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WoW! I love the simplicity and beauty of this design.

Many Thanks! :)

a great template, is this going to feature woo commerce in the future? for places that need a to go menu or order online? thanks great theme

Thanks, Yes we have future plans to creating the compatibility with woo commerce.

Integration with WooCommerce already in progress. Please let us your contact and we will inform you as soon we will make update. skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com

Great theme, how does the reservation form works? Is it a third party plugin? can we block days & time of the day?

A pricing plan page would be appreciated & welcome. Will buy soon once get few q’s answered.


Thanks for comment! Reservation form now have only basic functions without blocking days and time, form admin side. But we will add this features in next updates.

hello, I wanted to know the possibility ‘of integration with woocommerce

Hello, we have this feature in the plans for future updates.

Integration with WooCommerce already in progress. Please let us your contact and we will inform you as soon we will make update. skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com

Really want to buy it but I need it with an Online ordering system, I know you said you have this in your future updates but can you give us a idea when this will happen (1month? 2Month? Half a year?...) Great work anyway

Hello yaboseyo. Online ordering system – you mean WooCommerce integration or booking system? please send us message with description what you need exactly and we will estimate time needed.

skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com

I am also ready to purchase this theme (lots of copies of it). I need an online ordering system- woo commerce is good (something with a stylish cart like the bottom of http://demo.zuppler.com/order-online/#!_ could be nice)

I like the layout of the theme and stylish aspects- If there is a way to order food then you have the perfect theme for me

Integration with WooCommerce already in progress. Please let us your contact and we will inform you as soon we will make update. skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com

I just uploaded this theme, but have no idea how to make it look like the demo.

I can’t find the documentation


When you download files of KoyoRest WP, you will see a follow folders:

-help koyorest (it’s a help documentation, please open index.htm inside folder, and you’ll can find here how to install theme, create home page, menu, how to work with shortcodes, etc.).

-sample data (here the files you can import to your WP, you can choose one page or multi page sample data, after importing one of file you will have the same structure and content like in one of our live preview demo).

- and also in your files you can find theme for WP and Licensing.

We also offer an additional support for free by mail skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com, if you will have problems or questions please mail us.


is the template responsive puting video shorcodes?

Hello Mouvy, It’s possible to insert videos in theme, for example using youtube, vimeo embeds.

In your Menu page there are 4 food menus added. I’m wondering if I need to add 8 menus & their price list how that page going to accomodate all 8 menus. Please explain or add upto 8 menus in your demo to display. Very keen buyer.


On Koyorest Theme we use the Masonry script. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available space, it means that no matter how many menu items was added it will look always perfectly. Also Koyorest have a possibility to adding own gallery for every menu item, due this feature, masonry have more power for balance the position of elements.

Here is how looks the admin panel of menu items: Screen One, Screen Two

i have the same question about your beautiful theme ,im building a woocommerce shop ,with the default/very basic woocommerce features,can you tell me if by any chance the update will be ready in 1-1.5 week from today?

and if not what will actually happen,if i activate your theme as it is now on a woocommerce site , will the shop functionality will be dameged or just the woocommerce elements design will be missing ?

Hello Sigfont, Thank you. Yes update should be ready soon, in 1 week approximately. We will inform you as soon we will have it done. Theme for now doesn’t have WooCommerce integration so will not demage, just not react.

1 week, excellent! great news:)

New version with WooCommerce Integration is ready.

Hello, to upgrade to woocommerce think you make it to the weekend? I have to give a definitive answer, but I have to be sure you do not walk more ‘time. thanks

Hello, it’s difficult to say exactly time and day when upgrade will be here. We will try to finish it asap and before weekend but, after we upload an update here, staff should accept this and we can’t know when staff ‘ll accept it, in one day… or few days, or more…

Please let us your contact and we will inform you as soon we will make update. skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com


Hi, i have 2 questions: - Is it possible to change the main (6) colors to a custom color? - Are Google fonts available?

Kind regards, Nanda


Main colors are in svg files, it needed to retina ready function, to change it you need to work with vector files, but if you tell us color you need we will add it to our next update :)

Google fonts not available yet, but work of this function is in progress.

Best Regards.


i will use this item in different sector. May i put the the reservation module?

Good luck with sales.


Koyorest is ready to use with different modules, but probably it will need some styling changes for compatible view of all.

Thank you!

Hey Guys, great template. I just installed and have one issue. The menu items do not get the “isotope-item” class, so the whole design is messed up! It works in your demo, but unfortuantely not with the imported sample data in a clean install. Any ideas?

Thanks Sascha

Hello, probably you choose wrong page template. Can you describe your issue and send via mail to skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com Metaboxes are not loaded by WP importer.

You were right! Template for “Home” was not set to template “Mansonry”. I missed that cause it was not set when importing the sample data. Thanks for the quick answer!

Hi there,

Can you please add AE3314 this colour to your next theme update? The only thing now stopping me buy this theme is this colour due to customer’s logo is made using this primary colour.

Secondly can we use custom backgrounds & what type of icons being used in this theme? Can we use custom icons too?

Many thanks

1)Yes we’ll add this color to next update.
2) Yes you can use custom backgrounds.
Icons we use it’s fontello, you can choose icons from our collection or we can intagrate another for additional fee.
Thank you.

Hi. We’d like to use your theme on a website for a Bed&breakfast but we want to use a different booking plugin . We want to know if it’s possible to disable the booking widget included in your theme? thanks

Hello, yes just not insert shortcode with booking form, and it’s will be disabled. Thank you for interesting in our theme! For more info send us mail on skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com

ETA on WooCommerce Integration? Will you have layout pages for the shopping cart that look similar to the look & feel of the site?

Your theme is beautiful!!

Hello onekubed, We are currently working on WooCommerce Integration. Soon will be ready. Yes all shopping layouts will be in the same style as whole project. Thank you for interesting in our theme!

New version with WooCommerce Integration is ready.

Hi there,

I would like to purchase this template, but i have one concern. When it changes to a mobile view/layout if i view it on a mobile device or scale a browserwindow down, some text will fall out of the box example here http://www.pasundan.nl/menu/example.jpg and here http://www.pasundan.nl/menu/example2.jpg Is this just because of the fixed box sizes? and can this be solved by using a bigger box or change a bit of css styling ?


Heelo ingo85, This small problem is caused by fixed box sizes and scroll bar. We are working right now on changing it. Thank you for interesting in our theme.


I bought today this template, but I have a problem with the font. Does not display properly Polish characters. I checked on Google Fonts and this font support my national characters.

Please help me.

Hello, we will check this issue. Can you send as mail.

Are there full width content pages? The tiny boxes seem a bit complicated for longer text. Also can the menu lists be wider or are you stuck using those very thin boxes? Most menus have items with long names and descriptions so it doesnt work for me like this.

Please let me know quickly.

Hello, Yes there are full width content pages. For now we just have this menu lists. Maybe we will make additionals for next update.