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Nice work! Any progress on the wordpress theme?


thanks! we planned to release it next month : )

please advise i need to make the logo area bigger to fit our logo. please advise if this is done is css file or best way to edit the size. We tried to edit in dreamweaver but keep running into snag

Hi djmasterflash,
when using a bigger logo, the content will be automatically pushed down, so, unless you are using a huge image, there is no need to edit the css.

Anyway, you can give us a link to the site, so we can take a closer look.


Just like to say, fantastic template, already purchased and adapted, the pull down map has been turned in to a client login form, and the theme has been fully integrated with Campaign Monitor, all very easy to edit!

However I’ve been trying to get the footer to automatically stick to the bottom of the browser. I’m using the latest version of Firefox on Windows 7, and wondered if there is a reason why the footer doesn’t stick? or is it possible for you to provide a work around?

Thanks :) Ross

Hi Ross,
thanks for purchasing and for the kind words.

Making the footer stick to the bottom is a tricky thing to do in css, but not too complicated. Here is a guide I used in the past:

Hope it helps :)

please advise i need to change color of footer to #D8D8D8 to match our company colors. I am using blue.css and still having problems it still gray. Please advise how and where to change color THANKS

Hi djmasterflash,
thanks for purchasing.

What do you mean by “color of footer”? Is it the background color or the text color?

To change the background color, you can try with this :
- open up style.css
- edit line 830:
    margin: 20px 0 0;
    color: #fff;
    background: #222;
- like this:
    margin: 20px 0 0;
    color: #fff;
    background: #d8d8d8;

Are you still planning on releasing the WP version of this theme this month? Let me know.


Hi STYX2109 ,
we are having some trouble with the lack of time, but we are working on it.

Thanks for the interest ;)

As soon as a Wordpress theme is released I will buy it (if the sitestyle and functionality are the same). I’m a bit of a novice so I am trying to figure out how the blogging aspect of the current template would work. Any insight? – Thanks & Great Work!

Hi jmwaters,
html templates like this are basically static sites.

For any blogging functionality you’ll need to integrate the template with a third party CMS .

sooooooo where is the wordpress version….

Hi Reconart,
as I said before I’m having some trouble with the lack of available time, but I’m still working on it.

You need to understand that Themeforest is not our main source of income, so it doesn’t have the top priority. It will take way longer than expected, but I’ll finish it.

Thank you again for your support.


Great Plugin…any option to have Random messages?

Also, I noticed it doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone, any thoughts?


Whoops…wrong posting, sorry.

How can I make it display more twitter posts on Twitter Widget. thank you

Hi blidariuandrei,
thanks for purchasing.

We have explained how to use the twitter widget in the documentation.

Check out the jQuery Plugins -> Twitter Widget section of the documentation :)

I saw that bun I want to display at the same time those posts (3 posts). not just load them but to show them. something like:
  • Loading tweets…
  • ....1…
  • ....2…

I’m sorry if I’m not explained well because I do not speak English good.

thank you

Sorry blidariuandrei,
the plugin was designed to display only one tweet at a time.

Making that customization would require quite a bit of work.

I would suggest you finding a freelancer and let him take care of it.

On Explorer 8 – XP professional I get an error in mshtml.dll and explore crash. Do you know why or how to resolve the issue?

thanks in advance

Hi ramaforest,
I just tested the template on a IE8 (XP Professional) and it’s working fine.

I just googled “ie8 mshtml.dll crash” and it looks like a common issue.

You can try this solution here:


is have some trouble with the contact.php / send_email.php the mail sending also when mail adress not valid or @ not typed and the error message shown every time by sending – but the mail arrives me. here a link to it: can u help me please?

best regards

Hi dufink,
for what I can tell, the contact form is working fine.

I see that you changed the message returned by the server from “email sent” to “E-Mail erfolgreich gesendet”.

All you need to do is:
-open up the js/functions.js file
-replace line 505:
if( /email sent/.test(results) ){
-with this:
if( /erfolgreich gesendet/.test(results) ){

Let us know if this worked for you,

Thanks, it works fine! :o)

hello again :o)

is it possible to edit the content-slider to slide from last item to first with one step to right (same es one till last), not left to 3 -> 2 -> 1 ?

for example 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> (one step to right) 1 … not 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> ( fast slide left 3 -> 2 -> 1) 1 …

best regards

Hi dufink,
I know what you mean, but that is how the slider was designed.

Changing that would require re-writing part of the code.

You can hirie a freelancer for that, or try using one of the many free sliders available on the internet.


The preview doesn’t work! :( Can you repair it? Please! :D


Hi JakubSteplowski,
sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m well aware of that and I’ve already contacted my host.

If the situation won’t evolve soon, I’ll set up a temporary demo page.

Please, repair the preview! I need a theme, and I want to see this!


Hi Jakub,
the theme preview is now available.

Thanks for your patience.

I have the HTML version—do you have an update to fix the twitter feed please???

hey guys,

today i’ve seen a little bug in contactform. in iexplorer the captcha doesn’t validate, also by correct input. any ideas why this don’t work in IE?


Looks nice! Keep it up;

Many thanks : )