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Hi, I’m trying to sell a service, would it be possible to create a pricing table or an image that when clicked redirects the user to the woocommerce chekout page with the service added? Also, Is it possible for users to create woocommerce accounts and manage subscriptions? (I understand if i have to pay for the subscriptions add-on separately) And, would it be possible to remove some options from the buddypress profiles so users cannot communicate with each other? (only i should be the one able to reach them first) (maybe just hide some buttons with css?) Thank you!


Hi, yes that can be done. Add an image with a link like this one: http://yoursite.com/checkout/?add-to-cart=product_ID

Yes you can also disable Buddypress components like Friends or Activity.



Thank you for your response. A couple more things, is it possible to disable those Budypress options from the admin panel or does it require any coding? And, are users able to have woocommerce accounts and manage their recurring payments from there and stuff? Thank you!


What a great theme…and I’m hoping that it will have the functionality that my clients need…so i’m hoping you can confirm.

They are creating a membership based website with an annual fee for their members. What they need behind the paywall is a private member section where they can search the entire membership directory (preferably with filters) to narrow down their search. This directory is not viewable by the public..you have to be signed in as a member to access the data.

Is this possible with your theme?

thanks Darryl


Hi, thank you very much

yes you can have recurring memberships like early with the plugin we are using, Paid memberships Pro. Also one the plugin is installed you can set extra restrictions for the social area of the site like members directory, member profiles. To search profiles by different profile fields you can use a plugin like BP Profile Search



This is the cleanest and the best Buddypress theme around! Is this compatible with the best job plugin: Job Manager?


and Resume Manager

hi there,

with your theme,

- will I be able to build an international classified ads website with multi-currency, multi-level category (with drop-downs to sub-categories, then further to sub-sub-categories, and also a multi-location capability starting from Country > State/Province > City > Area (this last one not absolutely necessary but would be a great feature) ?

- will I be able to integrate my website with BuddyPress and bbPress?

- will i be able to integrate additional plugins for more features (if yes, will the plugins overwrite or add to your theme’s features?

- will I be able to take payments using multiple online payment services (even if I have to use plugins), such as Stripe, Paypal, etc. including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc. ?

thanks so much in advance.


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Hello! Would it be possible to integrate (right now out of the box it looks a bit funky) with this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-cover/ ? That would add awesome functionality and value to the theme as a whole (cover photo is in demand in BP community!)

Thanks for an awesome theme!


Absolutely love the theme, great work. I do have one question though. I’m looking to create a membership site, and I’m currently using OptimizePress’ OptimizeMember plugin for that purpose. Would this be compatible with the theme? And is there a way to have this checked out?

Hello, For pre-sales questions:

1. Hosting : Currently Kleo demo site is running slow. Average loading time is between 4-6 seconds. Can you tell me what kind of hosting for Kleo demo site? 1. Shared or VPS or Cloud 2. Server info : Memory and CPU (regular or SSD). I am considering Google could platform for hosing. The demo site hosting information will be helpful to choose hosting products. Or any recommendation?

2. Font : I don’t need multi-lanugate setup. However, I need to two different language font set up at the same page, Google fonts for English and Google Noto Sans CJK for another language. Can I set this up using Kleo?

3. Font-size and color : How can I update site-wide font-size bigger and darker color at one time? I like the size ratio for each class except font size and color.

4. Does front-end editor support subscriber level also without accessing admin panel? Can you let me know if you have any detail page for front-end editor info?

5. K-element : Does it have Event Manage solution? I can’t find K-element info here, can you tell me the details?



Trying to update to the latest version of the Kleo theme but my current theme in Wordpress says its up to date? Which I know isn’t true. How do I go abought installing the latest version with the my version in Wordpress?


Just wondering before I purchase if I could get more info on limiting site content to members vs. non-members. I’m interested in offering a blog on my site with a first paragraph preview to anyone, but requiring membership to read the full article. Is this possible?

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Rtmedia makes very slow web. I uninstalled.But I need users to have their photo galleries. What plugin do you recommend?