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and shortcodes buttons “red” are displays “purple”

Is this guy ever going to answer our questions??? Many of us are asking valid questions about this theme because clearly something is going wrong… We didn’t create it either, so it’s not as if we can fix it ourselves. Get it together @designiter and do your job by helping the people that purchased your theme.

Any updates about the Flex Slider?

I’m using this for two sites. One doesn’t show up at all and the other shows up but has no animation for the text box over the image.


It seems Portfolio Categories don’t support Chinese characters (non-English). Filter function with Chinese-named category does’t work in WP portfolio page. Is there any solution or work-around to make Chinese characters working in Kipoo theme?

xroox Purchased

Hi, I too would like to increase the height of the flex slider. I have added height:475px; to line 43 of flexslider.css, but it just adds blank space below the slider. My image is sized 930×475px and for some reason the image that is showing up on the page is just 930×400px…

Please advise would really appreciate more detailed instructions on increasing the slider height properly. Thanks. :)

Is there anybody behind the computer ? Your theme is great but yo uare no longer here…


The two thousand people who buy your theme have ton know. Is the after sales service is dead or maybe working on another theme ?

Themeforest is great because of the sales service. In my job, i do the same : a lot of work after the sales : loyalty through this way… it’s normal, it’s logic !

When we just can’t, we don’t do.



It seems that the P tag is not working properly with this theme. I switched the theme to WP standard and the paragraphs were working fine. Can you tell me how to fix this?




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Good morning, how can i add a contact form? Where is the setting?


I have a problem. There is no shortcode for the blockquote in the editor…

Blockquote is missing :(

Have someone any idea or fix the problem. The support give not a answer!

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Hi, I emailed you regarding adjusting the flex slider height – have not had success following your instructions in previous comments. Thanks. :)

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Can anyone tell me why submenus don’t appear under my parent pages when I mouse over? They do on the Kipoo demo site, but I can’t figure out how to make them appear on mine.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


NEVER MIND, folks – I figured it out. Thanks!

Thanks for an awesome theme, great to use and easy to modify


the same PROBLEM as by harmeyer – submenus don’t appear under parent pages, how this problem can be solved?


Sorry but the whole thing is half baked, support makes holidays, my clients are frustrated and i bought another Theme… goodbye!


Is there any way to reorder the portfolio items? It seems they show up as added.

Thanks!! Spry~

I really love this theme (how it looks) but I’m hesitating to buy it because of all the terrible comments.. what do you guys think? Should I buy this theme Help!

I have the same problem laurenlund. I was quite decided to buy it but I´m quite woried now because of the comments. What can you say about this designiter??

@designiter I want to buy the themes but I’m hesitating: is it good or broken? Is there any support?

Can you turn off the mobile version???? Anyone know how? Dude doesn’t answer!!!

When i enter the pricing table i get 3/4/5/ tables in the same color. How can i select a Premier plan like in the example, becoming a different color and size? Thanks

P.s. For the people who are having problems with the sub-pages not appearing in their menu -> You need to make a separate menu under Appearance -> Menu’s. If you add the page as a sub-page and add the menu later to your page it will work.