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Hi there Is your theme compatible with WordPress SEO by Yoast?


We dont know some special requirements for WordPress SEO by Yoast, so probably should be not a problem.

is this one like a normal wordpress theme? can i make pages etc. pages with sidebar, ... do u have a demopage on this?

Yes, normal blog pages are exists: for example http://demo.skygothemes.com/koyorest/blog/

Hi there,

I used the demo data to copy your demo site all seems fine apart from following information I can not find:

1: Despite inserting my own Footer Map Url I I do not see any map in the footer area front side.

2: In Sub Page Contact there is a short code for map which appears like this [map] but where do I add my own map location/url as when this code is used your demo site map appears which shows New York address.

3: In home page one of the image box short code does not show image on the front home page.

Please advise & assist.

Many thanks

Thanks, have sent an email from your TF profile page.

Regarding 3. images were imported/uploaded fine, ID also exist but still image does not appear on front. Pls advise. Thanks

Can you show your site? It’s will be easier if we can look.

i know youre doing your best ,so i guess the update wont be ready in this weekend :( ...?

It’s almost ready, but problem that we can’t assess time of submition on ThemeForest.

Is there a help file for this theme

that is done but it loaded then switches to another page thank you for your prompt replies

also did you choose main tab in onepage template?

re installed only one page still the same sent email to you

Hi, just wanted to let you know, for the func_block_3 function, when calling the title. You are missing the $atts [‘title’] , instead you have [‘title’]

So when using the SC block_3, and try to name it, you will always get Title’ and not the name the user wants to use

Love the theme!

Thanx you, we will fix this small bug and update for next upload.

hi good morning sent you an email:)

Thanx. Please check your inbox :)

Hello, I have to decide what to do, if you tell me that the theme for this week is published with the update delay the choice I make, I have to give the answers, and I like your theme

Hello. Thank you. We will have update for wednesday. But we can’t garantee that ThemeForest will accept it immidiatly.

ok, my email did you wait for the update. thank you again.

Yuo was sending mail from Themeforest we response but for some reason it’s not showing your mail address in forward..so it was send to TH.. Can you send you mail address?

Hi there, have just sent an email with my site access details. All previous was sorted, just need your help with Price elements.

Awaiting for your reply.


Hi there, still waiting for an update, have resent the email again with access credential to my site.

Many thanks

Hi, we are woking on your problem. Please be pacient. We will contact you as soon as possible. We find already the issue with “Men’s Treatment” price element. Will contact you soon via mail.

Thank you:)

Do you have any support for translations?

Thank you for quick reply, you should add this information to your site also!

I’m sorry, but I found that theme’s .po files are not all translation ready. Please, can you update your themes .po files?

We send you an email with some question. Please check it.

I can see the box and title “New Menu Breakfast” in my homepage, but content is empty. So I can’t see the “menu list” (Mixed Basked 10$, Two eggs soft boiled 8$...). Everything else (expect translations which I posted earlyer) works fine.

I got this working! It was not working because of my own settings.

Ok, if something let us know.

any news on update and can you answer my question on how to adjust ties on reservation box

times not ties

We send you an email.

Upgrades news: We need to introduce some small optimizations before an upgrade of KoyoRest Theme will be ready on Themeforest. We work on it really hard and we aim at completing the update till the middle of next week. We are sorry for the delay, but we want to provide you with best quality of product and we are doing everything we can to achieve this goal.

King Regards, Skygothemes


can you help me get of the huge grey part on the middle of my webpage


Hello, you just need to restructure blocks. It’s Masonry script, it will locate them.

Hi, I really like the theme and could use it for my little artisan shop. Just want to ask if in the MENU section, I could just add photos of my food WITH A DESCRIPTION? Because on the live preview it is more like a gallery and when you click it, it just shows the photo.

Thank you for your time!

Hello, Look here http://demo.skygothemes.com/koyorest/#menu-cart You can add menu with items inside(name, price, description) also main photo for current menu and additional photos for menu.

Hi again, but it still looks like a gallery. Can it be just like a normal menu with just picture and description? Coz when I click on the image it opens up for a larger image. Thanks!

Hello. I’m sorry but i probably don’t quite understand what means “looks like a gallery”, if you talking about images – it’s easy, you can turn off them. Thank you.


Where do I change the main title font? I don´t like the font and it doesn´t support Swedish characters, take a look: http://smartklart.se/w400/blog/

(Räksmörgås = Prawn sandwich) :)

I also have another problem, the “ribbon” doesn´t show up, only the icons.



Please contact us via mail skygothemes[at]gmail.com for the support.

King Regards, Skygothemes

Hi there, I’m really interested in buying these theme. Can we just load our own logo from the admin panel? Looking forward for the answer Thanks Lonce

Hello Lonce, yes you can upload your own logo from admin panel in easy way. We also have our own settings panel where you can define size of logo and do much more with look of template (for example: change color scheme, add your own additional css, etc.)

King Regards. Skygothemes.

Hi, Can i make this website bilingual (English + Arabic). Remember Arabic language start right to left. (RTL). My clients want this to be bilingual. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi, Our developer team is working now on solution for this kind of modification. Please contact us via mail and we’ll inform you about our progress. Thank you.

on the footer i replace the clients google map location and it is fine. but on the contact page its showing the default map. is there something i am missing.. here is the link.. http://munchmaleh.com/contact

Please send us on mail your contact. skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com

We strongly encourage send all tech issues just on mail because from themeforest panel we can’t send you data’s and it’s hard to follow conversation when some messages are here and some on mail. Thank you. It’s make our work much faster and efficient.

Hello just looking at the shortcode for “blog” where you can select a category but it doesn’t give the ability to choose if the results are Ascending or Descending, is this something that I can do and I’m missing a trick or is this functionality not possible? Thanks Dave


There is the simple solution how to use it, please send us mail with your purchase code and we’ll support you with more details.

Thank you

Hello just looking at the shortcode for “blog” where you can select a category but it doesn’t give the ability to choose if the results are Ascending or Descending, is this something that I can do and I’m missing a trick or is this functionality not possible? Also we need to add a new colour, is it possible to get hold of the original .psd or .ai so I can re-create the .png files? Thanks Dave

We have a few predefined colors. You can edit css and .svg files to make new one or we can make it for you as additinal service. Please send us mail skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you all details.