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WOW – waiting for the wordpress version!!!!!!!

awesome work!

This is really great, More uncommon themes like this really adds to the diversity here at TF. Great job.

Yay, you got accepted! :D

Hahaha guys keep cool, this is not a ripoff. Its not a complete copy just because he got also a blue sky with clouds and some illustrations in his webdesign.

Nice Design bro. Good luck with sales.

This is an amazing design, well done. Looking forward to seeing this as a working template :)

As for the ripoff, looks very similar I will agree, but there are many differences in this template compared to the website. I don’t believe it’s a ripoff in my opinion but I’m amateur.

My opinion is this is FABULOUS . Amazing work!

I’d say inspiration, great work :)

great work as usual. Will buy if theres an HTML /CSS version :)


Thank you for your comments I am currently building the design into HTML /CSS and it will be available soon.


Thats awesome, looking forward to it. And keep up the great work :)

unique template. GL

Is this coming as a normal design template?

Very nice and (for me) useful template – looking forward to the html/css version – will definitly buy it immediately.


If this was an html/css template I would buy it right now ~megan

Do you mind if I convert this into a WordPress site for myself?


Hi 7digital, go ahead you can use this design for wordpress no problem. Still a few weeks away from releasing the wordpress version.


Hi 7digital, this is now available as a wordpress theme:

Hi dtbaker, does this PSD only version include the new backgrounds – grass, sand & underwater 2?

I still want to buy this template but would like to get the extra footer designs that you have in the WordPress and HTML versions (grass, sand & underwater 2). Can you please confirm if they are included in this PSD only version?



These extra designs are only available in the WordPress version – the PSD files are included in the WordPress version if you are interested.

Thanks, dtbaker


Thanks for your reply. According to your description, these 3 new footer designs are included in the HTML version as well as the WordPress version. Is that correct?

I am going to create a static website, not WordPress, so I don’t really want to spend the extra money for the WordPress version.

I am a web developer and therefore don’t need the code. However, as your HTML version is only $1 more expensive than your PSD version I am happy to buy that if it comes with the extra footer designs.



Great then yes if you are only after a static website with the footer in the HTML version then yes you can purchase the HTML version.

incredible desgin mate :)



you can update like wordpress version ?. I like your design.