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This is a really nice, clean theme…I wish it had been uploaded earlier, I bought another theme this morning, but this one is nicer, bugger!.

Congrats anyhow, I am sure it will be a success.


thank!. we appreciate the support

This is great! Good job! :)


thanks ! Ediartss

Can you change this to a dark background or change the colors more than the tool on the example? Does it use “featured images”?


Hi scumliner.

for this time we only use a white background only. so what do you mean with feature image?

Just a question.. why is it when a slide moves on the default examples you have.. the Navigation shifts and goes back to place?

So basically every time a slide changes or you click for it to change, the main menu shifts right to left and returns to normal position ..

this is in chrome..


lastdon101, thank you very much for your attention.

Discrepancy will be fixed as soon as possible in our next update.


I’m luvin this theme, it looks great.

Just one question, can images be used for page background when in narrow mode?



Hi Discpro, thank you for your appreciate.

you can upload the background image you want from the theme option.

Very nice theme. Bookmarking for my next project!


thanks jakwikst.

sweeet! really nice im booking marking for future :)


thank you, sobrilliant.

I wait for your purchase :D

Hi, your theme is very nice! I suppose this might be a stupid question but I only want to make sure: “Is it possible to move the logo also to the left”?


Hi jonathanpaci.

you can change the position by adding [text-align: left;], into the attributes of logo

Discpro Purchased

Just setting my site up with the Kipoo theme, looks amazing.

I’ve noticed that the whilst viewing in Chrome the text colour and the background colour of the join newsletter textfield are the same colour so you can’t see what is being typed, it is nearly same colour in IE as well.



Can you give the url of your website so that I can check directly

Discpro Purchased


URL as requested www.swracademy.org/information


replace css selector on line 147 contained in the file layout.css with this

border: 1px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
color: #666666;

Is the HTML format available? If not, will it be at any point?


Hi, kingsadie.

For now, this theme is not yet available in html format

Very nice work! :)


thanks ! louiejie

does this theme fully support child themes?


Child themes supported.

Can you disable the responsive nature?


Unfortunately, this theme has not been able to turn off “responsive” automatically, but I would consider adding in the next update.


This is a very clean theme. Nice Work!

I am having a few issues and would appreciate some assistance.

1. Where do I adjust the height of the FlexSlider? The container does not adjust automatically with the height of the photo.
2. The font sizes keep reverting to the default size in the admin panel.
3. Is turning off the responsive feature an option?
4. After creating a sidebar in the admin panel it does not show up on the page options.

Many thanks!


1.You can add the height of flexslider through flexslider.css file on line 43.

2. to change the font size has been found in the theme options.

3. for while this feature is not yet available.

4. how to make the sidebar has been explained clearly in the documentation files.

1. I’m still looking for a solution to increase the height of the FlexSlider

2. Solved by changing the default sizes in the .css file.
3. Answered in another post.
4. Created my own work around

Kindest regards.


Hi, FireworxStudio.

sorry for late replay

you can add the height that you want in the file flexslider.css line 43.

Amazing looking theme and extensive short code list.

I know that the theme is supposed to be responsive but when I view the “live preview” on my iPhone 4S the theme simply shrinks to fit. It looks the same as on my laptop, only smaller.

Is there some way to see the the theme adapt to a smartphone?

Kind regards

Hi I’m picking up on lastdon101’s comment about the navigation moving in Chrome. I would love to buy this for a project but I need to deliver in two weeks, when will the fix be ready please? Many Thanks


updates will be available in one or two more days

Sorry, also in IE8 the projects and gallery images have a thick border around them in the theme colour? It doesn’t look as good in IE8 ..are there fix’s for this please


Hi, sarahthompson.

problem has been fixed

I love this theme but would like to know if I can change the theme colors before I buy. My current logo is not a match for the current color options.



Hi, SpryVision.

You can change the theme color as you want through the existing theme options in the admin panel

First of all thank you for the nice theme! I’ve started installing it, I’m just a plain user not an expert so I think I’ll have a few questions. First that came up:

How can I decrease the space between the logo and the primary menu?

Thank you for the support in advance, Benedek


Hi, hunplugged.

You can changes the space between the logo and the main menu by editing the margin that contained in the file layout.css line 148