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Can the size of the grid boxes on the right be changed easily? Can you size them at any size you want or do they have to be certain sizes?

Also, is it easy to change the data that comes up when you hover over the images?

Also, can you make it so the left nav section shows by default and hence the images on the right will be matched up with that and won’t be overlayed by an open nav section?

lastly… do you have any other color variations?


When will this be available for Wordpress?


Unfortunately we do not have any date for that!

Hi almost ready to pull the trigger on this theme. Well done by the way. I just have a few questions before I do so.

1) When you’re in the gallery, the sub-galleries are accessed via the right menu. Can this easily be edited so that the links are always shown across the horizontal menu?

2) There is essentially a two-click process to open an image. Can the second click (magnifier glass) be removed to make opening photos a one-click process?

3) In the demo the tiled images are the exact same ratio of the actual image. Are these thumbnails auto-generated? Can the thumbnails easily be swapped out? For instance, if I have a portrait image but I want the thumbnail to be the same look as others, can this be done?

Thanks! And once again, great work. Peter