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Kiss – Band-Template – HTML5 – CSS3


TWITTER FIX FILES DOWNLOAD : Open up the tweet_fix.css there is an explanation on how to replace the twitter parts. In the zip there is also a new jquery.tweet.js that will replace the old one. Hope this helps guys. Sorry for the inconvenience. DOWNLOAD FILES .

SLIDESHOW CYCLED FILES DOWNLOAD : Just replace the two files that are included in the zip with the ones in your js directory to have the slideshow cycle active. DOWNLOAD FILES .

The Kiss Band template is geared towards bands DJs and performers. Having an awesome custom mp3 player with track and album info all controlled by JS with flash fallback. A single HTML file to edit, all pages have internal page IDs with deep linking. The template has many awesome jQuery Gadgets and animations. 2 Slider pages, A news section with latest news, blog page, twitter reader page, 4 different galleries, too much to list. 17 pages including the index page. Well Here it is I hope you like it.

The Pages are:

—>Index Page -Custom Mp3 Playa -Fullscreen image slider with custom Buttons -Superfish Dropdown menu Cool Copyright Slideout.

—>Slider Pages -Housing 2 cool Image sliders

—>Latest News Page -News Slider -Blog Page with single blog page. -Twitter page with twitter reader. -An awesome Tour calendar page

—>Discography Page -Show off your latest albums and downloads.

—>Image Galleries -Gallery 1 Page -Gallery 2 Page -Gallery 3 Page -Gallery 4 Page

—>The Band Bio Page

—>A Video Page -Embed Vimeo, Youtube and Flash Videos.

—>Contact page -A fully functional Contact Page with JS validation and PHP .

—>Read More Page -Easily duplicated for more than one use.

I hope you like the template…



Credits Go To:

Videos Used in the preview:

Check out this dude’s awesome work here AEDADDY
Song included in the download is one of my not yet released tunes.