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Hi there, Can you tell me where to edit the countdown counter?

Hi. Please read the documentation :)


Receive e-mail when a new subscriber to the newsletter.

How do I insert a small icon of the copyright in the corner of the pages ?

Good afternoon. I apologize for not having answered – there were problems with access to the internet (I hope for your understanding). Try using the FTP client to the folder “php” add permissions 777


Vitou Purchased

Good Morning,

I have a problem with Safari, There’s no filter between the background image and the text. Could u help me please ?

Good day / Give me your mail i send you code


Vitou Purchased

I’m waiting for your email !

I have already installed WordPress on my server.

How can I use this comming-soon template to get around the wordpress theme which comes up when i go to the site.

Good day . Just copy all the files in the root directory …... when you set up wordpress just delete them

Hi, this demo is not working on IE11.0.12 (only black background and right shifted text is shown). Are you still working on Cross browser compatibility in this template ??


friem11 Purchased

Hi! Ive got some trouble with the countdown! He is always on 0:0:0:0!! Should I Start it somewhere else? I yust modified that:

    date: '15/07/2015 12:00:00', // your date
    offset: +10


Good evening. What is the date you need ?


friem11 Purchased

Thank you for responding! I solved the bug. The problem was the date/month configuration! I forgot that in switzerland we use DD/MM/YY instead of MM/DD/YY!


I’m glad for you. If you need other help, please contact


friem11 Purchased

Sorry, its me again. Sometimes people get trouble by using the smatphone.If they whant to sing up for “notify me when its ready” the cell phone keyboard (android) makes some problems. First, the keyboard on the cell phone does not fade in, after twice-time push on the input field the keyboard is visible but not fading out anymore.. do you have some ideas to fix the problem?

Congratulations for this professional work!!!! very awesome “just” for a coming soon website :-)

Sincerels, Marius

good day . I fix this bug in last update . in file style css find line :
    margin:-20px auto 0;

and replace on this
    margin:-20px auto 0;
-webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);    

Hi, The background overlays don’t work in safari, do you have the solution this bug ?

good day. Give me your mail – i send you code . Thank you

can’t get the count down to work, i am From Holland, and had changed the time and date format on inits.js DD/MM/YY but it didn’t count down. any suggestions how to fix this ? thank you

:) all very simple – add a point before countdown in your demo :
        date: '11/02/2015 12:00:00', // your date
        offset: 0

must be
        date: '11/02/2015 12:00:00', // your date
        offset: 0

i love you so much man :) its working now

Hi there, how do I change the favicon?

Thanks! Great template :)

Good day . Thank you .
1. You need to create an icon ( or )
2. Copy your icon in folder img .
3.In file index.html find this line<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”img/favicon.ico”> – add path to your icon . This all


Lovely theme, will rate it little bit later. Any tips for setting up contact form for icloud mail.

Thanks in advance.

Good afternoon – just try to specify your mail from icloud mail.

I change this part if you mean that $to_Email

Good afternoon. I apologize for not having replied. Do you have onlay demo?

Hey! When I try to upload the file on my website it says (Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.) can you please help me?

Hi. Sorry but this is not wordpress template – it’s html

Hello, Do you offer any support assistance via email? Thanks S.

Good afternoon. At the moment, yes – but soon there will be support forum

Where do you put the links that link to the Facebook, Dribbble, & Twitter etc. I am trying to link the icons to my actual social media sites. Please help. As for now they just keep round tripping back to the website when you click on the icons. I did not see an example of how to paste the links in the documentation. Thanks for your help.

Good day. You must add your social link instead of a lattice . For example:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="transition"><i class="fa fa-facebook-square" /><span>Facebook</span></a>

Hello there nice job with that coming soon page.

I m using it on that page

But the counter does not working.

Can you tell me why ?

Which day ? My day now or the day that i want to finish ?

And an other question. How can i change the video ? Thanks Gladly Athanasios Tsolis

in index.html file change all values to zero

about video – please read the documentation – it all described in detail

I’m soooo confused :S

How do I get this working?!

I bought it, and now have no idea what to do with it. Please help me, I don’t like wasting money.

I mean how do I install it? :s

or how do I get a refund? thanks.

about refund – contact evanto support


ec1060 Purchased

Thanks for the design. Looks great. However my logo is very wide. I replaced your default logo (87×128) with mine (500×100).

The logo looks great on the desktop, but it kills the responsive design because the logo is too large and so on a mobile phone, the right edge of my logo gets cut off.

How can I use a 500×100 logo but have it auto scale down when viewed on a mobile phone?

Bootstrap for example allows you to assign a class to an image. Doing so magically makes it scale down when necessary … looking for something like that. Thanks.

Good day .
1. in index file add this :
<div class="logo-holder"><img src="img/logo.png" alt="" /> </div>
2. in file style.css add this
.logo-holder {
margin:0 auto;
this all :)

Hello, the page works fine but if I want to share the link on Facebook image preview and site description doesn’t appear. How to solve this? Thank you.

Good afternoon. Exactly where you want to place a button?

if i buy this does it play audio via youtube?

Good day. Yes it’s possible