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The slider isn’t working correct(preview in FF3 .5)


just refresh the page again. Some times if the page doesn’t loads properly then it will not display properly.

I think this looks excellent – but I’d love to see a slightly sexier top nav – I think that would make it superb.


Very clean and beautiful theme ! Please make it as a Wordpress Theme and I’ll buy it !! Very good work

stunning and very beautiful work

I would love to see this done for Wordpress. Beautiful theme and would be awesome with WP. Hope you’re working on it. Would be my first buy for a WP theme ever off TF.

Thank you guys! I’m Working on wordpress will be released soon.

Very interested in this template – just a small query.

On the contact form is there a way of retaining the information already entered when the validation process picks up a blank field or incorrectly formatted email address?


yes. you can check it and its live.

One word… Hurry! lol I want to see this baby in some Wordpress action.

Thanks 32!

Nice work, but it just reminds me too much on campaign monitor.

What a great template…

Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

Good work – nicley done


I know it’s a busy life as a Designer but any time frame on the Wordpress version?



Yes wordpress will be released in 2 weeks

Anu news on the WP theme ? Thanks


Yes will release in 2 to 3 weeks of time

Wordpress Version is almost finished will release in a day or two.

Any idea when wordpress theme will be finished as need to get it asap for a project. Thanks.

Great design by the way.

I’m on the same page as urmilpatel. I’m working on a project that needs to be completed before year’s end and prefer to use this theme.

When do you expect to release the WP version?


Will be finished by tomorrow i think. I need to write a documentation. I had some previous corrections and themes so got delayed again. Possibly i will release the template later today.