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I’m literally waiting to click Purchase. I’m about to go out for dinner, so whilst I am out, I have a question. I noticed that elements on some (if not all) pages don’t appear until you scroll down to them; can we disable this so that all elements show by default? How hard would this be?



Great to hear. I should be fine doing it on my own as I know JS, HTML and CSS.

Will be clicking that special button in a few moments. Thanks for making this great theme – we need more like it; and I can’t believe it only has 3 sales. :O

Will let you know when I purchase it. :) Cheers!


Perfecto. Thanks!


No probs! Let us know if you need anything! Maybe it just needs a bit o time to catch some sales – only time will tell :)

DAMN IT. I’m going to have to scrap all of my hard work on my portfolio website using Spruce and roll with this. This is so solid it’s retarded. Job well done.



Hahaha #firstworldproblems ;)

Appreciate it!

b3no Purchased

Do you gents have an xml file for this theme?


Hey B3No, it does. We added the download link to this support article. Cheers!

This looks amazing!

Now to find a use for it so I can purchase.

Great work.


Haha go for it :)

Fantastic! Good luck with sales.

Kind Regards,


Cheers mate! You’re always so kind :)

beautiful design.. good luck!


Appreciate it mate!

Pure inspiration, really great composition. Well done, I wish you good luck with your sales! Continue on this road!


Cheers ThemeBull. Hoping to see some of your work up on here soon ;)

Looking perfect ;)


Thanks mate! Lookin’ pretty good yourself ;)

Awesome work ThemeBeans. Really like your style, keep on! ;)


Appreciate it! Love that yellow branding btw :)

Beautiful theme. I’m thinking about purchasing, and I have a couple questions before I do.

1. Is Krative compatible with the Google Fonts plugin? (http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-fonts/)

2. I want a clean, white background. I’m assuming that if I change the top header in the blog format to be white, then I’ll have the option to also change the color of menu’s font (so it doesn’t disappear into the white header)?

3. Is is possible to remove the secondary menu line as depicted in the blog format? (In the demo it’s the thin, dark grey line below main header.)



Awesome – here’s some answers for you :)

1. Yes it works but that plugin is a bit wonky – pulling a lot of 3.6 errors and such which distort it’s views – but ultimately still works.

2. You would have to change the menu color via the Custom CSS Input or through the use of the included child theme (so that your changes stay even when there’s theme updates). But the header background color switcher is in the Theme Customizer.

3. Yep, that’s a checkbox away (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Qytv)

Cheers, Rich


Brilliant! Thanks for your swift reply.

1. Good to know about the plugin, thanks.

2. I know my way around CSS a little bit. After I purchase the theme, would you be able to share the CSS code I can then insert in the custom css section for menu color?



Yep, just hit us up at the Bean Support Center and we’ll guide you there. Definitely an easy task. :)

Niiice! Is the footer widgetized? It’d be nice to have 3 or 4 columns available at the bottom for things like a Twitter feed, newsletter subscriptions, etc.


Hey there – glad you like it! No not at the moment tho that wouldn’t be a real difficult task for a dev to add in. :)

Oh, putting the Twitter widget on the home template will display it widescreen – similar to the testimonial widget layout :)

Hu Guys,

Love your themes! Before I purchase some questions:

1. Can I have unlimited sliders? 2. can I replace the linkable button in the slider with a logo 3. can i move this logo button’ to a different spot in the slide (towards center) 4. Can I hide the navigation from the home page? so just the slide and the one logo’d button shows 5. can the slider be randomized to change the order of slides upon page load.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks Paul – really do appreciate the kudos :)

1. Yep

2. You can add whatever you need to the sliders (text, headers, images, video embedds (tested YouTube and Vimeo) and shortcode buttons. It’s basically a WP Text editor – just like if you were building out a page or post in WordPress.

3. If it’s in the slide, then yup, per the same response as #2 here.

4. You could add a CSS snippet to the included child theme or Custom CSS Input to hide it (#header-container .main-menu {display: none;}

5. Yup it sure can – there’s a couple other options you can do to the slider as well (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/QzeZ )

Hope this clears it up! Cheers!



Perfect! May need your help w #4 :) Buying tonight or tomorrow.


Gotcha :)

zobi2 Purchased

Awesome theme! How do I go about changing the label of the hidden sidebar menu from “Menu”?

Also, do you plan on adding more shortcodes/features in the future. As great as the theme is, its a little restrictive with flexibility of design.


Hey, you change the text from the Theme Customizer in the Navigation setting (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/QyeT)

How do you find it restrictive? I think otherwise indeed.

Shortcodes are added in via the Bean Shortcodes Plugin. We do have some updates in mind but I would love to get your ideas/feedback.


Cheers! Rich

I am just blown away! GJ


Awh thanks Anps! Means a good bit to us – especially coming from an Elite!

Beautiful theme! Buying this tomorrow Rich!

Quick question: Where do you find your image assets from?


Thanks – & good deal :)

Typically from all over – grab some from Photodune, others from Shutterstock, and a couple from various artists around the web with their permission.


Thanks Rich!

Just bought it and love it! :D



Goddamn this is sexy. Definitely rebuilding our site with this.

tbrownie Purchased

Okay so I bought it. I can’t seem to find the demo content file? Thanks in advance.


Awesome! You can download it from this article here.

Cheers! Rich

Hi, I really love your theme. I have a couple of questions,

1- I didn’t see in the demo the portfolio arranged as masonry grid with left sidebar (like the feature image under “pixels to programming” in the slider image on the home page). Can you send me a link so I can see how that looks and how it navigates?

2- Can I turn of the sticky menu so that it disappears as you are scrolling down the screen?

3- How wide should my background images be if I want to set custom backgrounds for different page areas?

Thanks and sorry for my lack of knowledge…


Hey there :)

1. That screenshot is of our other theme Snazzy – used as a placeholder image in the Krative home slider.

2. Yup you sure can via the Theme Customizer (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/QznH)

3. Are you referring to the header slide backgrounds here? If so, we’ve been using 1280px wide images – but ultimately the images are expanded the width of the screen. You can also upload patterns and set a repeating (horizontal, vertical, both) state for it.

It’s all good – we all start somewhere! Cheers!



Thanks… also can the slider fade to another, instead of the sliding motion in the demo?


Yup it sure can. Screenshot: http://thmbns.co/R6qU

Way to handle a little criticism guys.


If you wish to comment on the theme please do – otherwise contact us through our profile here and we’ll get in touch. Thanks!


Hi, Is it possible to add a big foto on the frontpage?


Hey Ctellefsen – what exactly are you thinkin’ of?


I would like to add a big graphic foto under the slider.


If you use the text widget you could insert an img there, in the Home Section One widget area.

Aaaah I can’t believe it – this theme is incredible, exactly what I wanted 2 months ago. Replica of Squarespace and I love it! But, now I’ve finished my site!!! :( crying inside. NEED A USE FOR THIS SITE to buy it!


I wouldn’t say it’s a replica of Squarespace – though it shares some similar functionality on the home page. Haha you’ll find something to use it on I’m sure ;)



No – I looooooove squarespace!