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I am having the same problem as Steffie583 … I can’t change colors or fonts and have them save. I’m trying to use the Google fonts with the them for body and headers but I’m just getting Times Roman.


Make sure the skin.css file has 777 permissions its located in css folder

Thanks – worked great. One more quick question – how do I change the background color of the menu bar from the grey color it is now? I want to change it to a teal similar to #008080


Oh just noticed i didn’t added that in the theme options i will make a quick updated tomorrow with the feature to add in it.

I am having an issue with the revolution slider I am getting this error: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Home Page not found. I can post the slider with short code bellow, but is not working on top of homepage with you integration. Is there some issue with it? or a version?


Yes its not there so create a new slider in revolution slider after installing the revolution slider plugin then select the slider in theme options panel.

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I just installed and really like the Keorra theme, however I noticed that during the course of setting up pages and content my testimonial text does not display anymore. Also, the sidebar contact form widget simply refuses to display the title. The search and recent posts widgets work, just not the form widget.

Any suggestions?


I will take a closer look into the issue and let you know. Can you email me the URL to the specific page where you are using the testimonials so that i can see whats wrong.

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Hi. Great theme, I’m playing around with it now. I was wondering if this theme also responsive up to crazy resolutions like the new Retina MacBooks (2880×1800)? Do the graphics look sharp at that native resolution while still having a normal size?


Sorry i don’t have that Retina Macbooks to test. If you got one please test and let me know so that i can update it. Thanks for the info BTW .

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Let me start off by saying that I really love this theme. It is awesome. One of the best I’ve used so far.

I walked into an Apple store today and I tried it. They treated me like a dumb-ass when I asked about the Retina-laptops. The whole attitude in there reminded me why I don’t own Apple products.

Anyway, the structure of the theme scales well and the Revolution slider also really scales excellent. All in all, it’s a very impressive package and it looks great on the fantastic high-DPI screens.

The social icons and the sticky bar button look blurry on a retina screen. Fonts, buttons and boxes scale and look great. My uploaded logo looked blurry also but the logo scales with the rest of the theme, so I figure if I upload a higher resolution version of that, it’ll work fine (I’m also thinking about using SVG instead of PNG /GIF/JPG).

You need a resolution that’s around 2.5 times as high as normal to have 100% sharpness on those screens.

Basically, all the non-vector stuff in the theme needs a resolution update. You could jump on the hip marketing bandwagon and brand this theme as “retina ready” if the social icons and sticky bar would be a higher resolution.

Sorry about sounding a bit sarcastic, but I still can’t believe how I was treated in that Apple store (as a potential customer no less). What a bunch of arrogant dicks in there.

hi, i’ve just purchased. do you have an xml file of dummy data to populate?



Sorry forgot to add in the package but i will add it tomorrow.

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Hi, I just purchased the Theme, trying to hop from Joomla to Wordpress, hopefully a good idea. Can you please send me the xml-file with the demo-content. It will be easier to test out everything with this new CMS ;)

Thanks in advance !



Hi, We like this theme but before purchase we would like to confirm, if demo content XML file is included, looking forward to hear from you asap. Best Regards, Ace


Its not included but i can email you the file if you contact me thru my profile page contact form.


How do i get the same layout like in the demo for the home page?


If you contact me through my profile page contact form i can email you the demo xml file.


The theme is really great. By the way I face a problem arrange the portfolio page. Please see the link I sent to you inbox. You will noticed that the image zooming in function doesn’t work. The lightbox was not showing up when I click onto the image.

Best Regards,

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Great theme. This needs to be added to framework/shortcode/portfolio.php to be able to sort portfolio items by custom order

Line 98, change to 'orderby' => 'menu_order', Line99 add 'order' => 'ASC'

I also added theme support for page-attributes and post-attributes in functions.php


I will consider adding this feature of sorting order, in the theme options panel in the coming updates 1.1

how do i get the front page to look like the demo? is it shortcodes? can you provide the html to accomplish this?


I have added the xml data for importing sample data, please check in the package.

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Hi There,

What’s the easyest way to switch of the responsive function. I want to have the phone version exactly the same like the desktop version.

Thanks for you response, great Theme by the way!


comment the below line in keorraframework/common/head.php file

wp_enqueue_style( 'responsive-style' );

I cannot get the image on my gallery to show. Images using the Revolution Slider are there no problem…...

I don’t see anything in the url can you email me WP Logins via my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look at it.

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I need support, but the support link isnt working. my website has no header menu bar. Please help!


Email me the URL and WP Logins my themeforest profile page contact form.

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merhaba portfoliotype sayfas?ndaki resmin lightbox olmas? mümkünmü

prettyPhoto entegresi olabilirmi


Can you type in english please I don’t understand turkish language.

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Hi! Great theme man! very useful.

I’m having some issues with the customization of the theme. First, I have set up a portfolio page following the Documentation instructions and a few things are not working like in the Live Preview:

1. I’ve chosen the 3 column sortable portfolio option for the layout, and no Title is displayed on hover in the thumbnail and

2. nothing happens when I click to open the image in a lightbox. How do I enable that feature?

3. Also, I need to display more than one image inside the lightbox (like the lightbox used in the “Architecturals” page inside “Portfolio”), but only the featured image inside the portfolio item page (some projects have more than one image). I would prefer no to use the Slider view inside the portfolio item page, because not all images have the same vertical size and the slider feature does not adapt to the size of the images… Is it possible?? how do I do it?

4. In the Project Details column, inside the portfolio item page, there’s a small typo: “Progect Date”, where do I fix it?

One last thing, the image shown inside each portfolio item don’t look very sharp, they actually look kinda blurry. I’m pretty sure is not my image. How can I fix it?

I’ll be expecting your reply. Thanks for your help!


1) There are attributes in the shortcode which you need to check make sure its not false.

2) Make you have assigned the image as featured image

3) Architecture is a category not a portfolio shortcode. You need to drag the category in the WP Menu to display that style. Overall its an Portfolio Custom Post Type Archive

4) Its not there in the theme options but if you are using any localization plugin then you can do that if not you can manually alter that in the single-portfoliotype.php file

Email me the WP Logins and URL so that i can see what you are doing or mistaken.

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Hi there,

Really like the theme you designed! It was really fun working with it.

I have a question, I added your ‘Contact Form’ widget, when I try testing it, it wouldn’t allow me to ‘submit’. Can you please take a look? I couldn’t figure out why…

Much appreciated!


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image prettyphoto lightbox I want to be