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Nice theme! :)


thank you louiejie :)


thanks metrothemes :)

Jrit… Koplax! Hahahaha.

Good luck with sales, gan. Nice item! :)


wahaha. thx gan. :D

Looks nice! Good luck with the sales ;)


thank you AtomTech :)

One of those themes that will leave you asking, “How did he do that effect?” :-) Amazing!


thanks for your kind words oliverdionela :)

Hello, very nice theme. But i hear no sound with the video.


Thanks ellen02 :)
You can set the video play in the code.In this demo i set it with no sound.

Really cool theme. How I can create an Ajax contact and subscribe form? :( I really don’t know how should I use them. I read some tutorials but I didn’t completely understand them. Because there was always a PHP file and I don’t know how I should use it. Can you help me? Please ? Thanks


Thank you MsSiMBA :)
basically ajax contact and subscribe form use jquery ajax and then connected it to php. There is alot tutorial for it for you to understand it. Im still learning about it too, so its the best for you learn it from other tutorial about it. imo http://www.w3schools.com/ its the best site for learning it step by step.


Many thanks dude. But I wanted to know how did you include it to your theme. I have a bit understanding of PHP and jQuery. Thanks again


its just like i said before, i used jquery ajax and then connected it into php. :)

najhouse Purchased

Hello Ridianur , what’s include in the update? Regards


hi najhouse
Im added some script in ajax.js and fix menu styling in style.css for mobile view :)

najhouse Purchased

Ok nice should i update all or just some files??


just some files. ajax.js in js folder and style.css in css folder
cheers :)

LUV YOUR DESIGN $TYLE!! Plz Cross over to the Theme Land of WP?!!


thank you sterlingwiliam. i will :)

Very nice theme? i got a question. Am i free to positioning the captions where i want?


hi uniekwerk :)
which captions did you mean?


The text you see (example: Hello! we are koplax, creative digital agency).


yes you can. As long you keep the class for it :)

keren kang templatenya :) gak nahan baca namanya hehehe, good luck


ahaha..Thanks bro :D

Is it possible to customize the colours of the fonts – like for instance the green colour in koplax – and the menu – to change it to another shade of grey?

And how is that done?


Hi AdamCph, Yes it possible. You can change all of it in the css files. Feel free to contact me via my profile page if you find trouble for customize it later :)

Hi, nice theme!! I’ve bought it like two weeks ago, and I see there is an update. I’d like to know how to update my files without losing all the changes I’ve made…. Thanks a lot!!


Yeah, locally everything works fine… hmmm… I’ll contact them…



try to check your cache directory for twitter OAuth. Make sure it can be written by php, or try to disable the cache in index.php inside twitter folder, its about line 41
    // Enable caching
    private $cache_enabled = true;
change into 
    // Enable caching
    private $cache_enabled = false;
anands9 Purchased

gr8 theme was looking for already bought

just wanted to know how to use video can i call video from youtube or vimeo?

pls give some idea about using video in background -anand

Hi anands9, thanks for your kind words :)
For video background, its in video folder. To set the video you can open script.js inside js folder and find this code
//video background setting  
var BV = new $.BigVideo();
if (Modernizr.touch) {
    BV.show('images/slider2.jpg'); //this is for replace video with static image in mobile view
} else {
    BV.show('brittany.mp4', {
        ambient: true
    }); //change brittany.mp4 with your video path
And unfortunately this template only support self hosted video. If you really want to use youtube video maybe you can try tubular.js plugin.


I see the text can be animated is it also possible to animate other items, like a png that maybe comes in from top to bottom?

Many Thanks



Hi David, Its only can be animated text(scrambled text), and its look like it need different customized for animated the other thing.

If I buy this theme now I will have free access to the next updates?


Hi rosudanlucian :)
This is only html template you can find the wordpress version in here
and offcourse you will have free access for updates on every themes in here

4rt Purchased

Excellent template congratulations, I would like to know how to change the default font of the template by a font whit Latin characters


thanks 4rt :)
For font Tex Gyre Adventor go to here http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/tex-gyre-adventor click webfontkit and choose your subset. After you download the font, you can replace the default font in font folder with the new one.
For Roboto, go tho this page http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/roboto and do the same like above.
I hope its help and feel free to drop me message in my profile if you find another problem

great theme! although, i’m having some pronlems on movile view athe the bottom menu: http://mimarinita.com/ logo disapears and boxes are too high. can you help?

Hi victor47005, thanks for your kind words and for buying it.
Try to open style.css and find this code about line 932

.navi li a {
    padding: 0 15px;

change to 

.navi li a {
    padding: 0 5px;

hope this help

anands9 Purchased

how to add google map embeded html code in contact form

can you guide please? -anand

hi there, you can open ajax.js and find this code about line 133
//google map
$(function () {
    demo.add(function () {
            'center': '-6.94010,107.62575',
            'zoom': 13,
            scrollwheel: false,
            'disableDefaultUI': false,
            'callback': function () {
                var self = this;
                    'position': this.get('map').getCenter()
                }).click(function () {
                        'content': 'Visit Us <br /> Address: 11231 Buah Batu, 40298 Bandung <br /> Phone: 1233-2324-2324 <br />Email: company-email@email.com'
                    }, this);

change -6.94010,107.62575' with your place in google map base on Latitude and Longitude

and change 'Visit Us <br /> Address: 11231 Buah Batu, 40298 Bandung <br /> Phone: 1233-2324-2324 <br />Email: company-email@email.com'
with your own html code(for popup in marker)

You can check your Latitude and Longitude in http://universimmedia.pagesperso-orange.fr/geo/loc.htm
hope this help

hello! how can i add an external link in the down nav menu? i have http://mimarinita.com/ and the blog tab needs to go to http://mimarinita.com/blog but it seems it does nothing when you click it. thanks!

Hi victor47005 :)
First, add some new class to all navi link except the blog.Here the example

<a href="http://mimarinita.com" class="page-ajax">Inicio</a>
<a class="page-ajax" href="about.html">Somos</a>
<a class="page-ajax" href="portfolio.html">Hacemos</a>
<a class="page-ajax" href="contact.html">Contacto</a>
<a href="http://mimarinita.com/blog/">Blog</a>

do this to all html files.
and then open script.js and replace ".navi li a" into the new class. so it will  become like this
about line 37
var href = $('.page-ajax').each(function () {

about line 45
 $('.page-ajax').click(function () {

Its a little bit hard to write the correct code in here, feel free to message me if you still confusing about this.

thanks! works!


great! im glad to hear that :)