Kiss - Band-Template - HTML5 - CSS3

Kiss - Band-Template - HTML5 - CSS3

Kiss – Band-Template – HTML5 – CSS3


TWITTER FIX FILES DOWNLOAD: Open up the tweet_fix.css there is an explanation on how to replace the twitter parts. In the zip there is also a new jquery.tweet.js that will replace the old one. Hope this helps guys. Sorry for the inconvenience. DOWNLOAD FILES.

SLIDESHOW CYCLED FILES DOWNLOAD: Just replace the two files that are included in the zip with the ones in your js directory to have the slideshow cycle active. DOWNLOAD FILES.

The Kiss Band template is geared towards bands DJs and performers. Having an awesome custom mp3 player with track and album info all controlled by JS with flash fallback. A single HTML file to edit, all pages have internal page IDs with deep linking. The template has many awesome jQuery Gadgets and animations. 2 Slider pages, A news section with latest news, blog page, twitter reader page, 4 different galleries, too much to list. 17 pages including the index page. Well Here it is I hope you like it.

The Pages are:

—>Index Page -Custom Mp3 Playa -Fullscreen image slider with custom Buttons -Superfish Dropdown menu Cool Copyright Slideout.

—>Slider Pages -Housing 2 cool Image sliders

—>Latest News Page -News Slider -Blog Page with single blog page. -Twitter page with twitter reader. -An awesome Tour calendar page

—>Discography Page -Show off your latest albums and downloads.

—>Image Galleries -Gallery 1 Page -Gallery 2 Page -Gallery 3 Page -Gallery 4 Page

—>The Band Bio Page

—>A Video Page -Embed Vimeo, Youtube and Flash Videos.

—>Contact page -A fully functional Contact Page with JS validation and PHP.

—>Read More Page -Easily duplicated for more than one use.

I hope you like the template…



Credits Go To:

Videos Used in the preview:

Check out this dude’s awesome work here AEDADDY
Song included in the download is one of my not yet released tunes.