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Pre-purchase question (and probably a dumb one), but can I upload a logo where “KRATIVE” currently resides? or do I have to use text there?

I spent about a week browsing themeforest and just hadn’t found anything that grabs me. Until today. Great work.

Yup you sure can via the Theme Customizer. Here’s a screenshot of that and a couple other branding images you can upload:

Cheers, Rich

Awesome, thanks Rich.

No probs.

I love your theme. But why does your theme not have a pricing table shortcode? Thats a features that is something I was looking for.

There’s quite a few good plugins out there that do the trick here. We’re building our own but it won’t be ready for a week or two.


Nice theme. Question. The checkboxes in Contact Form 7 do not appear in fronted. Please advice!

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, solved.

Hi Rich, I’ve downloaded the theme and I’m almost ready to go. I’ve built a few WP themes in the past but I never understood child themes. I keep reading that’s the way to go if i want to keep any customizations post-updates.

1. Can you tell me how to create/use a child them right from the get-go?

2. Is there anything else I need to know/do going forward in regards to the child theme?


Ok, just so I’m clear…I uploaded the Krative theme .zip into WP. That worked fine. I tried to subsequently upload the child theme .zip but got an error message “Destination folder already exists…Theme install failed.” So is the child theme already installed? And then when I go to make customizations, I just make them to the child theme instead of the parent theme? Sorry for the ignorance. I promise I’m low maintenance once I get going. :) And thanks to Rich below.

figured it out. :)

@jeffprov It’s pretty easy :-) have a read through this…

Thanks Rich!

I bought the theme and I really like it. So far, it’s all good,except the short code is not working. I use the short code [one_third] for my home slider. And I can’ see the short code option on the wysiwyg anyway.. did i miss something? thanks

Hey, awesome – glad you’re liking it! Did you download and install the Bean Shortcodes plugin (free) from here:

yes, I did thanks!

Cheers Sarah!

Hi Rich,

I want to re-style the 404 error page, is there a specific template for it or some dedicated classes so I can change the background colour, and add some additional code and CSS?


No you can still use a functions.php as well.

oh ok, Ill try again threw an error on me and I read somewhere that you couldn’t but maybe that was how it used to be a long time ago :-)

I’ll look into it.

Nice Theme, but is there a reason why you use so many CSS and JS inline?

We are using a couple instances of Flexslider throughout the theme (espeacially on the home page) and pull in the style.css (primary stylesheet), framework.css (responsive framework), and mobile.css (media queries) into the theme. All other JS/CSS are pulled via external plugins.

The header CSS styles are custom styles implemented through the WordPress Theme Customizer and are added in the suggested format that WordPress has recommended.

Hey Rich

Love the theme! Looks so slick. Only problem I’m having is that on my blog page it is loading the whole post of all the entries rather than just showing the excerpt I’ve written and saying ‘read more’.

How can I get the read more to appear?

The page is



Hey Matt! Glad you’re liking the theme! You just need to use the WP More tag: <!-more->


Cheers, Rich

Ah, of course! Thanks for the speedy reply :)

Hi again!

Sorry to be a pain. And this is probably a very simple solution, but on your demo site, the fullwidth template ( has this call-to-action section at the bottom. Is there someway i can get that on a particular page? And is there a way i can use the flex slider on a page too? I know the slider bit is probably asking too much and i can probably use another plugin for it, but just in case there is an option for it.

Thanks guys

You can use it in the same fashion as the CTA, if you wanted. Or do you mean the home slider up top?

Yes, i meant the home slider. I think its meant only for the home page though i think.

Yea that’s only for the home template, but with some coding you could manipulate and pull it to other pages.

Hello, I have a quick pre-purchase question.

At the bottom of each page in the demo you have that section that says “let’s work together”. That’s just a widget area and I could use it to show some banner ads right?

Is there also a way to add an area like that below the menu but above all the content of each page? Maybe by using the “who what where” area of the homepage and making that show up on each page?

I’m looking for a way to have a nice looking area at the top and bottom of each page to easily display some advertising.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hey @kavikalyn, that global widget area basically pulls any of the Home Sections (there’s five) to display globally. So if you had a text widget pulling in ad code via any of those widget areas, you could assign that to display site wide.

You could also add another widget area to lib/widgets/widget.init.php and point the global widget area to pull that instead in content-global-widgets.php pretty easily.

For the second question I’d recommend coding in a small widget area and adding it to the header.php file with a PHP function to state which pages you’d like it on (or all).


Is that hard to do? I don’t know any PHP.

Do you guys to theme customizations at all? I think I’d trust you guys to edit the theme more than hiring some random guy to do it.


Yea I could do something along these lines for you; wouldn’t be too difficult at all. You can email my personal account at rich(at)themebeans(dot)com.


Hello, I love your theme. I’ve purchased it, but I’ve a little question. I want to customize my google maps in my contact page. But I don’t know where to put the Json code in the iframe. Could you help me please? :bashfulcute: I’ve made it with this website :

Thanks, Kimy

I’ve bought a lot of themes and this is..

Best support ever !!! It works, you’re so kind!!

Thanks a lot РJe suis impatiente de voir ton prochain th̬me !!! :smitten:

Awesome Kimy! Thanks!

Pre-Sales question (We need to buy a theme in the next hour or two to begin our project so a speedy reply would be great!)

We really like this theme but it seems totally glitchy on phone and tablet – the default home page shifts and jumps. Why is this and can it be resolved?


Viewing it on a Galaxy Nexus phone, where it appears jumpy. Then on the macbook when I shrink the Chrome window down it is jumpy also.


Are you referring to the slider height changes because of the slide content?

The entire page jumps around. If I am looking at the “Let’s work together” section for example, the page jumps as if I am scrolling up and down.

My logo is horizontal. When I look at the site on my phone, the sidebar menu icon overlaps my logo. Is there a way around this?

Hey Matt,

Do you mind copying your comment and sending it to the Support Team (with your URL as well so we can see it)?

Thanks! Roch

@Cianos as far as I can see it’s the slider that makes the responsive versions jump around, if you scroll down to the bottom and then wait for the animation to change the page jumps around a little -

@themebeans – Rich my slider has the same sized slides on all 3 and still does it, is there an easy fix for this? Nothing major but I can see it now.


Do you mean when the slide resizes because of the height difference?

Yep thats what seems to cause the flicker jump for me, all my slides are the same size in non mobile view, but the first left text aligned slide on the demo in responsive mode seems to be longer and causes the re-size – so subsequently makes the page jump around a little…

Thats because the image expands full width via the responsive attributes and carries the text below it.

@mattvalukis think you need to make your logo smaller or we need a couple of media queries on it to reduce down the size in responsive mode

:-) Any example you could give us re a media query on the logo class at all bud please?

Nevermind! Figured it out!

Although, I have two others.

1) Is there any way to make the splash page responsive so there’s scrolling. Here’s the site:

2) Can you remove the divider line in the (”|”) Title Tags. For some reason, it automatically appears even if you don’t put a “Slogan” in addition to the Page Title.


Hey Airmktg, here’s some answers for you:

1. The Coming Soon template is indeed responsive. It will only need to scroll if the screen is smaller than the viewport. (screenshot:

2. Sure, you can edit that function via line 15 of header.php.

Hope this helps! Rich

Thank you!

No problem :)


Great theme!! One question:

Is there a way to change the background colour of the home page widgets such as the “intro text” or “portfolio” widget? instead of them having just an all white or all gray background?

Hey Kyle, glad you’re liking it!

You can do that via a little CSS, like this here: .section.section-one {background-color: red;}

Just replace the “one” with whichever section number you’re wanting to style, example: .section.section-four

Hope this helps! Oh and I’d supper appreciate if you’d take a second to rate the theme – does wonders for us. Cheers!


Thanks for the quick reply! I gave it a 5 star rating.

Can the CSS use a hex value instead of just “red” “blue” etc?

Yup, I just used red as a reference – any # value will work.

And thanks for that! Honestly appreciate that Kyle. :)


Love the theme, and am thinking of buying soon.

One question before I do bite the bullet – are there different blog themes? For instance a larger post area and smaller widget area? Or perhaps a 1 column blog page?

Glad you like the theme :)

No there is only the current posts layout with post format functionality built in – though that only effects a small portion of the layouts, not columns/full width instances.

Cheers, Rich

I have visited the support page on, read the supporting PDF documentation for Krative, but cannot locate the answer to this question:

Where do I change the color of the links in the header navigation menu?

I want the links in the header navigation gray against a white background. I have attempted to customize the styles in the customization panel, but to no avail. The top-level menu links remain white, which does not work against a white background.

Please advise. Thanks, Rich/ThemeBeans.

Hey mate, that’s just a simple CSS modification that you would need to add to your style.css file, child theme or custom CSS input via the Theme Customizer (CSS modifications are not listed in support documents per the nature of CSS).

This is what it is set at currently on line 539 of style.css : #header-container .main-menu a {color: #FFF;}

Change the color there. If need be, you can add the ”!important” tag to force it.

Cheers, Rich