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nGedd Purchased

I’m having trouble embeding soundcloud and bandcamp players into the theme. I have tried adding the code in a section, in a raw HTML element and have tried site links, iframe and embed options, none seem to work.

Is there a trick to get them working?


You need include the soundcloud shortcode into text block.

Source: http://en.support.wordpress.com/audio/soundcloud-audio-player/

Try this:
[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/156661852? params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450? iframe=”true” /]

nGedd Purchased

Ah, thanks thats sorted it.


nGedd Purchased

I’m wondering if there is a way to use the social media icons included in the theme in arbitrary places?

I would like to add social media links to the nav bar, I know how to do this but can’t locate the image link for the icons included in the theme to replace the nav text.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks again.

The icons into the theme is Icon Font not image.


nGedd Purchased

Ah I see. How do I select which image I want after changing the font to iconFont?

If you want add a social icons into the nav bar you need modify header.php file ( reccomended use a theme-child ).

Hi, on my landing home page I have a revolution slider that has a vimeo video on its first slide. I don’t want any other slides and I didn’t add anymore slides to revolution slider, but STILL it duplicates the video slide.

(so I have two slides showing the same video, even though the rev slider setting only has one slide)

Can you please help me with that?

The revolution slider not adapt to show the video only with one slide.

Use The iframe code of your video and insert it inside a text block

Got it. Thank you!



1) You can see that the Get in touch’ goes all the way to the left on the screen instead of aligning with the logo. 2) I’m unable to create any parallax section 3) I’m unable to activate my copy of visual composer


Uninstalling all plugins and a fresh install of theme fixed this problem.

Perfect :)

Hi the visual editor text areas do not save if you press the “save” button while in “text” mode, unless you go back to “visual” and then back to “text” in which case it will save. However if you just make a textual change in “text” mode and press “save” in the composer, the changes will not save.

I have contacted you before, being frustrated, i downloaded latest version and recreated the whole site again just to test and the issue persists in a brand new setup.

Whenever I click to edit an element in Visual Composer it opens to the default “Visual” mode, so I have to switch to “text” mode when i want to make code changes, then i click save and it does not save, unless i tab back to “Visual”. Unfortunately I cannot deliver this project to my client broken like this.

Sorry for this, if you can wait some weeks I can make The update for The new visual composer version and adapt all shortcodes with new theme. ( i need create new files and function and test all ).

Hi, have you updated?

Hi, I am using Wordpress 4.2.2 in a Go Daddy host. I have my WPress panel and I followed the video that you post in Youtube. Everything goes right till I try to import the dummy-data.xml . When I try to Import the Attachment files, he redirect me to my site and show me a 404 error page. So, after that when I go to the Reading settings and try to assigns a Static Front Page, in the list doesn’t appear nothing but a Home page. Is that right? I mean I want to start working from the template as you do in the Youtube video but I can’t. Thanks a lot for the answer. All the best. Ruì

Re-import the XML data without check the “Download Attachment” option.

Hi, I am using the RevSlider 4.6.5 and I have a problem with the BGColor (apparently)... in Chrome. In Chrome he always show me the BGColor at the end. So, I can not see the image. When I make the preview in Firefox, everything works perfectly. Should I make an update to fix it? If you want take a look: http://www.fishinwaterfilms.com/a_slider/ . I have also tried to set a transparent color but it is not Possible. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

hi… thanks a lot. how can I send to you Screen shots?

Sorry but not understand this BGColor. Can you send me a screen with the effects you want? Use dropbox or other image uploader on internet.

Hi, I already fix it… thanks a lot

Hi, I already add a logo Image but the problem is still there. I mean, in Chrome the RevSlider jump to the BGColor, but in FFox everything is right. Or do you know another way? Check again in http://www.fishinwaterfilms.com/a_slider/ . Thanks for your quick answer.

Hi, I already fix it… thanks a lot!!

Hi, I have installed the Klaus 1.3.1 version. Back then everything was fine. But now that I’m redesigning my website, I’ve activated 1.5.5 and everything went white, admin and website. Can you help me? Thank you. Best regards.

Enable wp-debug for see the possible error and let me know.

Ciao Alessio. A l’inizio avevo cancelato tutte le “preloaded page”. Pero mi piacerebe riprodure certe pagine dalla tua demo. Penso che devo introdure il “klaus dummy data xml” nel import. Cosi avro piu facilita per la riproduzione. Pero non riesco piu a trovare quel file nel computer… Per caso mi puo dare un aiutino e indicarmi dove posso trovare questo file di nuovo ? Grazie :-)

Ciao, semplice riscarica da themeforest il pacchetto completo Profile – Downloads.

All’interno dello zip troverai il documento XML

Hello, The visual composer is broken. You promised to update it three months ago, has there been any progress?

Hello, I try to update to last version of Visual Composer but not possible convert the exist shortcode with the new syntax.

I try to search another solution.

This thing has been broken for 3 month now. And I personally informed you that its broken 3 month ago, so you have been knowingly selling a broken product to people for three month!

The visual composer is not broken. Works but have a problem with TinyMCe. I search a solution to update the js core without recreate all shortcode for me and recreate all pages for you.


tdeller45 Purchased

how do you change copy write section. I cannot get what was there to change and I cannot figure out how to get rid of the powered by WordPress link?

Modify directly footer.php trmplate