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Rich is is possible to slow down the speed of the slider transition?

Yup it sure is. There’s a couple other options too, transition speed, animation speed, animation style (fade or slide). Here’s a screenshot:

theme is great! enjoy how open the slider is and generally how malleable the theme is.

is the google map on the contact page a plugin or part of the theme? (

Hey Buzzguy – it’s actually a part of the theme. Head to the Theme Customizer under Contact Template, and you can add the iFrame in there. You can alternatively add in an image as well – if you prefer.


How do I change the fields on the contact form?

Hey Zobi2, you can edit the page-contact.php form via the files or add it to the child theme and edit it there.

I just discovered your themes – I’m liking in a major way what I see :)

You themes would be over the top with the added ability of selling online – Artists, photographers and agencies – they all want it I’ll bet.

Feature request – Woocommerce integration please!

Haha thanks Kaga – we’re interested in WooCommerce as well :)

Feature request: – Woocommerce integration please! – Layerslider support – Boxed version

Thanks for your feedback @d4d. I’m not sure if some of those requests are in the scope of the theme – but we’ll look into it! :)

Hi, Is there a user forum? thanks!

Hey there! We run support through the Bean Support Center via an email based support system. We’re finding this is the most effective and fastest way to help people out. Cheers!

@kaga @d4b, how would you see the use of Woocommerce on this theme? Would you sell service packages?

@mhwd, there is no support forum, but you can submit an issue at the ThemeBeans knowledge base available here:

Appreciate the help FWP :)

@IamShipon1988, I really appreciate forum conversations. what experience do you have with their response time? Newbie here who will need support!

We work hard to respond ASAP – which is usually within 24 hours at most (sometimes on weekends).

I see the theme has a portfolio carousel, does it also have one for the blog?



Hey @manofmagic – yup it does: screenshot: :)

Thanks for the quick reply!

Does it have a shortcode for testimonials? I see it has a slider, but is it possible to list them out on a page?

Also, I am using an Android Phone. The menu is acting strange. When I scroll, the menu turns black (All the items disappear). I can’t see where I am scrolling. Once I remove my finger from the screen, the menu reappears. Can this be fixed?



Hey @manofmagic – we’ll look into it more (sidebar Android) but I’m having trouble reproducing it. Do you mind sending a screenshot with your Android device/os info to rich@themebeans(dot)com?

The testimonials is a widget, not a shortcode. You can select to display that widget globally if you’d like though – where we have the Call to Action widget at in the live demo.

LOVE THE THEME!!!! Great work guys. I’m becoming a big fan of your themes.

Question, I purchase the Words theme a while back and noticed it had the option to upload a custom header image, is there any way I could code this into the “Krative Theme” I’d love to have this custom functionality….

Thank you!

Hey Phillip, Thanks!

It’s possible if you find the right parts in Words (Spruce does it too) and input it in the correct files. The important parts in Words are from meta-general.php (where the actual uploader is) – then you would take that variable and insert in the same fashion as the bean_custom_styles function at the bottom of theme-functions.php in Krative. The logic is in place, it just has to be accurately added in :)

Hello ! I would like to know if your theme, or your shortcodes plugin, include a pricing table ? & if not do you know a good solution to make it ?

Ah got it. Add that same class to the “a” on line 72 of header.php. That’ll do the trick.


It works perfectly ! Thanks a lot !


@pigapiga I can confirm it doesn’t, but I would also like one of my own, hopefully beany crew will build one as they are very useful, in the meantime here are some links for you…

Thanks for the help Rich!

Welcome :-) Any plans to do a global pricing plugin Rich?, could be a really useful one for a lot of people.

We have started working on an improved shortcodes plugin with additional shortcodes in different plugins (like Pricing Tables). :)

Nice Theme waiting for the Pricing Table for sure need that can’t wait I don’t know if this is possible to get alert if this functionality is added.

Thanks F

Before I Purchase Please can you Answer these Questions.

Q1 – On the Home page I don’t want to show the following things “What We Have Been Working On” , “Let’s Work Together” , “What People Are Saying” ,

Q2 – Decrease the Footer Size

I want Cut down the website Height over all by removing few elements. Please let me know asap.

thanks Faisal

It’ll probably be about 30 days till we’re ready to release the Pricing Table plugin. There’s a couple of well done plugins out there for that – but here’s some answers for the other questions for you:

1. The home page is pretty customizable and totally re-arrangable (see example) where you can add whichever widget sections (up to 5) to your home template). On that example I’ve just added a couple of elements (3 sections) but you can have less if you’d like even.

2. In style.css on line 2886 you can adjust the padding of the #footer-container ID (which is currently at 120px). Alternatively, you can adjust this via the included child theme – so your changes wont get overwritten when a update is published.

When installing your recommended plugins I had the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::bulk_header() in D:\My Documents\xampp\htdocs\agency\wp-content\themes\wcba\lib\plugins\class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1659

Glad that worked! :)

We’re using an extremely customized version of Zurb Foundation 3 grid. I didn’t like 4 enough to warrant a framework switch, but Zurb is pretty good itself.

Cheers, Rich

Rich…I cannot not tell you how happy you just made me! Thing is our current site is made on Foundation and as a result they featured us on their website

I have been searching for a theme that I really felt was a good fit for our new branding and yours was it. I thought I would have to take the bullet and loose the link from Zurb OR adapt the theme I choose to Zurb.

Long story short you are even more awesome :) Thanks Rich

Haha awesome – yea I’ve really taken a liking to Zurb over the other popular responsive frameworks. Its simple, intuitive & pretty easy to customize.

Loving all the positive comments and everyone is right total fab theme, I’m really enjoying using it and can’t wait for more delightful goodies from themebeans!

Thanks Rich – really do appreciate this. There’s lots more we’re working on ;)

Anything I can do to help just shout me, said I would and I will :-)

Is your demo broken?

We’ve been getting lots of traffic spikes which are overloading our servers at times but it should catch up in a sec – if it hasn’t already (loading alright for me).

Greetings! Do all the slides get loaded upfront at initial load/visit? or they they get streamed upon request or timer?

Would be a big load upfront if it is uprofront… would like it configurable (like ajax)... please advice. Thanks

Hey Team-d. All the slides are preloaded (using Flex-Slider here). It doesn’t affect the performance of the site unless you have a good number of slides – which I would reccomend against as almost every UX study suggests that users only view 2, sometimes 3 slides.

It’s not configurable with the theme by default but it may be possible.

hi ThemeBeans,

This is a great theme and I’m having a great time working on it. I have some questions though.

1. The portfolio gallery (im using stacked images) crops the images I upload itself instead of resizing it to the maximum width of the right column. Is there someway I can change that? Or do i have to do my images accordingly?

2. Is there anyway i can put my own code in and hence my own gallery maybe on the right column? The excerpt is on the right column but it doesn’t detect shortcodes unfortunately.


Hey there, here’s some help for you to get you on track then! :)

1. The image size is set to extend to the highest height your image is uploaded at, with a max width of 640 pixels. This means if you upload a really wide image it will scale the image to fit within the 640px wide zone – but also scale it vertically to keep the proportion. This is the case because of the responsive nature of the theme and the best way to accomplish consistency.

I recommend to upload images at a proportion that you’re happy with so there’s minimal changes. If you would like to modify the function, you’ll find the add_image_size PHP function in lib/functions/theme-setup.php (line 64) as the portfolio-single.

You’ll see that it is set to display at a 640px width with an unlimited height variable.

2. I am working to enable shortcodes on that excerpt area, I’m pretty sure I can get it working soon. There is not a default way to input code in that area really though I have some ideas for future implementation along the lines of the Video Portfolio Post Format embed entry. I think something like that could work if it was shortcode enabled.

Hope this helps! Rich

Thanks Rich,

You’ve been great and your support response time is amazing as I’ve said before. Makes our lives so much easier.


Thanks mate – really made my day. :)


I think Krative is a great theme. I just have one question: when my website loads ( and I scroll down I don’t see the CTA buttons in the let’s work together section. When I scroll further down and then back up it does show the buttons. Is this a loading setting that I can change? So that it always loads these buttons first?

Hey Paco, they seem to be loading fine on my end. If you’d like to adjust the rate in which they trigger (or remove the animation altogether) simply remove the waypoint call in assets/js/custom.js lines 264-267 and remove the ” .js .waypoints .widget_bean_cta .six.columns, ” from style.css line 3827 (or if you’re using your included child theme, add it to your stylesheet with the style of “opacity: 1!important).

Cheers! Rich

Thanks Rich! Great support!

Hi Rich, just wanted to clarify something with you, is the Newsletter subscription widget based on Mailchimp, as was just going to start using it and realised I didn’t know what the ‘Subscribe Code’ field meant, I have generated a mailchimp api key is that the same thing? :-)

Cheers bud Rich

theres the answer: Advanced mode is available only on paid accounts. oh well never mind sorry to bother you on all this

It’s all good :)

I don’t know much about MC as well, just sat down for an afternoon and figured that stuff out – though I’ve had a paid account for a good minute now.

See your email bud :-)