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bhenkel Purchased

does the contact form have the php somewhere to enable email sending? I don’t see it? Thanks.

robby00 Purchased

Great template, love the simplicity and clean lines. Documentation was excellent. Thanks.

I know you’ve a new job and all, tis a pit you won’t be continuing creating templates though – good luck anyway.

@bhenkel – no php was included for the contact form – documentation someplace says it – but there’s tons on the web to download.


Thanks for answering that one for me robby00

Hi XenonDesign – thanks for the great design! One question though: can the rotating pictures be clickable and serve as a navigation? Thanks in advance!


Yes. If you set the caption to have a link then the second click will go to that link. However if you want to link it straight away then you will need to look at customising some of the code. If you need help with that email me via the address in the docs.

cannot add a 7th picture or more in the slideshow – yes, I read the readme.pdf – adding images/gallery/image_name.jpg Image description does not work !!

Unfortunately the scrolling slideshow only allows 6 images because to keep it simple and light (at the time) I did not want to perform width calculations on the fly to set widths based on amount of content.

If you do want more then drop me an email (see pdf) and ill see if I can point you in the right direction to achieve what you want.

For the Comments on the right side of the Larger photograph, how can I have a
in the xml file? As I type in the description/comments, it just flow. But I need a next line for paragraphing purpose. Anyone know how to edit the file?

Hello …..

a few questions about your wonderful theme

1. Can I add widgets?

2. I have my company logo. Can it be placed at the top?

3. can the gray background be changed? lightened?

4. can I add other social media? Can I just use their icons on the front?

5. what is I didn’t want to use the “Friends” part? Can that be disengaged?

6. Can the design be tweaked at all? slightly?

thank you in advance!!

Probably a silly question, but is this theme WordPress ready? I didn’t see a note anywhere and your notes indicate that it has html/psd files but I didn’t notice that it was an actual WordPress theme anywhere?

nikyee Purchased

I have emailed requesting support now a couple times with no response. Should this template be removed if there is no support? Or advised upon purchase?

  1. I am trying to add additional galleries? As on different pages/subpages under “gallery”? Do you have a function for this?
  2. On the “about” & “contact” pages can you tell me where to change the script so there is no white space? I would like it to match the front page with the faded grey to black background and the text boxes with white text
  3. Can the rotating pictures be clickable and serve as a navigation to my gallery?

do we have a working link to the demo?

Is there a chance to get the preview working? Thank you…