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Wow, I was waiting for this :)


Thanks buddy for you patience :)


Why the top navigation and not the side like the html version and can I get the doodle background?


Hehh, yes FINALY :)
Side navigation goes over content on smaller resolution like some laptops, tablets and mobile devices. This top nav. solution fixed that problem. Also now theme is responsive and we added blog, new video section and sortable gallery :)
Contact me via email for background doodlings buddy :)

Yep! Totally great work :) I like side nav in html version, but top nav is also good.



Thanks buddy. I like your themes as well. Great job!

Intelligent colour combo :)


Thanks vincrixfo. Glad you like ti :)

Great theme and color combinations. Well done guys!


Tnx buddy :)

Does the sidebar and widgets work on this theme? It’s not used in the demo.

Is it possible to add single pages?

Why isn’t the PSD included in this release?


Hi buddy, you can add as many pages as you want. But not separate page because this is one page theme. PSD with doodlings will be added in next update. In the meantime, contact me via email and I’ll send you psd.

edit: I just saw your email :)
I sent you answer there as well

The best single page WP theme!!

Will be buying this for sure :)


Hey buddy. We are glad that you like theme :) Thanks for the kind words.

DryThemes, nice theme! What icon set did you use?


Thanks. Regarding the icons, some of them we created, other ones are icon sweets set. Doodling in the top background are our work as well.

Hi, my compliments!

Please, let me know if the mobile version( iPhone) can have a top menu and also maybe add a back to Top button on the right bottom?



Well, our idea is that the menu is not necessary for low resolution devices, because it’s “one page” template, and user can go trough this template just by scrolling up and down with one finger, so there is no need for menu to occupy additional space on small resolution devices. But, our developer can help you to enable menu on lower resolutions like mobile phone devices.
And we are glad that you like theme buddy.

I am interested in purchasing this theme. Can you let me know if it comes with a demo content file?


Hi vannesa.
Yes, theme comes with demo content :)

Very nice work. Keep it up!


Thanks buddy :)

Hi guys,
first of all, great job.
I have just one question.
Is it possible to order the different ‘pages’?
For example to have ‘Video’ on the top?
I like to use your theme for the redesign for my own homepage http://www.livinglingo.de and it starts with a video :-))

And there’s a little error in the mobile version.
If you click on a portfolio item and you scroll down the line height of word wrap after the comment box is not correct.
I did a screenshot for you which is here:
Cheers, Micha


Hi michak. Thanks for spotting the comment box. We will check that and fix it. Regarding your first question – you can add video as first section, contact, as second section, portfolio as last section… Whatever order you want. If you have issues, you can contact our developer via support forum: support.drythemes.com

Great work , congrats ! :)


Hi Bedros :) Thanks. Thanks 2x :)

Great work , congrats ! :)

Is there someone that can help me to install theme in wordpress? I bought kronos theme. Now I have three folders. “manual” “site” “content”. Which I have to upload to install theme?


Hi, thanks for purchasing. If you already installed Wordpress, all you need to import theme. Theme installation is in “Kronos – SITE” folder.

Hi, I’m looking to purchase this theme but I have 2 questions.

What is the optimal resolution for the top header background (the blackboard scribbles)?

Can you change the background colour/image of each of the sections?


Hi. Top header background image is pattern. Optimal resolution for pattern should not be larger than 500×500px (if you want faster loading time).
You can change background color of each section. You don’t need to use default ones if you don’t like them :)

This is a really nice looking theme. I’m wondering if it’s fully customisable? Might like to tweak typography, background, maybe play with scrolling animations…


Hi designbynuff,
Yes, it’s customisable. You can change background image and you can add for every page if you want. You can put repeat-x/y if you have pattern image. Or you can add and change background color.
Regarding scrolling – you can change speed (manually in js). You can create spaghetti site so first section to be portfolio, than contact, etc… Or to skip section… You don’t need to follow sections from our demo. Or you can just use our demo content.

I Have A couple questions and will send them in an email with links ect.



Thanks for purchasing buddy.
if the question is technically – it’s always better to use our support forum, or contact our developer as well. We will try to help you.
Link: support.drythemes.com
Thanks :)


Thank you for your help in supplying me a fix for my problem. Its nice to see theme developers work on a fix for my wp/install. I appreciate it… especially as it is holiday season. Well done I recommend Dry Themes as pro active theme developers that are willing to help purchasers.


Yesterday I bought Kronos. It’s fantastic! BELLISSIMO! How can I use and modify the slideshow “take me home”. I’m not a web master. I’m only an art director. :)


Hey :)
We are glad that you like the theme.
You’ll need PSD file and basic photoshop knowledge. Until we update theme, you can contact me via email, and I’ll send you PSD files :)

Fritjof Purchased

Hi! The theme looks superb. I just bought it.

Question: I seem to can’t find the settings to exclude pages from the startpage, how do I do that?

(Please don’t say it’s not possible, then I can’t use this theme)

Hi. The menu disappears intentionally on smaller resolutions, but is still there on iPads. Anyway you can turn it on or off. It’s actually easy. All you need is to delete next line in kronos-wp/css/responsive.css (line132)
        display: none;

Regarding the soft scroll to anchors – in kronos-wp/js/jquery.dryMenu.js (line 43)
change this:
jQuery('.main-menu nav li a').click(function() {
with this
jQuery('.main-menu nav li a, a.push_button').click(function() {
Fritjof Purchased

Kick ass support :)


:) Glad we can help buddy