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Thanks for compliments .

I’ve installed this and got everything running fine except for the contact info widget.

Where am I able to edit the information in this widget? I tried looking at it in the widgets page but I get this error when I expand it

Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘250’ was given in /home/zagiraco/public_html/harriet/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php on line 192

I’ve looked in the widget-contact-info.php file and I can’t seem to find where its pulling the contact info from, I can’t find the details it is displaying anywhere in the settings etc.



Thanks for the purchase!

You just need to update the line #89 of the lib/widget-contact-info.php

wp_register_widget_control to register_widget_control

We include updated file in today’s update.

Sorry for incovenience!

Hi Denoizzed,

How long can we expect for the first update? I am particuarly interested in the twitter widget.

Regards, madtay

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I am having the same problem as 2creativo:

I’ve uploaded a logo (.png file, 200×200) on the Theme Settings page, but the default King Size logo still appears and is not replaced by my logo…!

I’ve anxiously waited for weeks for the WP version and am really looking forward to getting my site done!


Bluestip Purchased

Another issue: Kind Size Contact Widget

This was your reply to another user who had the same issue:

Thanks for the purchase! You just need to update the line #89 of the lib/widget-contact-info.php wp_register_widget_control to register_widget_control We include updated file in today’s update. Sorry for incovenience!

I don’t have any PHP script knowledge so could you clarify this for me? Can you tell me what current line of code I have to replace and which piece of code has to be inserted instead of it?

Thank you!


Hi, thanks for the purchase!

Please contact me via my profile page and provide link to your site, login and password for admin area so I can change these files for you.


Hi Denoizzed,

One more question. Is it possible to set the blog to be the homepage?

Regards, madtay


Love this.

I would want the rotating backgrounds. Text formatted associated with images.

Also, the logo disappears. Can there be an option for the logo to remain and a phone number, and or a name. Otherwise, people will think forget what this was.

Cheers, J

Hello MadTay:

At this moment, the blog cannot be assigned as the homepage. However, we’ll consider making this option available in our next release.

Hello Jackola:

These options mentioned will be available in an upcoming release. We appreciate your patience. Also, could you post your comment from the account you purchased with so we can verify your purchase. Also you can contact us via Denoizzed profile for further assistance if necessary.

As for the logo (to everyone) we apologize about the mistake and we are correcting the issues. We’ll have an update in regards to the logo issues soon. We’ll update you all on this asap!

- Bryce Wisekal


Thanks. Is it possible to achieve the blog as the homepage using the wordpress static front page option?

Hello MadTay:

Unfortunately, at this time, no. We will get started on implementing these changes though for our next release so buyers can assign the blog as their homepage. This is something we overlooked and will make it available as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest. As well, in regards to the Twitter widget, we’ll work at getting this available for our next release as well. In the meantime though, there are many twitter widgets available that can be installed via Plugins capable of working with the template.

Otherwise, look out in a few days, we’ll do our best to get that available.

- Bryce Wisekal


Thanks. I really need blog as homepage. I will look out for the update and purchase.

Regards, madtay

Hello all,


We have been informed of the issues with the logo and have already corrected them. If you can, please contact us via “Denoizzed” profile and request for the modified files. We’ll give you an exact description of how to update these files and where they belong. If necessary, we’ll even make the updates for you just let us know your FTP access when contacting us.

Otherwise, an update to this version will be supplied to Theme Forest tonight for review and hopefully available soon as possible.

We do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused some of you and we appreciate your patience while we resolved the issues.

If there are ANY problems, we stand by our template so please don’t hesitate to contact us if anything arises!

Kind regards, - Bryce Wisekal

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I have an issue with contact widget :

Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘250’ was given in /homepages/7/d225164035/htdocs/wp-admin/includes/widgets.php on line 192

edit : just read the solution. Thanks !


Glad you figured it out! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other issues.

hello from Greece BRAVO Amazing job! Nice features, good functionality! May i suggest to include in your next update selfhosted video (mp4, flv…) support in portfolio and* or Gallery sections? Also it would be very nice to have the option to make the frames transparent. Best regards Takis


Takis, thanks for your suggestions and kind words!

We’re already working on this and all features you’ve suggested will be implemented in the following release.

Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this to come out for WP! I”ll be picking this one up shortly.


Thanks buddy!

If I purchase this theme then would updates be free? Also, Is there a way to resize the menu bar for smaller screen resolutions?


Thanks for you interest!

Sure, all updates are free. To resize the menu you’ll need to do some custom work in Photoshop and HTML /CSS edits.

Submitted update to the TF (fixed logo upload & contact widget)

Will update you when it’s approved and sorry for any inconveniece!

big fan of the standard theme. Looking forward to a suitable project for the wp version.


Thanks, hope it’ll suit your needs!

Update is available so you shouldn’t have any issues now

Please let us know if you have though, thanks!

Hi Denoizzed… Purchased this theme tonight but as soon as I activate I am getting a php error and I’m unable to even log into the admin interface. I removed the theme and all was well. Any thoughts? I was hoping to show a demo of the theme to a client tomorrow… would appreciate a quick response. Thanks.


Hello WorkStream,

Can you write us an email at “development(AT)kingsizetheme.com” with some details to your website. It would be very helpful to get both FTP access and WordPress Dashboard.

Once we get these details from you we’ll go ahead and review the issue. Before though, can you please upload the template to the /themes/ folder and we’ll give the activation a go to see if perhaps we can duplicate your issues and resolve them.

Thanks for contacting us, as well as your purchase. We’re awfully sorry about the issue your experiencing and will have that resolved asap!

- Bryce Wisekal


Hey WorkStream,

We have fixed the issue and sent you fix file on your email. It was GoDaddy security issue.

Thanks for contacting us.

- Kumar