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Hi DryThemes

Great site, firstly!

I really want to buy this but im not liking the nav menu, can the colors be changed easily and the font of the nav menu. Could the nav menu be put up around the logo?

Thanks in advance.


yes, you can easily change the colors and the font on the navigation menu. But if you want to put the menu above the logo – you’ll need to make pretty large html/css modification.

the nav menu needs to retract as it obscures the content on the page


Yes. I agree :)

EthanF Purchased

Excellent theme! I just purchased.

Just wondering – What does the cross-browser look like? I’m viewing this on updated Chrome, but how do the other browsers look? Do they appear functional in earlier versions as well?



Thanks for purchasing EthanF,
We tested in all major browsers like IE8 , IE9, Firefox 4, Safari 5, and latest versions of Opera and Chrome – and all works just fine :)
We are glad that you like the template.

like this!


Thanks man. I appreciate that.

Hi DryThemes.

I really love this template is this available as a wordpress theme?


Hello essexgooner2008,
many thanks for purchasing the template.
Contently is not available as WordPress theme. Just as a html/css template.
Enjoy :)

What is the font used for ‘Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis…’ its really cool


Hey thanks :)
It’s a google web font called “Armata”


I have spent the past two days searching for a Wordpress template, that even comes close to the design of your theme and theres is absolutely nothing similar out there! I am certain that i would like to use your template, but i need it to be converted into a Wordpress Theme. Is there anyway you could re-code/re-design it to make it compatible? Do you have a contact number i could take, so i could discuss this further with you?



Hi essexgooner2008 and thanks for purchasing the template,
converting this template in wordpress it’s quite a job. And not that easy too. We will probably convert this Kronos template into wordpress eventually, but not any time soon.
You can follow us via twitter ( http://twitter.com/DryThemes ) for further updates and releases.

Very nice indeed.

A responsive WP-version – and I’m all in ;-)


Thanks man :)
I appreciate that.

What is the best way to code this so it’s SEO friendly? I have a WP theme right now but love this…I use SEO for Yoast plugin…Is there some simple steps to keep my page rank up? Thanks.


Hi wesleysoccer, SEO can be a tricky thing. This is just html template and that wp plugin will certainly not work here. You probably must do SEO manually.

very good work! :)


Thanks louiejie :)
you have great templates. Love it.

First off, truly great work… Simple, very asthetically pleasing and seemingly well written code. I love WP as well, but believe there is still a place for good old fashioned HTML /CSS templates. And nevermind the demands for a responsive version, not everyting HAS to be responsive, it does make things a bit easier sometimes, but this kind of template doesn’t really have the need. Just keep doing what you are doing and be proud of your great work! Buying now.


Thanks Haatch for your comment and many thanks for supporting us. This means a lot to us and our work :)

This design looks a lot like https://www.shoplocket.com/


Sorry bro, but we disagree.

Hi Is the updated version available that will definitely work on mobile devices and iPad. I love this design, but the scrolling issue on mobile and tablet is a big issue. Many thanks


Hi chrispiper1923, many thanks for purchasing. We tested our template via ipadpeek web ipad emulator and all seems fine, but we will certainly check on real device. You must to know that this template is not responsible for mobile use.

Hi Great Theme…do you know when the update that fixes the menu navigation on mobiles and iPad will be available. Many thanks


Hi chrispiper1923,
many thanks for purchasing.
We tested our template via ipadpeek web ipad emulator and all seems fine, but we will certainly check on real device. You must to know that this template is not responsible for mobile use.

I love your work DryThemes, Can I hire you for creating new website to show my business? I am a software developer (non website) and need a simple but beautiful site to show my work. Maybe I can choose one of your themes and ask you to modify it base on some fucntional specs. Let me know if you are interested. Kind regards, GrapefruIT


Hey GrapefruIT,
we are glad that you like the template.
Please contact us via email on our profile page.

Awesome theme that doesn’t work on iPad which is a real shame. The navigation buttons don’t work (pressing them once works, but any subsequent ‘clicks’ don’t work) and overlap the text heavily when viewing on an iPad simply makes this theme unworkable. Would have loved to use this on my next project…


Yea. Totally unappropriated and real shame. Big time :)
Well, come back later. Maybe we will fix that. But for now, template is not responsible and doesn’t work on all mobile devices. If you know what’s the issue, please email us and we will fix that asap.

Hi DryThemes!

How come only the the slide1 layer is included in the PSD and why doesn’t the “bg copy” layer look anything like the .png files used in the site?


Hi sprocketinc,
thanks for purchasing the template mate.
Regarding the slides – other two slides are not included in .PSD file because they have “icons” which we cannot redistribute in our template as source files due to the licence.
If bg copy in .PSD is different from original file, just play with the opacity options percentage to achieve wishing result. If you still have a problem, contact us via our support forum and we will make you new bg copy image :)

Lovely work, mate!


Thanks man :)

Hi DryThemes,

No worries mate, I traced the Icons I needed :p But for future reference, could you include link Icon Package if its available for purchase?

Also, I’m having a bit of a problem with the php mailer; all necessary info changed in the .php file but I don’t receive the emails.

My server uses PHP 5 .3.10.


Hi man,
yes, link for the icons is included in the document file (template documentation) under the “Sources and Credits” section. But we are glad that you already find suitable icons.
Regarding the email issue, please first check spam folder. If you still have an issue, please start a new discussion via our support forum (www.support.drythemes.com), and our developer will help you :)

Is it possible to change the slider on the first page. To use another java based slider ? Nice template!