Any submission gives the following error message: “ATTENTION! The verification code you entered is incorrect.” Although I’m sure 100% that I enter the captcha correct. Please help me.


So far this has happened to 2 buyers before you, and I suggested to contact the hosting provider as it is related to file permission on your server so send them an email and they should be able to fix it for you.

Thanks, Greg

Thanks Greg, I tried with the hosting provider checking all permission option but the issue is still the same, can you suggest please different solution beside the permission issue? Thank you so much :)


This is actually a plugin we are using so I’m waiting for feedback from the author, in the mean time send me an email via our profile page and I’ll keep you up to date.

Thanks, Greg

Great theme WISEGUYS! I’ll post a link when I’m done with it. The best damn documentation ever. Keep up the good work boys…I’m very happy with it!

Thanks :-)