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Dear all,

Allow me to ask you again some suggestions regarding the following:

In the side-panel I want to have one border around the site-logo (logo-wrapper) and the tagline (tagline). I have managed to create a border on both, but not one border that includes both items in one border.

Is this possible and can you help me out with this?

Thank you, Jan.

Hi Jan!

Please try using this custom CSS:

#logo-wrapper {
    border: 1px solid #fff;
    box-sizing: border-box;
    padding: 15px;

It will add a white border around the logo and tagline. ;)

In case you would like to use custom CSS for other elements, I would recommend Developer Tools on Chrome or Firebug on Firefox to inspect the elements on the page. Then you can know which CSS selector to adjust.

Dear all, First of all many thank for your excellent support! Would appreciate to learn your comments regarding the following:

- a new plug-in required some setting in the vc panel (I never had to use this option before) - the ‘general settings’ tab will only reveal the options during a very short time and consequently I cannot set the settings there.

I am using Mamp and I have done a fresh install of Mamp, the Theme (recent version) and recent WP.

Do you have any suggestions? I have checked the vc faq’s and Google but was not able to find anything useful? Pilot error?

Thank you in advance, Jan.

The theme hides some VC options on its General Settings tab because they are unused with the theme. But if you want to display them all, please open the ”/includes/assets.php” file of the theme and comment out this line:

wp_enqueue_script( 'admin-vc-settings', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/admin-vc-settings.js', array( 'jquery' ) );

Hi Paul

I just update the template to the latest version 1.5.2, but this time the update through Envato toolkit didn’t call automatically for update of the plugins, and VC is still in the old version. Do you have an advice? Thanks in advance !


By default, the theme does not use Envato Toolkit plugin for the theme update (and its bundled plugins). So I would instead suggest to use the manual upload method via FTP as mentioned in the documentation. Then you should see the notification at the top to update the bundled plugins.

Dear Paul, This is to you, and all users know that I did enjoy your excellent support once more! Thanks again for your timely and useful help. Jan.

Hi Jan!

Thank you! I really appreciate it! I’m glad I could help. ;)

Dear all, Allow me another question which I hope is not off topic. I am using two social icons (custom) which I use to trigger a page and a pop-up respectively. Works fine.

So on all pages, those icons will appear in the footer. What I would like to achieve is that on a certain page (say ‘contact-us’) one icon will not be visible on that particular page while the other icon remains visible on all pages. I have been able, with an ‘if else’ statement, to achieve both icons to disappear on that page but not one in particular. I have been looking for a solution by using an icon identifier (if that is a way) but I am afraid I am lost.

It is not a big issue, but if you can find some time, let me know please.

Thank you in advance, Jan.

By the way. If you are visiting the city of Belém in Brazil (highly recommended), let me know and I make sure there is a free lunch for you in Bar Amsterdam!

Hi Jan!

Thanks! That’s very kind of you! :bigsmile:

Regarding your question, you can use custom CSS to hide an icon on a specific page. If you use Chrome to inspect the “body” element, you will see that there is a class name that contains the current page ID (screenshot: http://cl.ly/0F1t0m0d222U ).

So with this page ID class, you can then use custom CSS like this:

.page-id-8 .your-social-icon-class-to-hide {
display: none !important;

Hope this helps!


matthix Purchased


I’m trying to disable the fancybox title that just started showing up under the gallery photos (when opened into the lightbox) with some CSS.

I’ve tried using: #fancybox-title {display: none !important;} along a couple other variations but no luck.

Any thoughts? Thanks

Hi there!

Please try this:

.fancybox-opened .fancybox-title {
    display: none !important;

Hope this helps!


matthix Purchased

That worked great. Thank you!

You’re welcome! ;)


Aphro Purchased

Hello ! Tried to post on the support forum but it tells me the purchase code is not valid !!

So :

on the mobile version (http://chevauxdarcand.com/) the menu does not work any more and returns a # link.

Any tip ?

Please try this code from the article: https://uxbarn.ticksy.com/article/2789/ . Let me know if it helps.


Aphro Purchased

Yep, I found this thread but indeef it didnt worked fine. For the moment i set the original theme, i will digg and keep you informed :)

Thanks ! :)

Alright! Kindly let me know when you find it! :)

ho can add icon with text Ex :- [phon-icon] : +9100 123 4567


Where do you want to add the icon? If you mean in the page content, please try:

1. Add an Icon element into the page content and set the Alignment value to Float Left. (screenshot: http://cl.ly/3Q2w2i1N0918 )

2. Add a Text Block element right below the icon then enter “text-with-icon” into the Extra Class Name field. (screenshot: http://cl.ly/3o1T1Y342O0c )

That’s it. When viewing on the frontend, the icon and text should be in the same line as demo here: http://themes.uxbarn.com/wp/kose/our-services

Note that you can also see an example of this page from the imported dummy data.

Dear all, What I would like to achieve is that the social icons links opens in the same window: target=”_self” instead of _blank. Using the inspector I can see this, but I fail to see where to make the adjustment. Suggestions are very much appreciated! Jan.

Hi Jan!

To change that, please open the ”/includes/theme-functions.php” file and find this attribute:


There are two locations of it to change.


Lorogan Purchased

How do I change the background of blog page only in white an Font color to black? Only Blog Page and Blog Posts!! Can i do this in the Custom CSS ??

Hi there!

Just responded to your ticket at https://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ :)

Hello, For the Kose Theme, Safari on the iPad will not load the Full Screen Slider Images, a loading wheel will Continue forever.

Hi there!

Just wondering what version of the theme are you using? If it is not the latest version (v1.6.1), please firstly update the theme, clear all cache, and test it again.

Could you please also send me the site URL so I can check that?

The Package failed installation, There was not an Auto Update option on the Theme. this is what I see when trying to Update the Theme. “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home1/jimrambo/public_html/heartofcapemay/wp-content/themes/Kose/

Theme install failed.”

Please see the detailed steps of how to update the theme in the documentation, under the section of “How to > Update the theme + plugins”.

Note that the doc is right in the downloaded package, in the “Documentation” folder. Just open the “index.html” file with your browser.

Ive got a problem with this theme when i view the theme on my iPad with iOS 9 i can’t see the animation in the background when i try to view it on safari on the pc or macbook then its everything fine also when i look form an android tablet everything is fine only on iPads or iPhones it doesn’t work on my iPad pro with google chrome it works


I am not sure what is the “animation in the background” you mentioned. Did you mean the video background? If so, normally the mobile devices will not allow the video to be autoplayed on the site. You would need to upload the Video Cover Image to make it displayed instead (the option screenshot: http://cl.ly/201E0S1u1900 ).

But if it is something else, could you please elaborate? Could you also send me to site URL so I can check?

Compatible for WP 4.5.1?


Yes, the latest version (v1.6.1) is compatible with WP4.5.1.


Hi all, I want to ask a question: Do This themes have search by keyword?

Hi there!

Did you mean the search widget? If so, yes. You can add the search widget to any of your sidebar using “Appearance > Widgets” menu.

Hi, where can i find the child theme? I know it is better than if i use childtheme. But I not good for build a code. i am not have knowledge in Wordpress code… So, can you give me file Kose child theme? Before I buy it, I saw you write :”Fully support Child Theme” so i think almost all themes nowadays include a child theme. Please help me Thanks.


I just responded to your ticket at https://uxbarn.ticksy.com/. :)

Hi, I have problem with “Visual Composer”. I can’t edit my old pages… :( When I creating new page “Visual Composer” works. What you suggest? Thanks

Hi there!

Just wondering what version of the theme are you using? If it is not the latest version (v1.6.1), please first update the theme and test it again. The latest version comes with the latest VC so it should help.

Note that, for the instructions of how to update the theme, you can find them in a provided documentation. The doc is right in the “Documentation” folder that is in the purchased package. Just open the “index.html” file with your browser.