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Can I add a shipping calculator plugin to this theme? Or is it not possible?

nishmau Purchased

Hi i have bought the same. Where can I access the sample data from. I am unable to find it.. please help

Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for the Kids Toys Wordpress Theme.

Support Requests:

Please send support requests to our dedicated support website by following this link: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html We cannot answer support requests if you ask them here.

We hope you enjoy this premium wordpress template!


nishmau Purchased


It is a great theme, but just to get the sample data if I have to wait for 10 days (thats what it says on their support system) or PAY 10 $ for UPGRADE ! I think I am better of knowing these RULES before wasting my 40$.


This is an automatic message. Welcome to the email support system for dtbaker’s Envato items.

We will reply to your question shortly. Please note the expected delay on this free email support is currently up to 10 days. If you require a faster answer there is a paid Priority Support option, please see above.

If you are receiving a server or email error of some description we find it is quicker for buyers to contact their hosting provider directly. The hosting provider can look at the error logs behind the scenes and generally suggest a fix much quicker than we can (especially if we can only guess what the hosting problem may be).

You can reply to this email with any extra details that were not included in the original question (eg: website address, ftp or wordpress login details).

Thank you for your patience, dtbaker


Do you seriously think I do not provide support?

You’re support ticket was sent yesterday (a Saturday) it is Sunday now. I will answer your support ticket tomorrow (Monday). This information is also in the support ticket.

nishmau Purchased

Hello any updates on sending the sample data? This is the first time I am facing trouble on ThemeForest in getting hold of sample data even after purchasing the theme 3 days back. :-(


Sorry please check the FAQ if you need assistance setting up the website like the demo please send in a ticket to our support department here: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

nishmau Purchased

Already raised a Ticket 002107 Please check and reply.


I’m not sure you checked the FAQ as per my message yesterday? Please use the reply button when replying to comments, rather than creating new comments.

nishmau Purchased

this ticket 002107 was raised now 5 days back to get the sample data. why is it so difficult for you to proxide it?

its just an xml which you have to send across.


The sample data is in the FAQ – didn’t we reply to your previous comment below? Please use the reply button as it makes it very difficult to track item comments from our end.


The FAQ is located here if you are having trouble finding the button: http://themeforest.net/item/kids-toys-wordpress-shop-newsletter/faq/154848

nishmau Purchased

Yes. I couldnt get hold of the sample data. Got it now.. Thanks a lot.. sorry for the outburst but we really need to get this project live by tonight and hence the mess.. :-(

The product images doesn’t work at all. I submitted a ticket #002102 5 days ago and didn’t get answer till now :(.

Very bad support.


5 days is great support. the normal turn around time is 10 days (as per the ticket autoresponder). Please note that support is 100% optional. I provide it in my free time.


Thank you dtbaker for your support but I paid for a theme that doesn’t work at all so I believe I have the right to ask for a quicker support.


I was able to make product image work by adding this line to .htaccess

RewriteRule wp-content/themes/kids_toys/dtbaker_thumb.php dtbaker_thumb.php [R]

Hope this helps other people

I too am extremely dissatisfied with the support. Above you state 10 days. I lodged a ticket on the 26th April and did not receive a reply until the 10th of May. That seems like 14 days to me. No time was taken to answer my question properly either. I wanted to know how I could change the text within the images and you simply replied that I was allowed to change the image. I understand that you do it in your free time but perhaps if you are unable to provide adequate support to clients then this should be stated clearly somewhere in your description so that they are not left hanging when trying to achieve a working site.


Sorry your question was “Am I able to change the words in the boxes to the right of your template”.

Some people think they are not allowed to change parts of the template. Yes you are welcome to change these parts of the template.

To change these parts of the template you will require basic photoshop skills. Once the image has been changed you can upload the image over the top of the old image in the wordpress contents folder.

Please reply to support ticket if you need further assistance.


¿Como puedo traducir mi plantilla KID TOYS ? No hay generado ningun archivo .po ni .mo

Gracias de antemano

Idelis Purchased

A slider on the home page would make this theme even better. Any plans on adding one in an update?


I am thinking about buying this template, but would like to know if video is support at?



JoHatton Purchased

Hi, I can not make my menue apper. I have added the relevant pages, added them to menue 1, everything is saved and I believe should appear, but I am still not seeing visability on the home page. Please help.



JoHatton Purchased

Purchase Verification for Freelance theme/template support by Marvidude : http://themeforest.net/user/marvidude

I have just paid for support using Marvidude. He has been brilliant, an excellent communicator, timely response, and did exactly what I asked him to do at a reasonable rate. If you are really stuck, I suggest instead of waiting for support get in touch with Marvidude via this forum and he will be able to help you, very quickly.

Hello! This theme works with Wordpress 3.4.1? This message appears on Permanent Links, you will have something to do?

“If you have .htaccess file writable changes would be made automatically, but if not, here are the mod_rewrite rules you must manually add to your. Htaccess. Click the text area and press CTRL + COMMAND year + a to select all. “

Thanks! Greetings!


Yes it works in 3.4.1

waynep16 Purchased

I have the site running but I want to also show it in another language with a flag to switch the language, what do you think the best way would be to go about this ?

Hi dtbaker, I’m setting this theme for a client and I have one problem, when I add one product to cart everything is fine, but when I add two or more products header shopping card is showing just first product price, won’t charge whole card if you understand me, it shows 2,3 Items but just price of a first product

Hello! How can I change the typography of the site or make emmasophia have accents now?


Hello! How can I change the typography of the site or make emmasophia have accents now? Cheers!

dmendez Purchased

hi. Is it possible to use this theme as a wp multisite? i mean, to let each suscriber to have their own products for sale? With their own paypals?

Thanks a lot