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This looks like a beautiful theme. Certainly the best one I’ve seen for a knowledge base. However, I noticed in the demo that the buttons on the Shortcodes page, when hovered over, go completely black with the text color also black. Is that a bug in the CSS? Do the short codes provide options for hover color or is there a default or do we have to set that with custom CSS?


Hi, this is a bug, thank you for pointing that out. I will have this fixed, the text should be white on black on hover. Ivan

Nice work. Quick pre-sales question:
  • 1: can responsiveness be switched off completely? i couldnt find that option in the sandbox demo, and “fixed width” didnt do the trick.

  • 2: if “no” to my first question: how much time will it take to modify the bootstrap to remove responsiveness? will you be able to assist?

  • 3: is there a shortcode to call just the posts list of one knowledgebase category? i want to build a page with the live composer, and add knowledge base category listings for one category only in a particular area of that page.

  • 4: if question number 3 doesnt work: can you make a shortcode out of your knowledgebase-pagetemplate that allows us to select category, numbers of posts etc? somthing like [listcategory posts=5 showname=yes showreadmore=yes]

  • 5: what happens if Danny releases a new version of the live composer? will we be able to update the plugin, too?



1. No.

2. If you know what you are doing maybe 1 hr, no we dont provide modification as part of support, it is just not feasible.

3. No

4. Surely could be done, but you will need to get a developer, we wont do that.

5. You will not be able to update it directly but it will be updated as part of theme update.

Regards, Ivan

Hi. This theme has the functionality of your plugin – Document plagin? – http://demo3.pressapps.co/document/?preview#Document%20Plugin


No, the knowledgePress theme doesnt include Document plugin or its features.

looking into this theme for my company, not the most experienced with wp

is it possible to change the ccompany icon at the top left of the main menu? how would I be able to do this?


Hi, yes the logo can be uploaded in back end options panel. I suggest you test drive the theme’s back end on our demo site.

Hello, I have a problem installing the demo content, Ive tried three times from zero but nothing works, can you help me to get my site as you have in the demo? The error is that wordpress was Failed to import the images from the xml, also I get this error. http://soporte.mobile360.biz/kb/Captura.png

Thanks a lot

Hi, seams like PHP memory issue, try to increase memory limit. One way is in wp-config http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Increasing_memory_allocated_to_PHP
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1) I’m trying to locate the php file for the navbar (right side – primary_navigation ), in order to add another wp_nav_menu just after the existing one.

2)I’m also looking to locate the html of the wp_nav_menu (primary_navigation), to create a custom html for a new menu.

3) I noticed in your demo admin version Tickets or “PA Tickets” but I can’t find it anywhere. Did that get discontinued?

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Nevermind 1-2. Was trying to add an alternate navbar if the user was logged in. ended up too complicated so i downloaded a plugin to change the setting of the menu if the user is logged in or not etc.


Ticket plugin is a brand new product, currently awaiting review by Envato. Regards, Ivan

Is it possible to add normal, static content pages in the menu?


The theme uses default WP menus so you can add any page/link as per default theme, the demo site allows back end test drive. Ivan

Hi, i would like to remove the link on the logo. How can i code this thanks.

Hi, for image logo the following custom CSS should do, add it to Theme Options >> Advanced >> Custom CSS:
.logo {
pointer-events: none;
cursor: default;

Thanks for quick reply. Worked a treat!

Hi again, is the footer height changeable? I only wish to have a logo in there with no widgets. It doesn’t seem to dynamically change to the height of the content ie. if there is no widgets etc then it still stays the same height. Hope that makes sense??


HI, yes the height changes depending on the widget height but there is quite a bit of padding above widgets, try removing it with custom CSS (add to Theme Options > Advanced):
.content-info { padding-top: 0!important; }


How can I change the color of the LiveSearch Bar on this webpage ?


It’s white texte, on white background, but I already change the color setup on the Theme Option parameters.



and change the text on the search bar at the same time please. Thanks


I can’t find any live search on your site.

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Hi there, I’m updating the theme and installing PA Shortcodes. Upon activation I get: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PRESSAPPS_SHORTCODE in /home/content/54/11030454/html/wp-content/plugins/pa-shortcodes/init.php on line 15 What should I do? Thanks! Katy


Hi, switch to default theme and insure you removed the old Shortcode plugin before installing the KnowledgePress 3. Ivan