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Hi Flow,

What font do you use for the uppercase headline “KONZEPT”. Looks really nice to me. Wanna know it. Thanks a lot!

Bye, Simon

Those are custom letters so there’s no such font but I’m sure there exist very similar fonts. Most letters of that word are very similar to Novecentowide which is also used in the template. This font has only uppercase letters.

Hi, I have a bug with updating portfolio item. I have to press blue “Update” button twice for changes to take place.

I don’t experience such issue so I’ll need to know what options are you updating? Are you updating the project’s data such as the thumbnail, thumbnail color etc.? Or are you updating the slides or the title? Does it always happen? What happens when you first hit the button? Have you tried that with all the plugins deactivated?

Please create a support ticket if you’d like us to log in to your website and have a look at that.

How can I change default state for Display Cover Slide from Display to Don’t ?

You can use plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-field-bulk-editor/

Or in project-loop.php you can replace $display_cover_slide = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'display_cover_slide', true); with $display_cover_slide = false;.

thank you


cacane Purchased

I have to say I am really happy with this theme. I finished my website


and all my clients and friends are surprise because the way my works look on this theme. Even the support was good and they helped me a lot when I was woriking on it…Thank you and congratulations guys

Thank you very much for your kind words and we hope it’ll serve you well!

Hi – I don’t seem to have the option of a ‘Portfolio Type’ in the page options to choose from when a new page is created? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll find portfolio template to the right, under the “Publish” button in [Pages > Add New]. Once a portfolio page is published this option should appear in [Pages > (this page)].

Hi Flow – Followed your instructions and still the same – when I create a new page the option of portfolio template isn’t showing – I create a new page my options in the Page Attributes section are ‘parent’ and in Page options all field are relating to Background image, color, attachment, repeat, position, and size – kinda stuck as i can’t move on with this site which needs to go live – any ideas? On my Homepage I have the options that I am needing in the new page ‘portfolio type, Operator for categories box, Exclude portfolio categories etc.

In [Pages > Add New] please select portfolio page template to the right under “Publish” button. You need to have the newest Konzept version to do that. You can redownload it in the “Downloads” section on ThemeForest using the account you used to purchase it. Very old 1.x versions didn’t allow multiple portfolio pages.

If it won’t work please create a support ticket with your WordPress login and password fields filled in on your user profile page.

Hi Flow – I have updated my details – but, i have updated the theme and updated the WP install – seems to be working now – Many thanxs

Hi, I recently find my website load very slow, it takes aroudn 10-15 sec to load one page, do you know whats the problem?

We’ve replied to your email already but here’s the reply once again:

We’re unable to prepare a report for each individual person but starting from $50 third party developers on http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization can optimize that for you.

Please check tickets mentioned in the FAQ: http://support.forcg.com/topic/faq

Generally, our themes are based on the default WordPress themes and will execute in about 1–2 seconds which is almost as low as it can get with WordPress.

If your website executes in more time then it solely depends on the assets you’re loading and the modifications you’ve made.

To speed it up further (to make it lower than the default 2 seconds) you could only minify scripts with plugins, generate static HTML files and invest in a fast server and a CDN.

Please also make sure that your theme is up-to-date.


I have noticed a now constant and persistent issue despite my best efforts to update the theme to the latest available. It seems that whenever I try to publish any new page or save an existing page I get a timeout, which eventually goes to Internal Server error 500 at my siteaddress.com/wp-admin/post.php

However, the save does get made. I just have to deal with clicking to refresh after it begins to timeout.

Please help!

I’ve replied to your question on the support forum. You can find the exact error in the server’s error log. If you won’t be able to resolve it after seeing it, let me know what it says.

As for the updating you can do it automatically or manually: http://support.forcg.com/topic/how-to-update-a-theme

Hi, i have updated to v2.2 and also all plugins, i only use theme plugin and now i see i can’t delete portfolio images what i never want to show in Portfolio? If i click on the x nothing will be deletet.. how can i fix this? i’m using 4.3 Wordpress.


You should be able to delete these images normally in [Portfolio > (any project)].

If you can’t do that please create a support ticket, update your profile information with WordPress login and password and I’ll log in to your website and have a look at that.


brouge Purchased

hey flow, i am happy with the theme so far. is there a way to speed up the load time of an portfolio images. i already installed zen cache. but still it loads a while on normal internet connection. it would be cool to have the next button appeared as soon as the first picture is ready (now you have to wait until every picture from a section is loaded which can take a while). best regards thomas

If your assets are below 5-10 MB for each project then I wouldn’t worry about that.

Average Internet speeds: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Internet_connection_speeds (and these speeds are probably boosted by ISPs for a short period of time when someone opens up a website).

You can use our demo website or websites like apple.com as reference for image sizes.

As a last resort you can consider using a CDN but it’s probably not worth it for a portfolio website. It’s rather for shops or blogs with a lot of visitors.


brouge Purchased

yes you are right, i am also waiting for php7 which should make the site twice as fast. is the theme allready supporting it?

If you want to cut down this 100–1000ms execution time that WordPress and its themes and plugins create you can generate static HTML files right now.

We’re keeping our code up-to-date so you can expect that it’ll work fine with the newest versions of PHP, WordPress and popular plugins.

Hi Flow, I’m tryingto edit the social icons buttons, but i can’t find the item to change the url’s in the “wp-admin”. Where should i search in the menu?

In [Appearance > Widgets] you’ll find footer widgets. More: http://docs.devatic.com/konzept/#footer