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Hello, I have a question – when I add the 6 column woocommerce products shortcode on my hompage, the cart icon is not aligned well | I tried CSS editing it but then it messes up the icon for the normal products.. what to do! :O


Hi, you should make the CSS class restricted to that specific section only, something like .wpb_column before your current selectors

Will this be compatible with the latest version of BuddyPress?


we would like to purchase the theme within the next 24 hours if it is supported :)


Hi, yes it is. we are releasing today 2.0 update that will also have latest features of Buddypress 2.1 like @mentions autocomplete.

Can the Profile section on a members page be edited to add more content than just their name? Also, can their name be displayed instead of username next to the users picture?


Hi, those can be easily achieved by editing the members-header template to include more info. Also you will the the function that renders the username and replace it with the full name


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Hello, Hello, I’m relativlely new to this but I have a few questions;

First I’m wondering if/where/how it is possible to increase the size of the font/icons in the main navigation?

Also, I may be misunderstanding, but it seems like if I’m running a paid membership site, new customers will have to essentially sign up once for the membership and again through buddypress in order to have their profile? Is this correct? If so is there a way to streamline the process? Thanks!


Hi, yes the font size can be increased from Theme options from the admin area.

You can choose to use the signup from the PMPRO checkout page since you can create an account from there. Normally an user would have created an account and then signed up for a membership

Pre-Sales question:

1. Can I add ads without having any particular knowledge of coding as such? Is such a plug-in bundled along with the theme. Or any that works with the theme you would recommend?

2. Looking for a blog/magazine kind of a layout. Is that possible on this theme? Something like this http://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609

3. Can I add custom icons? Sorry, my coding knowledge is restricted to only knowing full forms of acronyms like CSS and HTML


Also, can social media icons be displayed on the header where the menu items are listed having their individual corporate colors or may be they change colors on mouse over

Since, there is an option of facebook login, can twitter and g+ be added? And these capture email address if I’m not wrong. Can these email addresses be made available because I would want to use these email addresses for my emailer campaign.

Great job. Tell me, please, for the good performance of the theme on a hosting what should be the parameters? RAM, for example. Thanks for the answer.

Hello Support-Team, first of all – awesome job! But I’ve got two problems.

1. Registration-Site: We need an optional checkbox (entry condition) with linked Site, before the user can finish the registration. For legal reasons.

2. Author-Box: How does the author-box looks like? Photo, name, shorttext and social icons?


How do you add a portfolio section to the theme? As seen in your demo?