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Hello Rich, what a beautyfull theme. I didn’t find this question in the comments so here it goes: is there any way of having the “hidden-sidebar” (menu) open at all times? I have experience with theme templates, php etc.. would this change be possible on this theme?

Thanks Petros

Hey Petros, really appreciate that. It is possible, via some CSS/JS modifications to the sidebar – but I personally would not recommend it. I think it would be misleading/confusing to your users.


Thanks Rich, clients sometimes want the weirdest things

True that!

Hi, I already asked about these problems, but never received an answer. The Krative theme doesn’t work properly: 1) 2 columns portfolio isn’t working in the demo. Does it mean it’s a bug? 2) The Krative theme crashes Safari EVERY TIME the demo starts on iPad Safari IOS 7. Does it mean if I use your theme it’s going to crash every time?


Hey Rafael, this is pasted from the support ticket you’ve opened:

Hey Rafael, as I have mentioned before – I am unable to replicate the crashing bug you are experiencing. I’ve had every team member load it on their iPads to confirm. Are you seeing it on my live demo as well – even after you’ve closed the demo bar?

For the columns portfolio, two columns does work but I am not running that specific template on the demo, as the images are set to display with three columns.

Cheers, Rich

Hi, i have a little bug. When i am on my portfolio page sometime when i click a categorie nothing appear or sometime my projets appeared but projets from other categorie appeared too and some rare case i see 2 time the same projet o.o . Its kinda weird. I use Google Chrome.

Thats my website link to the portfolio page:

If u could take a look and help me with that it would be really nice.


Hey Jules, it looks like there could be a JS error pulling from one of your plugins. Do you mind deactivating them one at a time, to see which one helps? Get back to us via the Bean Help Center with this info and we’ll take a look. Thanks!


Loving this theme – just a couple of questions. Maybe just one question. :) I am trying to modify the homepage so that the ‘recent portfolio’ section doesn’t slide in. I have found the template for this (widget-recent-portfolio.php), but modifying the version in the child theme has no impact. If I make the modifications to the file in the parent theme, it works with no problem, but of course I don’t want to make changes to the parent theme. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Leah, did you add the widget in the correct folder within the child theme? Do you mind contacting our team via the Bean Help Center with your comment here? We’ll look into it.

Cheers, Rich

AWESOME theme – superb work!! I’m totally buying today —one Q, apologies if this is obvious:

Can I add to the current 12-item portfolio page (12 project thumbnails)? whether that’s another 6 on same page or a link to “portfolio page 2.”


Yup, it’s currently set to 12 (with the rest infinitely loading by groups of 12 at the moment) but I can point you to where you could touch that up. Just give us a shout via the Bean Help Center. :)


I’m interested in purchasing Krative and would like to know if the area where “who. what. where” can be changed to a single column.


Yup, you could use the text widget :)

Hi Rich,

We’re finding that some of the recent posts on the home page (using the Themebeans widget) aren’t quite as recent as we’d like! Is there a way to change the amount of time that the widget is calling posts from?

I’ve had a look in the widget-recent-posts.php file but couldn’t see a variable to tweak…

Thanks! Ed

Hey Eddie, that widget does not pull any posts without featured images – or image post formats (cause they would output oddly). Are you using the most recent build of the theme/widget?

Hi Rich, thanks for the reply…

Yep, we’re using the latest version. Sorry, I forgot to include the link (

You’ll notice that the Recent Posts widget is pulling a blog post from October… not that recent! Is there a way we can have others pulled from more recently?

Thanks, Ed

Hey Eddie, do you mind contacting us through the Bean Help Center with this info? It’s much faster/accurate than supporting via the comments here.


I’m loving the Krative template but I’ve uploaded more than the default 12 portfolio items, and when the next set fade in as you scroll down the page, it brings in duplicates of the thumbnails already shown above it. I have increased the limit in the content-portfolio which has fixed it for now, but not ideal. Can you release a fix for this please?

Hey Innivo, I’m looking into this for you. Do you mind contacting the Bean Help Center with your comment as well as your PHP version?


For some reason I am getting a white area over the slider towards the menu bar. Any suggestions?

Hey Viking, do you mind contacting the support team via the Bean Help Center? Send us your URL as well so we can take a look and see what’s going on. Thanks!


Hi for some reason, I’m not able to visit the preview. I have tried in both Chrome (Windows 8) & IE (Windows 8)

Hey mate! Sorry, I’ve been pushing some updates to the demo server. Should be all up and running now :)


Firstly, great theme. However, there seems to be a number of problems with the theme in Google Chromem namely all homepage element disappearing after scrolling down the homepage. I have just sent a link via private message of the problems I am having. In IE, Firefox and Opera it seems to be fine.

Hey mate! If I’m following you correctly, I think you’re referring to the way Google fonts is rendering in Chrome’s latest version (a known Chrome bug) -here’s the hack solution until the bug is fixed.

I don’t think that’s relative to disappearing elements (especially if you’ve seen the sections and they vanish) – for which I have not been able to reproduce.

Either way, I’m investigating :)


Hi, before order want to ask about the demo and ordered product. Mostly of the time, when i’m buying template (even with the sample xml), its doesn’t look like in demo and I need to spend a lot of time (and most generally money) to make it look like its on the themeforest demo. So if I will buy this tamplate and import xml (and of course do step by step manual steps) it will look like its looks now in DEMO? Mostly interested in slider part.

Hey there, I do have a demo XML file that is exactly like the demo – but there are no actual images, that you see in the demo. Instead I have gone in and modified all the image assets with placeholder images (blank & grayscale) to demonstrate the image sizes/setup etc, without violating any copyright infringements by providing stock images.

All in all, after you’ve run the XML importer, you’ll see grayed images in lei of actual photos/artwork – but everything else is a direct export of the demo site.

Cheers! Rich

Hey there, Love the theme! I’ve got a questions about the ‘What we have been working on’ section on the homepage. It slides in when you scroll down. But it actually does this quite late. You have to scroll at least halfway down before it shows. Is there a way to change the settings so it slides in sooner when you scroll down? I searched but I can’t find it anywhere in the code.


Hey Paul, there sure is a way to change that. If you look at /krative/assets/js/custom.js (line 245) you’ll see an offset value of 60%, which tells waypoints to run the animation when that div is at the 60% mark of your viewport. You can play around with that value to get the animation to trigger right when you’d like it to.

Cheers! Rich

Hey Rich, Thanks for the quick reply! Exactly what I was looking for :) Paul

Awesome! If you have a sec, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a quick review/rating via your Downloads page for Krative.

Cheers! Rich

Hi there, I have been working with the theme for an hour now and can’t get a background image to place into the slider. In the meta box that says Customize Slider Background, I’m uploading a 1600px wide image. The thumbnail indicates that it’s been placed, but when I hit update, there is no image.

Hey Candace, are you hitting the “Insert into Post” button (screenshot: and then getting this here (screenshot: That should do the trick. Double check to make sure the Link URL is populating (screenshot: – you may need to hit the File URL button there, if it’s not.

If you’re still having trouble, my team at the ThemeBeans Help Center will be more than happy to investigate. :)

Cheers! Rich

Yes, that’s what I was doing. And yes the thumbnail indicated that it was in fact there, but the image never showed up on the front-end. Even after emptying the cache, trying to pull the site up in another browser, etc. I needed to meet a client deadline and have something ready to show them so I ended up having to purchased another theme. I’m talking with Themeforest about getting a credit now – I really hate it didn’t work out and I didn’t have more time to wait on the troubleshooting.

You can indeed write them for a credit, though I’m not sure if that would work as the theme itself does indeed function. I’m not sure what would have caused that with your particular case.

All the best, Rich

The slider does not work for me after installing the theme and all plugins. I reached out to the theme developer, but have not heard any response in the last few days.

Yup. No help whatsoever yet, I received an email saying you would be jumping in to help with the issue, still have not heard back. Come on dude :)

The theme is brilliantly clean, really not sure why there is an issue with the slider showing up. I’m sure you can fix this quickly. Thanks in advance!

Ah, I was able to get in now that the database was connected again. I sent you a reply via the Help Center :)


Hi. Is there a way to speed up loading of the widget plugins? My visitors complain they dont see the content because they open tha page and it the plugin dosent load until they scroll more. Or is there a way to make the widgets load instantly when someone lands on the page.

Hey Mitraxis! You can modify the loading offset variables within assets/js/custom.js near the bottom. For example, line 245 controls the recent portfolio widget on the home page.

Cheers! Rich

I’m getting A LOT of spam through the build-in contact formular – any ideas how to prevent that?

Hey Frederiks, I’m afraid not. Spam bots are only typically stopped via captcha forms and the like. You could use Contact Form 7, and create a contact form using the Quiz Question possibly – to combat it a bit.

Once a spammer get’s a hold of your URL it’s a very frustrating venture to overcome.


“Hey Paul, there sure is a way to change that. If you look at /krative/assets/js/custom.js (line 245) you’ll see an offset value of 60%, which tells waypoints to run the animation when that div is at the 60% mark of your viewport. You can play around with that value to get the animation to trigger right when you’d like it to. Cheers! Rich” Hi this reply sounds like the exact solution to my problem but unfortuantely I can’t find /krative/assets/js/custom.js. I’ve been told by customers visiting my page that they only saw the portfolio slider by coincidence. What is the path I need to klick on in Wordpress to find this? I looked in Appearance-Editor but couldn’t find anything. Thanks for your help advance Kind regards Conrad

Hello! Theme is really beautiful. Thanks for your work. But I’ve got one question, before I buy it: Can I use this theme not for WordPress? I use another CMS and I’d like to adapt it for my site. Thank you!

Rich, I do not ask you to do this. I just want to take your theme for WordPress and adapt it for my CMS by myself. :) Don’t you mind?

Go for it!

Hi, great theme. Before i buy, are there unlimited sidebars i can make to customise the right or left pages sidebars? I want to add different widgets for specific pages. Thanks – Andy

Hey Andy! Most certainly. You can indeed create different widget areas for specific pages/templates/post types. Then simply plug in the different widgets on each one and you’re all set.

Cheers! Rich