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I have two pre-purchase questions.

- Is this theme working with WPML?
- Is this theme working with iPad 1 too?

Tnx! :)


sorry not tested about WPML compatibility and to iPad1

Thanks for interest.

Hello, Can we make the blog style the home page instead of what you currently have for home page?


yes, by default the blog is the home page.

What you see at the current home page, activated only when you go to wp admin > Settings > Reading and set the Home Page Template as First Page. Just don’t do that and you’ll have the Blog as Home Page.

Thnaks for interest.

Cool Thank you!

Hi, can you help me with a quick question.

I am looking to have only 3 blog posts on the homepage, which I have done correctly. My issue is that I want only the latest 3 blog posts, not to show the blog posts from the very first one, at the moment the homepage blog post snippets don’t update to the latest posts.

Thanks in advance!


sorry but i need clarification on this.

Send the message via our profile page contact form – – with the url of your web site to take a look what you trying to do.

I have a question before I purchase this. Can I keep the homepage header and footer as it is, but where the red is placed on this can it be replaced with the blog body (including sidebar)? I want to company the homepage header look with the blog page body.

Yes this is as you described in your first comment. When you’re ready inform me via the contact form in my profile page


I think i’ll be purchasing it this weekend, i’ll email you once I do. One more question, does this site look good with the contact form 7 plugin?

I will be needing to make my own custom contact form with some extra text field sections so I wanted to make sure it’ll look good once i install and create the form using Contact Form 7.


yes, the demo already includes a contact form 7 ->

It’s the basic contact 7 form., so it should be OK with your extra fields.


Beautifull theme! I would buy it if I could add Bandcamp audio instead of picture to the portfolio.

Great work!


Unfortunately, portfolio does not support audio.

thanks for kind words and interest.

Is there anyway I could show only one POST category on the front page ? That way I could put all my songs under, let’s say “Music” category, and have them on the front page ?

Yes it is possible but needs a small modification to the code of blog posts displaying in front page.


I just purchased the theme and started to custom it ( I would like to change the color or the light pink circles in the services section on the Homepage but I can’t find where to change it. I thought I’ve seen it before in the Appearance > Customize options, but I don’t see it anymore. Do you have any idea how I could do it ?

Thank you very much !


you can change it via add this to the customizer > custom css

.circle { border:6px solid #000;}

where #00 the color you want.


Great! It’s working :) Another question : I set some style to my text (h4 and h5) that displays a space between the 2 lines, how to remove that space ?

Send me an example url to take a look, please via my profile contact form (right bottom has a form)



JPB Purchased

I managed to have Soundcloud clips to display instead of videos!

Now, one little problem I have is that if I had a facebook “Like button” It work on Blog Post but not on the Portfolio-work section. (Called “ÉMISSIONS” on my site in french). The like button on those pages simply “Like” the whole site and not the specific project or pages.

Any ideas why ? Here is the site:


nice customization! congrats.

The facebook like button is by a plugin, or just a copy/paste from facebook developers like button?

For sure it is not a theme issue, but i’m trying to help if i can.


your og:url meta is wrong, at least in this url that i tested

if you see the source of this page as og:url it has : <meta property=”og:url” content=”” /> if you fix this you’ll be OK.

More info on Facebook Like Debugger Tool about the specific :

I hope that helps :-)


JPB Purchased

I’m not quite there yet but you’ve helped me to look in the right direction! Thank you so much!

For some reason the credits section in the portfolio editing page has disappeared, can this have something to do with me updating wordpress to 3.8.1 ?

Definitely i don’t have this in my theme.

How do you added this? You customize the code of my plugin and add this with other meta boxes or by another plugin that adds custom meta boxes?

If you customized the code of my plugin, maybe i can help.

I figured it out. At some point I added an extra textarea via the Audemedia Toolbox plugin, when I updated this, the textarea got deleted.

Thanks for the support :)

Fine :-)

thank you too!

The “select” menu will not let me scroll to see all of my menu items on an iphone 5. When I try to scroll down it clicks into whatever link I touch right away. Do you have a fix for this?

As i test it with many menu options, yes it is a bit sensitive but you can scroll. I’ll take a look and if i find a solution i’ll post the answer.

Please send the same message via my profile contact form to have your e-mail to submit the fix, i a i find one.



from wp-admin > appearance > theme customizer, go to custom CSS section and add this : (it enables the native controls on small screens)

i’ll release a theme update with new menu for small screens soon.



I recently purchased this item and I have 3 issues (so please bear with me :))

1. Is it possible to change the direction on the entire thing to right-to-left? I’m trying to translate this site into a language that is written from right to left. So far I’ve managed some parts but not the services section in the homepage or the blog headlines, or comments.

2. I want to do exactly as elvissalic requested- have the home page header-slider-services on the blog body- how can I do this?

3. The contact form doesn’t appear. All I get is this “[contact-form-7 id=”4” title=”Contact form 1”]” where the form should be.

Thanks in advance for your patience!


thanks for purchasing.

so, let’s start from the easy things :-)

3. It is necessary to have the Contact Form 7 plugin installed to appear the form. So just install it now, and copy/paste the shortcode of new form (that is already built it when you install the plugin) to the position of mine form.

2. It needs some code, please send the request via my profile page contact form to send you instructions (because comments is not the right place to write code).

1. I never tried this (to to make a theme Right-To-Left) and I can’t give you exact instructions. You need to modify the main css file style.css and all css files in the stylesheets folder too.

Basically you need to change all float attributes (float:right to float:left and vice versa), all the margins and paddings (margin-left to margin-right, padding-left to padding-right and vice versa). The guy here converted the theme to RTL but he knew what to do :-)

Thank you for you reply.

3. Works now, thanks! 2. Thanks, I’ll leave a request. 1. Okay, thanks!

Hello, i send you an e-mail with instructions.



Love your work.

How easy is it to make the website fit the entire screen instead of looking like a hovering box?

Thanks for the kind comment :-)

It is not very easy beacuse the concept from the start was a boxed website.

Except the obvious css changes to fit the entire screen, it needs work to header (slider), changes of post_thumbnails sizes and regeneration of thumbnails, changes of slider images.

It needs a lot of css work.

Thanks for interest!


All I want is to keep the sizing, but have it like this guy from the comment:

Also would it be possible to replace the with from the CloudMe template (I already own):

Of course, these changes are possible with the appropriate code but unfortunately I’m not available for custom work.


Muy buenas, al importar el archivo XML e instalar el plugins necesario no consigo ver la parte de servicios y post aunque lo tengo configurado como dice la documentación. Gracias.