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I purchased this theme and have really loved it. Last year when the major security update for wordpress was released, the corresponding update for Klaus was released, but with your warning: “For old customers lends itself to be careful when you perform the update, this is because most likely all pages must be controlled and in many cases will have to be updated.” I did not do the update and my site continued to work perfectly until today when my wordpress version was updated to 4.5. Now Visual Composer does not work at all. Is there any way to get visual composer to work again? Or can you tell me if the latest release of Klaus would still require me to re-enter all of my text sections on my website? Your help is sincerely appreciated.

If you have update to wordpress 4.5 only way is to update the theme to last version available with VC version 4.11.1

Also you need re-write some shortcodes because change the output, not exist another solution.

Hi, I downloaded all the files but it seems like it doesn’t include the latest VC version, only the theme files. I can’t edit my site, any suggestions?

Ok and now the new version of vc just broke my page

Break all pages or some shortcodes not appear? Because if you have update the theme to last version and also the visual composer it is possible lost some shortcodes.

Klaus Version 1.6+ change the output of some shortcode for update the Visual Composer compatible with all version of Wordpress from 4.4+

I would like to know if there is anyway to put 2 sortable team portfolios on the same page. When I try the sortable menu for both portfolio blocks only affects the first block and not the second. I would like to have 2 sortable portfolio blocks on the same page with independent menu controls that only affect the portfolio they were assigned to. If this is not possible could this be part of some update. Its really interfering with the design I have in mind for my project. Thanks for the consideration and answering my question.

Not possible insert two portfolio sortable in the same page. You can insert a one team and one portfolio sortable but not 2 or more portfolio.

Otherwise I try to make an update for this without loss the back ward compatibility.

Stay tuned.