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I’ve been playing around with the sandbox version of this theme and I have two questions I haven’t bee able to resolve on my own.

1. How do downloads work? I’ve tried setting up demo downloads, but the page it redirects to doesn’t by default have a download link for the attached file.

2. How do the icons work? Again, I tried setting them up via shortcodes and I couldn’t get it to work.

3. Is it possible to collapse the big splash page at the top? I’m sure it’s in the documentation, but I can’t see that before I purchase.

4. I also couldn’t find a way to remove sections from the main page (such as the “Getting Started Videos” or the “Meet the Staff” sections.

Thanks! We’re trying to make a decision about a documentation provider, so a quick answer would be really appreciated!


Hi and thank you for your interest.

1. There are no custom download features in the theme. You can use the WP default “Add Media”, this will work just like on default theme (demo sandbox may be limiting media access)

2. Post format icons are displayed depending on which post format is set on post edit page. Icons can be added to content shortcode generator

3. Headers can be modified, if you need to hide it completely you could add custom CSS

4. Sections are build using Live composer on front end http://codecanyon.net/item/live-composer-frontend-wordpress-page-builder/6594028