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Hi there,

I removed some menu items, but when i hide my menu bar this happens:

How or where do I fix this?


Hi there. Posted a question a few days in support forum – nickname : edugarsb , please help me.

The Hide Menu link is missing on all the pages except the home page even though all the pages use the same menu code. What is the problem with it not showing up? Question also asked in support forum.

Nevermind, I figured it out.

Oops, spoke too soon. Still have the problem…

Okay, got it fixed…

Hi Sipport Team,

I want to embedd a video from YouTube into the theme “King Size – fullscreen background template”. I take the YouTube embedd code and paste it to that place on the page where I want to have the video but it doesn’t work. It give the information that the data won’t be found.

I did the paste and copy of the embedded video thousand times before and it worked. May you can let me know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help Johannis

This template loads great on my Android phone, but it seems to load improperly on iPhones. The navigation bar seems to be pushed all the way to the right and overlaps the content.

This is unfortunate. I’ve seen a couple of other comments talking about the same thing. I understand it’s primarily for laptop and desktops, but I wish it was at least functional on iPhones.

Dear Author, I would like to use Hungarian characters, but unfortunately there is no such the following letters: é É á Á ü Ü ó Ó ? ? ú Ú ? ? í Í Is that possible to add it, please? Regards, Jano

Dear Denoizzed, May I ask if there any possible way to solve my issue regarding the fonts? Regards, Jano

Can anyone please tell me how to replace the logo? This seems like a simple task, but for some reason, replacing the existing image file with a same sized and same format image is not working! Someone please help!

How can i add descriptions to the images on the homepage like the WP version ?

Is there a way for the nav to start in the hidden position? Thank you!

very nice work. good luck;

Hello, i nedd ä ö ü how can i release this an the validator write me very much errors – which html is the nearest ? Thanks for this great theme

I found it changed in the js folders – thanks

but which doctype a take ?

when in the AJAX version, how do i get the menu hide button back ??


areza Purchased

Great template, thank you for your work! I purchased it yesterday and have a little question regarding the menu toggle function. Hope you can help me with that :-)

I’ve deleted some items in the main menu, so not it only has 3 or 4 items. When I click the arrow to hide it, the menu strip goes up completely, so it is all hidden, also the arrow to show it again. Where can I adjust how much it slides up?

Thank you in advance & please keep up the good work!

Kind regards from germany ;)


lopevi Purchased


I downloaded this theme but in the template Folder there is no zipped folder ‘kingsize’ like described in your support. However there are only two folders ‘AJAX’ and ‘Multisite v2’. When I upload one of these Folder to wordpres ‘theme’ folder there is the following error showed ‘style sheet missing’.

May help me anyone pls?


ivomedia Purchased

Hi, Where can i find html or PSD? I just see it Looks like WP files.