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Hey, I would like to add horizontal banner ads inbetween post rows (or after / below a featured section) – how can I do that? Is that kind of functionality built in in the theme by any chance?

Hey newTween,

Unfortunately that functionality is not built into Kite. However you can easily add adverts to any widget areas using the ‘Text’ widget, as this accepts HTML input.

If you have any further questions the best way to contact use is via our support email (


is it possible to disable the header effect? I was able to disable the fixed header, but I also want to disable the effect where the navigation and logo are “falling down” when reaching the top of the site.

Best regards,


Hey crlmnstr,

Contact us via our support email (, and we can send you some information to disable the animation.

Any plans for infinite scroll? Seems like the absolute perfect theme to enable this on. Would love to see that happen!

Hey jdunns4,

No plans currently, but its something I will consider for the next update. Thanks for the suggestions.

nice theme but admin panel should be in backend and only certain things as part of front end live “customization”

Hey timtimtim,

Any option which effects the layout of the theme globally is included in the theme customizer. We decided to use the official customizer API, over a third-party options menu. Author independent features however can be found in the WordPress author section (such as social profile links).

Thanks for the fast reply. It would still be a lot easier overview. This theme aside from Astro and Orca, have such high potential to be huge sellers. I believe this is one important factor. Im missing vimeo (social links) for example.

Also on pages when i select Full width it defaults to right sidebar and shows widgets even if i have none selected. Any thoughts. Ive deactivated all plugins to check but nothing seems to work.


Thanks for letting us know, it looks like a bug introduced in the latest update. I’ll release an update to fix the issue within the next 48 hours.

Also, looks like the Facebook, Google+ etc. share buttons aren’t able to pick up any images when sharing a post. Just FYI!

Is there a way to expire featured posts?

Like, to say if a post is published for a week, no longer feature it.

Hey thewesker,

There is currently no way to expire feature posts on a particular date, you will need to disable the setting in the post options.

Kite for Ghost coming soon?

Hey codexapp,

We don’t have any current plans to bring Kite to the Ghost platform.

Great work! I think I will buy this item – just to have it!

It seems that your demo have a problem with font awesome (the social icons in Author box and footer) ... Please repair that, so I can see how it should works – Thanks :)

Hey alexander_id,

Thanks for your comments!

Could you send a screenshot of the social icon issue to our support address ( I cant seem to replicate the issue.


Floey Purchased

I’d like to put in a request for Ghost along with codexapp.


ivo1017 Purchased

Hello. I have a question. How can i remove widgets from category page? If i have only one or two posts for example.

Hey ivo1017,

This will only appear if there are no posts too fill the area. If you want to remove this you can use some custom CSS, please send an email to our support address (


ivo1017 Purchased

Thank you for quick reply. I will do that.


Does it work with WPML and Visual Composer?


Hey borjadt,

The theme includes .mo files for translations, I believe WPML supports this method, however we cant guarantee compatibility with third-party plugins. The same applies for Visual Composer, we have had other customers claim success with this plugin and Kite, but cant provide support for it.


Floey Purchased


Does this theme allow for Swiftype integration?

Hey Floey,

Swiftype have a WordPress plugin that can be installed to easily integrate their service, although we cant provide support for third-party plugins.

I really like the Kite theme, and I really like the Orca theme you guys have. Is there an option to make the blog/recent posts on Kite similar to how the Orca blog looks – A one column blog as opposed to having it scattered in 3 columns?

Hey christianfgy,

Thanks for your comments. The column layouts on these two themes are fixed.


Mar 3, 05:38

I have had a professional work on my blog. He has advised me to contact you and have someone import demo content so that my blog looks like the theme I bought. At this point, the theme has been reloaded twice and still has no characteristics of what I purchased. I am very disappointed and confused. Please tell me exactly what I need to do to make my blog look like the theme. Please answer ASAP. Thanks PS-the theme has been reinstalled twice.

The demo files can be found within the ‘extra/democontent/’ directory. These can be imported via your WordPress dashboard under ‘Tools’ -> ‘Import’. We recommend reading the included documentation thoroughly as this will explain how to setup and customize the theme.

When first installing the theme on a new blog, no content will be present (as there are no created posts). Once you start populating your blog will content, or import the demo content, it will resemble our live demo in appearance.

Kite has been updated to 1.3.0, below is the change-log for this update.

24/03/2015 - v1.3.0
+ Added 'Kite Shortcodes' Plugin
+ Added 'OpenGraph' Options
+ Added Retina Logo Options
+ Improved Syntax Highlighting
+ Improved Image Alignments
+ Updated FontAwesome (4.3.0)
+ Updated Translation Strings
+ Several Backend Improvements
+ Updated Documentation
- Fixed 'Custom Date Format' Bug
- Various Minor Bug Fixes


I’ve tried to hide the footer using the customizer but the footer is still there. can you please help me with this problem.Thanks

Hey acadterror,

Thanks for your purchase of Kite.

Please contact our support address (, and we can provide some custom CSS for this.

Hi, Love the theme. Question – is there any way I can hide the page title on a full width page? I dont find anything within the page settings to do so. I would like to be able to hide default page titles within the page on full width on a page by page basis.


Hey timtimtim,

Thanks for your comments.

Please email our support address ( and we can provide you with some custom CSS to remove this post title.

Previously bought one of your Ghost themes, looking to buy this one for WP. Great stuff!

One minor question – does the “featured article” section at the top have a slider, or is it static only?

Hey azntaiji,

Thanks for your comments. The featured post supports a single post, however two featured posts can be shown on the frontpage (an example of this can be seen in the live demo).