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I want to buy the theme but I need “Return to full site” link and back.

Hi there,

This can be easily achieved by customising the website. Let me know and I can assist you how this can be done.

Thanks for your interest.

I’ve just bought the theme and wanted to ask for support, but the site locked my account. The theme doesnt load. I see infinite preloader. Please contact me to help. ktanim at mail.ru

Hey there, Sorry for the long delay in my reply – I had left due to medical emergency and could not keep in touch. Did you solve your problem or still need assistance? Also, send me your license code if you require assistance, because this is not your main account and I will need the license code. Thanks for purchasing.

I cant take your email from documentation, as I only downloaded the theme itself and they blocked my account on this site!

Are your theme will work with RTL websites? I have website on Hebrew. Like http://www.l-law.co.il/

Can i use your theme with another theme?

Hey there, Sorry for the long delay in my reply – I had left due to medical emergency and could not keep in touch. The theme is not tested for RTL support so I recommend you do not buy it. If you decide to still buy, I can support you in making it work for RTL (with necessary changes) Thanks for your interest.

I have an existing WordPress business directory with around 2000 listings, is it possible to use this theme to mobilize my existing directory?

Hey there, Sorry for the long delay in my reply – I had left due to medical emergency and could not keep in touch. Yes, your solution can be supported by the theme. Thanks for your interest.

Hi there, I’m looking at using either Directorypress, Vantage themes or the http://wordpress.org/plugins/business-directory-plugin/.

I’m wanting to develop a business directory for mobile, will your theme work with the above without conflict?


I am not very sure about how Directorypress and Vantage themes work and how they would together function alongside my theme.

I suggest you look for other template providers if they can support what you need, as I would not want you to pay for my template and not find it useful :)

Thanks for your interest, I’m here to assist in whatever you may need.

All the best.

Hi, great looking mobile theme. For some reason upon installation and activation I get the following error in the header:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/superweb/public_html/outsource/poc-cms/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 209

This is a fresh WP install, no posts, pages or plugins yet.


Hey there,

This issue seems to be related to your WP installation because it is in a file outside the “klassio-rsv” theme folder. As you see, it is just a “notice” and not an error, so nothing to worry. Check if your WP is setup to be in DEBUG mode. You should take it out of DEBUG mode.

For further support queries, kindly write to my email address as per the documentation.

Many thanks and all the best.


How do I go about changing the favicon and touch icons? I can’t seem to find where these images are located in the theme files either.

Also, do you have a script that opens the menu when the user reaches the bottom of the page/post? If so, how do I go about disabling this (or the menu swipe altogether)


Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing my theme.

To change the favicon, you need to modify the image file located at: /wp-content/themes/klassio-rsv/images/icon.png Create your new image in the same dimensions as the existing one, and replace it.

Regarding a script for opening menu when bottom is reached, no, the theme doesn’t have that kind of functionality but the swipe is a bit sensitive so based on how to swipe “downwards” may have an impact – if you are swiping a bit right at the same time. The JS file has a commented line which you can uncomment to reduce swipe sensitivity: Open the file: /wp-content/themes/klassio-rsv/js/app.js and fine the line //$.event.special.swipe.horizontalDistanceThreshold = 100; and remove the forward-slashes from the beginning of the line to make it like this: $.event.special.swipe.horizontalDistanceThreshold = 100;

That should fix your issues.

If you still wish to disable the swipe, let me know.

All the best, feel free to write back for any assistance.


Thanks for answering my previous question so quickly! Just two other questions regarding PhotoSwipe – is there a way to allow pinch to zoom? This functionality seemed to work on the HTML version.

Also, is there anyway to stop the previous/next image to be shown when swiping on the image? I tried to put enableDrag = false but that didn’t seem to work.

Thanks again!

Hi you mention above that it’s easy to create a “Return to full site” link, could you please explain how you do this?

Hi – I’ve replied to your email for this issue to help you out. Thanks.

Sometimes for no reason the blog articles refuse to load, just keeps spinning over and over. If I go into the Dashboard and click a post from the Posts page, then go back and try to load the article again it works fine. Any ideas?

Oops, nevermind! Please disregard these questions. They stemmed from some custom stuff I added, all sorted out now. Thanks anyway!

How do I change the slash page. Every time i refresh it it says KSR retna

it keeps popping up when i refresh the page


You can change the splash image by modifying the image file directly at: wp-content/themes/klassio-rsv/images/splash/main.png

All the best.


hi sir i was bay ur own template but when i run it on my tablite note 8.0 the splash screen its not shown i dont know what is the problem especially its working on Firefox browser , help me argent plz .

best regard

Hey there, please send me link to your online version, and contact me on the email address mentioned in documentation for any theme support, along with your license code. Thanks.


I’ve bought your site Klassio RSV for Mobile, but I can’t install to work properly. I’m new to WordPress. Please help me to install it exactly like your demo. I need it urgently.

I’ll send WP-Admin to you. Thanks.


‘Home Screen Icon Beautifully display your website’s shortcut on the home screen of iPhone or Android – icon included!’

I bought the theme because of the website shortcut to home screen but I dont know how to make that. There is no manual for it. I am assuming that there will be a button on the mobile website, and that whoever clicks it, it will become a shortcut key at their home screen. Correct me if I am wrong.


I would be interested in purchasing a few of your templates but they are not responsive to Windows Phone at all. They are horrible on Windows Phone. Please let me know if you decide to create a version compatible with Windows Phone.

Hi how do i use the short code symbols which appear in the content menu any documentation?

hello, I guess you have probably left for a medical emergency again. I noticed there has been no reply from you for over 6months and in addition to that, I observed the last time this theme was updated was 27-june-2013. I would like to know if you still offer support for this theme and when next an update will be released. Also in addition to that, I will like to know if it will work with the latest version of wp because i see your software version is wp3.5 which is quite ancient.

Please reply as soon as you come online. thanks.

Hi there, What happens to my existing theme(for desktop PC) if I install this mobile theme. I dont want current desktop version be replaced.


Hi, I install this mobile theme.when we open website on mobile then it take to much time to load page http://stellarsearch.com/ we tested on https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ our site and we see 45 / 100Speed score how we reduce page load time on mobile.Please reply as soon as you come online. thanks..

Prepurchase question,

Will this app work well with woocommerce and buddypress?