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Great theme but i can’t see the Nav. Could you please help me telling me what i’m doing wrong. I have download the plug in and it is already activated.

Many thanks

Hi bantheinternet and gurufimsfx,

Can you give me installation link, username and password?

Email: roxigo@roxigo.com

Thank you Sergey Roxigo

Hi, Love the theme! A few problems though… I have installed and activated this theme on a new WP install. Followed the instructions. There is no dummy content visible even though I have added it (twice). I can not Upload and image in the Kinesis options screen. The ‘Upload image’ button doesn’t do anything. Tried it in IE8 , FF, Safari.


Please assist, thanks,



Hi james,

First please try to redownload the files again from themeforest.

Then send me your login information so I can take a look.


Is there someone out there? I have tried to contact you several times but there is no response.

Please respond


Hi marcoAtMCMedia,

Can you give me installation link, username and password?

Email: roxigo@roxigo.com

Thank you Sergey Roxigo

Hello? I’ve tried contacting you regarding the as yet unresolved issue of transparency in IE7 …

Have tried contacting for over 2 months. Please respond in this regard.

due to the fact that there is “video” in the “portfolio”, I guess it is possible to insert videos from vimeo?

looking forward to hear from you.

best regards, AJ

Hi AnthonyJ,

You can add video in posts. It is very easy using Wordpress editor.

Thank you sergey Roxigo

ok, so lets say i updated/linked/inserted (whatever) a video to the “portfolio”. If i click on the “picture” of the video in the portfolio gallery, does the film open in a smaller window where it can be watches, like it does in so many themes?

greets, AJ

Hi AnthonyJ,

If you click on a portfolio Item a single page will open and you can see video in this page

Thank you Sergey Roxigo

Any plans in making a Wordpress 3.0 version of this?


No not yet

Hi I’m thinking of buying this theme…it looks so awesome!, but i only have one concern. I find it slow scrolling up and down. Is that normal?


What browser are you using?


It occurs on IE8 browser

reggie77 Purchased

hey i think i figured it out … in the css file…the “DIV#background” width is at 1600px. I changed this to 1300px….maybe the size was too high. Try it out….

..i had to adjust the margins to compensate the lower width…but all is good now…

Love the theme !!

About to purchase this theme but I only want to use the Blog page, is it possible to set the Blog page to your Homepage so the blog is the first thing you see?




PLease contact roxigo@roxigo.com for these kind of questions

Okay, for those people having a problem with the portfolio images not showing in total. After trying for so long to get a solution from the guys of this theme, I got fed up with it. I found the solution myself.

The solution: Go to the js folder and open de jquery.coda-slider-2.0.js Go to line 19 and type “autoHeight: false,”

That’s it! That wasn’t so hard guys! Why couldn’t you give an answer?


jelting Purchased

Great theme. I really works well for what I am doing for my client.

One thing I am trying to do, though, is make a slideshow like the one on the home page on several of the inside pages. I’m not sure this is possible, since the images for that slideshow are entered via the Kinesis Homepage slider interface.

When I tried creating another template for the inside, I got those images in my slider.

Can you advise? If I can’t do a slider on the inside, I would probably end up using one of the category pages. But I wouldn’t want the nav to say “Category – Video”. Do I need to build a page template that displays only video posts, then, so I can put that page in my nav?

Thanks for your help sorting this out. -Julie

Here’s my site: http://www.wesselting.com/jeff/wordpress

Hi Roxigo.. I am not able to change the layout for the Portfolio. I want to display thumbnails style not like a blog..

I have followed the help files you have provided.. I don’t wat else to do.. thanks in advance. Asad

okAy got it.. now no post or thumbs are showing.. figuring it out now.. wish me luck.. :P

I am not able to show any posts under portfolio neither any tabs on this page. Can anyone please help me in this matter..!!!!

This template doesn’t work, I emailed the designer months ago and still haven’t had a reply.

I back here to see if he fixed the problem but he didn’t.

To see the problem with this theme just go to: http://roxigo.com/demos/grubforce/kinesis/wp/?cat=4

and reload the page, it will fail to load the content properly. shame it would’ve be perfect for my personal website.


I just want to know if it’s possible to have different portfolio page (add another page with the same style but a different category of post).

Is that possible ?


No You can only have one portfolio page defined

Just purchased this theme, but I can’t seem to have any content pop up on the portfolio section. Can you guys help? I posted a post or even the dummy posts, don’t seem to pop up on the Portfolio.

My e-mail is senTralsuLcus@gmail.com I also notice that none of the images seem to appear on the site itself for each post. Is that a coding problem?