Kowloon - A Responsive Modern Coming Soon Template

Kowloon - A Responsive Modern Coming Soon Template - Under Construction Specialty Pages

Kowloon is a responsive coming soon template of clean and modern design. It allows you to use color, image or video as background and features CSS3 animations and transitions.

Video background in the live preview may pause due to buffering.

Due to Twitter’s API changes, the Tweet! plugin used in the previous versions of this template has stopped working since 2013-06-11. As as result, we are not able to provide the Twitter feed functionality in the latest version of this template. Please visit the Tweet! website for more details.

Key Features

  • Clean and modern design with nice typography
  • Responsive layouts
  • 3 different background options (color / multiple images / video)
  • CSS3 animations and transitions
  • 5 predefined color schemes
  • HTML5 form validation
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Easy customization
  • IE8/9 support (without animations or transitions but with video background)


  • For smartphones whose display is relatively small, image background will be disabled to save bandwidth.
  • Since iOS devices does not support autoplay of videos, video background will be disabled in these devices.
  • Background images / video in the live preview are not included in the package.


  • 2013-06-15: Removed the twitter feed functionality due to Twitter’s API changes
  • 2013-05-23: Tips and comments in the documentation and the relavant javascript file on how to properly specify the countdown date.
  • 2013-05-13: Minor bug fixes on displaying countdown date
  • 2013-04-11: Initial Release

Color / Image / Video Background