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The transparency behind the pictures in portfolio, how can i get rid of that?

Maybe with a custom CSS? i that case, can you help me out with one?


In style.css it’s set in this place:
.thumb-inactive .project-img {
    opacity: 0.1;

You can for example decrease that to 0, increase it, apply some other effect (like border or shadow) or try “Thumbnail – make it disappear when inactive (no animation)” from the FAQ.


That does not fix it.


I think there is nothing to fix there. You’re requesting a custom modification.

Such custom modifications should be generally outsourced on the website that Envato created for this purpose: http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization

The code I provided surely works but maybe it doesn’t do what you thought it would. It’s not clear why do you mean by getting rid of transparency? It can mean anything of the following:
  • Would you like to make inactive thumbnails disappear?
  • Would you like to make inactive thumbnails be fully opaque?
  • Is “the pictures in portfolio” about thumbnails anyway or is it about images inside projects? If it’s about images inside projects please modify opacity in .project-coverslide-visible { opacity: 0.97; visibility: visible; } in style.css or in the child theme’s style.css if you’re using the dark skin.

Hello, i purchased your theme today and tried to install. i am getting this error when trying to install Unpacking the package…

"Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-2383907-konzept-fullscreen-portfolio-wordpress-theme-2.zip

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed. please advise


Please unzip that package and inside you’ll find another one that can be installed.

It will be helpful if you include all the demo links on the theme preview.

Flow Author

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll be rewriting the top theme switcher bar to make it responsive and I’ll make sure to add links to the demo versions to it. In the meantime they are listed on the item description page.

Purchased what I thought would be a kickass theme to re-skin a project with a big portfolio…but sadly I’m having a hard time with the spastic navigation. Keyboard left/right works great but it’s not intuitive enough to make it obvious to visitors that they need to use their keyboard and can’t scroll vertically w/o jumping over 3 projects or spazzing out the sound/video.

Any plans for an update? Any bug fixes or new features coming? Really do love the look, but above all else I’ve gotta have intuitive navigation.

I would also like to customized the portfolio meta data that is displayed on the header, however there doesn’t seem to be an option to truly customize a new field.

Vertical scroll on the portfolio or drop down for long description would be great. Hopefully this theme gets an update soon.

Flow Author
1) If you go to some project like http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/portfolio/bas-van-der-veer/ then you should be able to navigate to the right with:
  • mouse wheel (down),
  • right keyboard arrow,
  • down keyboard arrow,
  • clicking on the right arrow,
  • clicking and dragging it to the left,
  • using trackpad (trackpad in particular has a newer update that isn’t present in the main package yet, you can download it here).

All of the above options seem to work for me.

In case of featured slideshow the controls are the same except keyboard arrows. The background video on the second slide “steals” them and changing focused element isn’t enough to fix this. I’m yet to find a fix for that.

2) “Any bug fixes or new features coming? ” – As soon as a new bug is reported I usually fix it and you can instantly download the updated development package under the URL I provided. What new features are you looking for? A lot of things can be achieved with plugins — http://support.forcg.com/topic/knowledge-base-plugins

3) Indeed, project labels are built-in. You can translate them but there isn’t any built-in way to add more of them. This particular project has limited vertical space on each slide and that’s why it’s limited to four label, the title and short description text by default. A better way to create labels is on our list of suggestions.

4) This project will rather never have vertical scroll. It will also never allow a lot of text to be pasted on the slides and it won’t support shortcodes on slides. We already received similar suggestions before and we released Daisho WordPress theme which is very similar to Konzept except for the portfolio which has been simplified and now allows users to use shortcodes, forms, use unlimited amount of text and more media types for each project. In Konzept such things wouldn’t be possible with current technology and the slideshow library that is used there. Daisho is an iteration of Konzept created based on user feedback that fixes this issue.

Let me know if you need more information about anything.

jordanca Purchased

I tried to submit this error to the support forum, but there seems to be an internal error, and it won’t connect. So here’s my problem…

I cannot use the Quick Edit, Schedule, Visibility or Thumbnail Hover color chooser in the backend. I turned off all plugins, and the problem still persists. I also switched themes to 2014, and I was able to use Quick Edit, Schedule and Visibility options.

As such, there’s something going on with the Konzept theme. My console shows a JS error in the load-scripts.php file. Specifically, it says “Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[rel=]”.

How can I fix this? I’ve updated everything in the backend. Do I need to update the Konzept theme manually? If I do need to update manually, do you have help docs for that? Please advise. I’m also happy to take this over to support forum, if it works again.

Thank you! Jordanca

Flow Author

The forum should be online about 99% of the time, it might have been some temporary issue yesterday.

The error comes from an external library that this theme uses and this library is gone in Konzept 2.1. We don’t use it because its newer version became a part of WordPress and we now depend on the version included with WordPress.

Please follow #6508 to update the theme.

Let me know if you need more information about anything.

JL-B Purchased

Hi Flow :) happy new year and stuff. I’m about to start a new website for myself, before I touch anything could you supply the custom code and help for these questions? this should have everything perfect for my future new clients.

Are you due to do another update or is this the final version?

1)Change the speed of the home page slideshow

2)Change the speed of the hoover action over the thumbnail in ‘all works’

3)Change the slide show speed of a project

4)Make the large ‘X’ more bold

5)Remove the twitter, Facebook & google logo’s in the top right corner near the ‘X’

6)Change Menu font colour from grey to black (example colour)

7)Change menu highlight colour from black to turquoise (example colour)

8)Change website title colour

9)Change menu positions to have the ‘all works’ list on the left side and ‘about us’ list on the right side

Cheers J :)

JL-B Purchased

Last but not least, can i make the text white which can be added to each image in a portfolio slide show. At the moment it is black for the title and grey for the project info, happy sunday Flow :)

JL-B Purchased

Hi Flow :) hope all is well, do you have any of these requested tweaks? Also I’m going to buy your template again for your time. Best J

Flow Author

The discussion continues in #7570 for anyone looking for answers.


Our site was recently hacked and according to our server people they got through by exploiting the Konzept theme we have installed. A quick google search shows there is a vulnerability in the Arbitrary File Upload that some people are using to exploit this theme.

Is this a known issue? We have the site on the latest version of 2.1 so our theme is up to date. We have backups so we have since restored to those.

Thanks Ouno Creative

Flow Author

There were two known security issues and both were fixed in 2012 a couple of weeks after the initial theme release.

One of these security issues can be ignored because it was harmless and the other one was caused by the fact that the developer that was coding this theme downloaded a few drag and drop uploading libraries (because WordPress itself didn’t have this functionality back then) and he used one but he didn’t remove the other ones from the main package. He was planning to do that later once he knew he won’t need them anymore.

One of these libraries turned out to have security issues and as soon as we discovered them we removed it from the theme package. The number of people who downloaded one of the first versions of the theme is low, probably not a single person is using one of the early versions by now.

All the theme versions from 2013 and further years are fully secure. I’m not aware of any security issues in them. Version and all 2.x versions should be secure.

If the server people are sure about that please create a support ticket and I’ll take a look at that. I need to know which file did they mention. There is a very low chance of v2.1 of the theme having a security issue.

JL-B Purchased

Hi Flow :) nailed a load of updates today, two websites done.

I need to make the text on the role over thumbnail image smaller, ‘Portfolio’ chops in half unless the website is streched across the screen. Could you pass on some custom ccs etc?

Will be purchasing another template off you later, cheers J :)

JL-B Purchased

Hi Flow :) Thank you for this. Is it possible to keep all the thumbnails about 20px of the left side of the browser window, just a little white gap if possible. At the moment they are all sticking to the the left edge. Cheers J :)

Flow Author

Yes, please try #7562.

JL-B Purchased

Perfect, thank you :) the other day I tried the border around each thumbnail code I found on your forum. It was great apart form the last thumbnail had double the space of the others. Im looking for a 5px gap, is it a good idea to do that around the thumbnails? cheers J :)

Hi, Im wondering if it is possible to have different pages for projects?

I shoot mainly Concert photography and portraits/fahsion/beauty and i want to be able to separate those genres (so i dont have everything mixed on the front page) kind of what i have now on my website (clemenfoto.dk)

how would that be done on you theme?

regards Rod

Flow Author

You can have multiple portfolio pages. These two are in fact separate portfolio pages: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/ and http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/portfolio/ — each portfolio page can display different categories but in this case both display the same categories.

The categories of the main portfolio page will be displayed in the header on pages like “About”, “Contact” etc. On portfolio pages the page’s categories will be displayed in the header. There can be only one main portfolio page and you can configure it in [Konzept > General] in the admin panel.

You can select which categories to display on each portfolio page in [Pages > (any page with “Portfolio template” selected)] once they are published (a new set of options will appear once you publish such page).


The theme works with WP 4.1??

Flow Author