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Kulmio Purchased

I tried to go through the documentation and in the slider section after clicking on the button “import slider” I got an error:

importing slider setings and data… Error: Import file not found!!! Go Back

Could you say what might be the problem? I don’t know if I need the slider, but I don’t like error messages this early on on a 60 dollar purchase.


Hello Kulmio!

Thanks for choosing Klein.

Did you upload the import files before clicking on the button? Please see screenshot:

Cheers :)

Im using your theme for quite some time. Really would like to know how can i change the number of products per page? Thank you Luka


Thanks for choosing Klein!

To change the number of products per page, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Reading’ > ‘Blog pages show at most’. You need to enter the desired number of products. This will also affect the number of blogs to be shown :)

dpk888 Purchased

New installation but the gears, revolution slider and visual composer plugins fail to install and unable to find manual upload in your download. Please can you advise how to proceed.

dpk888 Purchased

Error occurs for each item: Downloading install package from http://demo.dunhakdis.me/plugins/gears.zip…

An error occurred while installing Gears: Download failed. Service Temporarily Unavailable.


Hello dpk888!

How are you? Hope you’re doing great!

Your network might be down when you tried to download the plugin from my repository. It is also possible that my server has gone down/restarted. I really aplogize for this inconvenience. Please try re-installing again. If the problem still exists, the problem might be in your hosting.

Cheers! :)

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clicotop Purchased




Thanks for choosing Klein! Looks like you’ve accidentally modified your comment. :)

I believe your original message is:


I have a probleme with create a new account (register): http://socosmo.sayalstudio.com/

I don't have the demo page: http://demo.dunhakdis.me/wordpress-themes/klein/register/

Can you help me, please, thx very important" 

I went into your website and saw that you have already the register page. Have you figured it out?


Hi, I bought this theme but can you please assist how can I add “Login with Facebook” option on the register page aswell and when someone login though facebook it just import the email address and name, no other option. It should import Display pic and other Public information too. Additionally not sure if its a bug but whenever i try to login in my fone they keyboard keep turning on and off so im unable to type my email address and password to login. Please assist.



Hello ahmad!

Thanks for choosing Klein!

Unfortunately, Facebook only gives basic and limited information like email, public_profile, and user_friends.

You need to set-up an application that requires more than the above said requirements if you need to and facebook will review it for you. We might been able to make it work for Klein but the needs are very specific and unique to each website. With regards into this, we have decided to pull the said basic information that will work for everyone.

Also, can you send me a screenshot when you type in your phone? I’m not really sure I understand the problem.

I hope you understand :)

Best, Joseph

Hi. I installed https://wordpress.org/plugins/inline-comments/ but the comments are not showing. How can i make klein and inline comments compatible? That plugin works fine with WP’s own theme like twenty fourteen. Thanks.



For that plugin to work, you need to add a little bit of CSS in your child theme’s style.css or inside theme option’s CSS textarea. Here is the CSS code:

div#incom_wrapper, div#incom_wrapper * {
  z-index: 100;


amitcris Purchased

how i am gonna make size bigger in menu ?


Awesome! Glad you’ve figured it out :)

amitcris Purchased

i have few suggestions, would you like me to add here?


All suggestions are welcome.

Kindly go into our support forums (http://dunhakdis.ticksy.com), kindly open a ticket and send your suggestion.

See you there!


briface23 Purchased

HI~ I have some basic questions for you. May I know how to edit html code in my webpage? specially, firstly, I would like to make 2 columns in my register page. http://giveandtrip.com/register/

secondly, I don’t want to see my wordpress admin login page to my guests. e.g. if my guests click ‘You must be logged in to post a comment.’ in my post comment section, it is redirected to this page as below. http://giveandtrip.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fgiveandtrip.com%2Fblog%2Fhow-to-exchange-money-to-korean-won-better%2

Please help me to solve this problem. thanks



Hope you are doing great!

If you want to edit the files, you can open ‘buddypress/members/register.php’ and edit it using HTML.

If you want to hide the WordPress login, you need to install this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/theme-my-login/


Hi, just bought theme. Very good one!

Problem: Site crashes out to error 500 when installing latest Buddypress.

Is a fix being done and when will update be released.

Thanks Mark


Hi, think I’ve just answered own question.

Downloaded a beta update to buddypress and now seems to work with the theme.





Thanks for choosing Klein :)

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Have a great day!



I’m having an issue with the main menu appearing twice in the header. Any idea what I might have botched or how I can fix this please?


Hello Shredmonkey!

Do you have the latest version of Klein (3.5) along with the latest version of Gears (3.4)?

Thanks for choosing Klein.

Best, Joseph

Hi Really like this theme. been working on it for quite some time. I want to change displayed number of items per row in a single product category page now there are three rows would like to have 4-5 they are all separated with col-md-4 class where can i change that? Thank you Luka


Hello Luka!

Thanks for asking this questions. You can change the element’s ‘class’ inside ‘woocommerce/content-product.php’.

Cheers and Happy Coding!

Best, Joseph

gpyper Purchased

Hi I need to increase the size of the logo space, I tried a few things but it ends up overlapping the navigation, I need at least 350×80px. What needs to be altered in the CSS to pull this off.



Hello! Kindly check your ticket :)

Thanks :)


how can i remove this http://prntscr.com/77z3ao how can i edit fields height and width they are too large i want to adjust same like this please help me out http://nunesweb.com/sites/default/files/field/image/5-user-register-default-profile.png

i have paste these script in custom CSS in theme option header css doesnt work i have edited the style css its fine now. thanks

fields are not changing even i changed it from style.css can you update Register page two fields per raw like….http://prntscr.com/78opuv how can i change privacy buttons hidden and add change button like…..http://prntscr.com/78opuv



The styling of input fields like input text, input email, etc., is built into the bootstrap core files and is part of overall look and feel of the theme itself. While there is a theme options and theme customiser, there will be in fact some limitations which you can only achieved with a basic knowledge of CSS.

Don’t be discourage as there are lots of available resources that will help you learn CSS in few minutes: http://www.w3schools.com/css/

If you want to update the registration page into two rows you need to modify the theme files which is located inside ‘buddypress/members/register.php’.

To add privacy/change view button, go into users > ‘Profile Fields’. Edit the desired field and under ‘Per Member Visibility’ meta box choose ‘Let members change this field’s visibility’.


Best, Joseph


k thanks :(

Hi, I’m having an issue while trying to import the demo data. I already tried twice to import thanks to the ‘Import Demo Content’ setting, but it doesn’t work, and i had this message the second time I tried : http://pastebin.com/8qN0Q0dt I tried too with the Wordpress Import Tool, but it doesn’t work neither. Do you have any solutions ?

Thanks !



How are you? Hope you are having a great day!

The message you saw in the import notification is telling you that you have already imported the given posts into your WordPress website. So no need to import again :) .

Also, are you having any errors in the import aside from those messages? Does the import did not make you website similar to demo?

After you have import the data, there is an additional settings you need to configure like enabling the registration, selecting pages like ‘home’ and ‘blog’.

Kindly open the documentation at your own convenience which is located inside the package under ‘documentation’ directory.

Thanks for choosing Klein! Have a great day!

Cheers, Joseph


Hello, Indeed, the import did not make you website similar to demo, not a single page was created, so I can’t select the home page. I already checked the documentation about this issue, but I didn’t find an answer. Thanks for your help !

amitcris Purchased

hi sweetie…

Where i can download gears… ?



There will be a prompt telling you to install/download gears if you installed Klein 3.0 or above, just kindly follow the instructions.

If you want to directly download the plugin, please click there link here .

Thank you so much for choosing Klein. We really appreciate it! Have a great day!

Best, Joseph

sturmix Purchased

The bp-cover-photo plugin has some strings without “__(” translation function. And some strings with the wrong module name ‘buddypress’ instead of ‘bp-cover-photo’. Finally it would be better all gears plugins has one alone translation modulename and file ‘gears’.

i have installed bb search plugin it is working fine in footer like http://prntscr.com/78oof7 how can i add this in menu search its no working.

can you add icons like in your next update ? this looks better. http://prntscr.com/78opb8

Hi, two presales questions.

1. Does the MembershipPro work with the Facebook and Google login. In other words, I can buy a membership and use my Facebook as my login? I made a site with s2member and found this was not possible.

Do you have banner advertising space built in to the site anywhere?


ericodom Purchased

Hi there. I’m having issues with conflicts between default BP cover photo and Gears cover photo. The cover photo in your theme works fine, but is still “fighting” the BP cover photo option. The BP “Add cover” link still appears above the Gears cover photo and the BP add cover link is still an option in the profile right next to the new add cover photo option that comes with the theme.

This adds a lot of confusion as users are not sure which to use. And if they already had a cover photo or if they add one using the wrong link, it sits behind the default Klein cover photo. How do I have the site use ONLY the Klein cover photo option and not also have the BP cover photo option running at the same time?