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I always wait to see all the bugs & functionalities of the theme before I rate any theme. I have rated them 5 stars based on design quality & excellent support from these guys. They followup their emails & respond back in acceptable time frame.

Thank you a lot for help with bug issues and your recommendations!


Love the theme, can you provide me the shortcodes to create a button?


I also found another problem with the theme, if I use the shortcodes:

[block_3 title=”WANT TO VOLUNTEER” height=”2” header=”v” icon=”icon-megaphone”] We welcome volunteers who are willing to work in various roles. [/block_3]

The title gets display as “title” INSTEAD OF “Want to Volunteer”.

In regard to the number of blocks I can create, is it possible to do bigger than [block_3]?

Hello please send us mail skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you more info about it.

Hi there,

We love this theme and would like to buy it but we have a few questions before purchase.

1. In the home page, can we replace square images with blog posts (titles, image, excerpt)? 2. In firefox we found a bug with the Events slider in home page. We clicked Read More which opened the lightbox. After closing the lightbox, the slider looks awkward with the first slide hiding on the left and the second slide appearing on the right – see the screenshot here: [img]http://i58.tinypic.com/o7vip4.jpg[/img]



1. Blog post are exists. Did you see page http://demo.myhost.com/koyorest/#blog ?

2. About this issue we will send it to our development team.

Please send us your contact and we will contact you.

we know the blog functionality is there, but being able to display blog posts in the home page would be great, is this possible?

[blog] shortcode, just put it on home page

hi, i am using wpppiza plugin, but i cant see the widget option from wppizza. there should be some widgets but they dont appear in appearance -> widgets. how can i enable custom widgets ? thanks

Hello Are widget sidebars are enabled? Standart widgets are working?

Please send us mail skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you more info about it.

how to change map on contact us page? there is just shortcode [map]. but where to add position ?

Hello please send us mail skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you more info about it.

hello, I sent several emails but have not had any response. thanks

Hello, sorry we find you mail and send answer.

My logo is a circle and needs to be taller than the space in the demo header for the logo. Will the theme stretch to allow a taller logo?

Hello, you can change logo size in theme options. Please look for theme help.

I just added the logo in but on mobile it isn’t centered. Here is the link. http://tinyurl.com/mkzr2w3

Did you try KoyoRest Options to change the size of logo? Please write as a mail skygothemes[at]gmail[dot]com

any rtl support? (i need for hebrew language) thanks :)

We are taking to consideration this functionality. Our development team will work on this issue.

Dear customers, We provide a new solution for support our products. It’s ticket system integrated with Envato. This system will give us possibility answer your questions faster and more efficiently.

*If you are customer, new tickets should be provided with Envato Purchase Code.


Thank you!

For some unknown reasons the ticksy.com servers are down. Please use mail for now. Hope servers will be up soon.


i seem to be missing both the Slider and Booking plugins. Should these have been included in the download ?


Hello, no it’s not missing. Please use our ticket system to solve your issue. http://skygothemes.ticksy.com/

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have made a ticket but for some reason I can’t open the reply :/ I just get a spinning circle, I’ve tried on different browsers and devices. Could you PM me the message through ThemeForest.net ?

Hello, Unfortunately we can’t send you message via ThemeForest.net So please send us message skygothemes [at] gmail [dot] com

And with ticket system try to clean cache in your browser, maybe it’s will help.

Hello we are thinking about purchasing this theme…. Do you offer customized services offline for this theme? For example: Removal of icons and ribbons Add banner space above menu

Other questions: 1) Can I link the boxed photos to another page, instead of having them pop up in a display window 2) Does this theme allow you to have a drop down menu? 3) Timing: Can we define different transition times for displays on the home page 4) Youtube: Can we apply a video to one of the home page boxes 5) Social Media links: What plugin do you recommend for this theme? 6) Loading Time: Can the loading option be removed?

Hello, Thank you for interesting in our theme. Yes we offer customizing for additional fee.

1. For now no, but we will consider this option for next update.

2. Did you mean navigation menu? If yes, we support 2 levels of submenu.

3. It’s possible by changing CSS file for isotope script.

4. Yes, look in demo http://demo.skygothemes.com/koyorest/#about-us

5. We doesn’t have any preferences. Also you can use build-in shortcodes to make social icons. http://demo.skygothemes.com/koyorest/#contact

6. Yes, preloader is optional function. You can disabled it, but it’s recommended for OnePage sites with a lot of content.

Kind Regards

I am a Korean. Korean characters are broken off setting. I’m going to set in Korean. What should I do? Please

Hello, We are working now on Google Fonts Update so soon all characters from Google Fonts will be available.

its a way when somebody click on the picture it will redirect to a new page ? or when somebody click on the picture will be dropdown with price ?

Hello, we can make a change for you. Please send us mail or make ticket in our support system http://skygothemes.ticksy.com/

Hi guys, very nice template.

Is it possible to make and have a ‘Facebook-block’ similar like the ‘follow-us-block’ and ‘youtube-block’ ?


Hello, Yes it’s possible. Please take a look our demo page http://demo.skygothemes.com/koyorest/#about-us


Can we use this theme for magazine or news with lots of videos?

Hello, sure. As you can see videos can be easily added http://demo.skygothemes.com/koyorest/#about-us

In case of big account of videos we encourage to use multi page template than one page, because of matter of page size.

If you have some more questions please make a ticket http://skygothemes.ticksy.com/

Thank you for interesting in our theme.

Hi can you help me, the color line dont show at the site, and the map too.



Hello Roger, Please take a look a support system, http://skygothemes.ticksy.com/ We update your ticket. Thank you!

In this theme do you have ” Guide Document “and sample site … so we can understand better?

Yes Help files is avaliable and Sample data also which you can import easily.

can i see your guide file? they all say wonderful support and guide but sometimes i dont understand anything ( they make a guide for programmers like them, not helpful at all, than we cant refund the theme easily )

Please make a ticket in our support system http://skygothemes.ticksy.com/ Thank you.

hello i would like the change font style how can i change font style thank you.

We send you an aswer in our support system http://skygothemes.ticksy.com/

Hi, have you plan to make it compatible with woocommerce?



It’s an update and it will be here for end of this week or beginning of next.

Best Regards.

New version with WooCommerce Integration is ready.

I bought the KOYOREST theme. I want to set up the demo site like by this theme, but I don’t know how to do. Do you have the manual of the KOYOREST theme??

Hello, When you download files of KoyoRest WP theme, you will see a follow folders:

-help_koyorest (it’s a help documentation, please open index.htm inside folder, and you’ll can find here how to install theme, create home page, menu, how to work with shortcodes, etc.)

-sample_data (here the files you can import to your WP, you can choose one page or multi page sample data, after importing one of file you will have the same structure and content like in one of our live preview demo)

and also in your files you can find theme for WP and Licensing

I want to receive your help_koyorest files because the index.html file has no contents..

index.html file from help_koyorest folder has content. Please try re-download or re-unpack files.