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romanzy Purchased

Flow, how I can change the URL of the portfolio-cancelclose button (which directs by default to the home page) to the All Works portfolio gallery overview page? Thanks for a quick help.

Please try setting some main portfolio page in [Konzept > General] and that should work or as a last resort you can set [Portfolio > Parent portfolio page] for each project individually.


romanzy Purchased

I forgot to thank you, so THANK YOU Flow. That did the trick.

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help :)

Hello, congratulations for the theme.

I have little problem with the portfolio at home. On chrome grid of the portfolio of the investor you can be clearly seen; while on firefox the grid of the portfolio can not be ordered, and then remain blank spaces.

How can I solve the problem?

This is my site: www.giuseppevecchio.com

Thank you

Sorry for my English.

Thank you!

We don’t crop the images or restrict them to any particular size which allows them to be of different aspect ratio than the default 4:3.

This flexibility comes with a little drawback: you have to upload all the thumbnails with the same aspect ratio. Therefore you can mix for example 400×300px and 800×600px but if you upload 801×600px then it is likely to start leaving empty holes.

In the future we’ll be most likely cropping the images using https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/add_image_size/ because since introduction of srcset in WordPress 4.4 there is a reason for that.

Thanks, problem solved.


I’m very interested Konzept theme and I have only one question: can I import one of demos (full version of cors)? Specifically, I mean “Light Version (Thumbnails)” or “Light Version (Projects List)”. Both are great :).

Thank you and forgive my English please…

With greetings, Bart

You can create a portfolio page in [Pages > Add New]. It has to be set to portfolio page template. Then you can make it your main portfolio page in [Konzept > General]. You can switch it to the thumbnail view in [Pages > (that portfolio page) > Portfolio Type] (only once it’s already published).

You can add projects in [Projects > Add New]. Each project must belong to a category.

You can include/exclude categories in [Pages > (your portfolio page)]. By default all categories are included on the newly created portfolio pages.

Hi, Flow

Thx for your quick reply. I know the rules – are clear and everything is easy in theory but unfortunately does not work. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe some error or bug? Where could I send You some screenshots of my control panel (only three screensshots: Pages>Portfolio, Portfolio>Projects Settings and Konzept>General)?

Help me please, because now I can only shoot in the head…

Best regards

It will surely work if everything is configured like described in my above reply (you only need a portfolio page set to thumbnails and some projects with thumbnails uploaded).

You can create a support ticket where you can share your WordPress login and password privately by updating your forum profile information. You can also attach links to screenshots there (which you can upload to Google Drive, Dropbox or similar place).


romanzy Purchased

Dear Flow, in Portfolio you provide individual CSS settings for each portfolio page (cursor color, full screen, etc.). But, in the slideshow you don’t have such CSS class feature. Then how can I make my ‘slideshow video’ be displayed fullscreen?

That’s because there is only one featured slideshow and you can reach any slide using #featured_slideshow #slide_0 { } in your CSS style files.

All videos inside should be: auto-starting, looped, fullscreen, background. We also considered having them muted but they aren’t.


betrion Purchased

Hey there! Few questions before purchase:

- Is font changeable within a theme?

- Is there an easy-ish way to divide main thumbnail grid with a thin border (preferably not using the image itself since one pixel border would show as two but only on the points where thumbnails touch)?

- Can thumbnails be made so they link to pages (as in: be used as the main links) instead of post categories?

- Can main menu be adjusted horizontally (example: only five links next to each other instead of being under one another) therefore making it thinner?

Sorry if these are silly or too many questions, I tried to keep it short, but I have to do some rearrangements for a client and would like to know what are my options before I start :grin:

Thank you, Dan

1) No.

2) You can request such code on the support forum or check the FAQ.

3) Yes.

4) No.

I wouldn’t worry about the fonts from the first question because it’s easy to load new Google Fonts in /core/fonts.php (or use Typekit or @font-face with self-hosted font files) and update font-family in style.css but as for the header you’d have to adjust its styles in style.css and that’s a +/- 15 minutes task for an average developer.


betrion Purchased

Thanks a lot, I think that will work. I’ll check back with a client but will most like follow up with a purchase and experiment from there.

Hi, it works with the latest Wordpress version?