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very nice ill buy it the minute the html version is out :)


Tnx for asking, we are working on it. Cheers!

nice work simply unique good luck!


Tnx :)

A serif font is a bad choice for a Kid’s template.

yea.. even I am waiting for the HTML version. any idea when it will be out? if its in the next couple of days, then I’ll wait.. otherwise will have to purchase another one :(


I must say I am sorry it wont be so quick :(

Hey it would be sweet if ye did a wordpress version, i will buy if ye do,

Sorry for asking if this a dumb question but is this a wordpress template? I see that there isn’t a HTML out yet.


This is only psd for now..

Druze dobro ti je krenulo. Odlican templejt. Samo napred.

Hiya, this design is so perfect for us, however we are desperate to get a wordpress version. Roughly how long do I need to be patient for? Again, I’ll also have to look at purchasing something else if it’s a long wait :crying: Brilliant concept!! Love it!!

This theme would be so perfect for a project I’m working on… but I need Wordpress.

same here: html version and I’ll buy it for sure!

Would you be able to make a wordpress version of this…so I can buy it?

cry for wp-version too..

Micatuca Purchased

Hi, just purchased this, its my first purchase…looks good, but where are the fonts?


I asked earlier….but did not get a reply.

Will you be making a wordpress version too? I am willing to wait (how long?) as I believe nothing else will match your theme. This is perfect for me!


We’re working on html version, but i dont know exactly when we upload on Theme Forest…WP will be also after that.

nokiko Purchased

any update on the html vesion?


We’re working on html version, but i dont know exactly when we upload on Theme Forest.

Hi there! Love the theme. I usually work in Wordpress, but I should be able to hire someone who can code this into Wordpress for me couldn’t I? perhaps on Elance or something like that?


You could try with Elance.

Any plans to make a wordpress version of this theme?

Any Idea when HTML version will be available?


Hi xgetze00,

The HTML templates are available. You can find it at http://themeforest.net/item/kids-voice-school-html-template/573808

Regards, Aislin Themes