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Nice theme, want to buy it :D


1. How do u build page sections?

2. Can we change backgrounds colors, tipograhpy, etc… on each section?

3. Contact page can have google maps?

4. social icons can be at top?

5. Pricing table shortcodes are included? Planing to add it soon? http://cl.ly/image/3L470E1R0q3S

6. Could be nice to have also Skills bars. Any plans to add it in next updates? http://cl.ly/image/3b2O03233G2F

Thx. Gracias


Well it’s a good idea. I’ll talk to developer about that. Maybe we will publish update with that. But for now we will focus on support and possible issues. Thanks buddy :)


Thx, I will wait for next update, and add shortocde for Skills bars and pricing table. Will sure buy it then :D


Thanks buddy. We appreciate that :)

Dry man, This is Calvin Bryant. Please email me the PSD files for the Kronos theme per your comment on the Dry Themes Support Forum “contact me via email from our themeforest profile page” My email: calvin.bryant@c7usa.com

Thanks very much and Happy New Year!


Happy NY buddy! Thanks for the kind words. We are here to help :)

Nice theme, but don’t you think its a almost ditto copy of this website “http://eclick.co.hu/” :)


:) well, that’s actually our HTML template as well. Check our portfolio.

thanks for your response I was also wondering if a photo shop files came included with the theme.


We just send an update to themeforest with PSD files inside. Should be published soon. If you don’t want to wait couple of hours, contact me via email, and I’ll send you PSD files separately.

Hey :)
We updated the theme. Added PSD files and fixed some minor issues.

incredible work. SO CLEAN


Hey blackwatchstudio. Thanks for supporting us buddy.

are the icons in slider included? if not where did u get them?


Hey Wesley. Yes, slider icons are included now in PSD file :)

Hi there,

I’m loving all of your themes, just trying to decide between Kronos, Bona Fidde or Novo!

A couple questions, before I purchase:

1) I notice that http://eclick.co.hu/ has used your theme. The mobile version of their site is very nice, much simplified. Is a template for mobile included with Kronos?

2) When I look at the demo page of Kronos on my Google Nexus 4 with Chrome, I cannot scroll down; the page is frozen. Why is that?

Thanks very much! Looking forward to working with your product. Matt


Thanks graytona :)
1.) That’s our HTML template and mobile (it not responsive) ver. is not included in HTML version.
2. Which KRONOS ver. did you test? WP or HTML? WP version is responsive and we tested on Samsung S3, iPad3 and few other mobile devices. All works just fine for us.
Let me know buddy, so we can check.


Ok, thanks. We do not have Nexus 4. Can you provide us with screenshot please?

Another question—how does Kronos and your other themes use these custom fonts? Is it via Cufon?

Do the font files come packaged with the theme?

Thanks Matt


Kronos WP use just google web fonts. In slider (which is image) we used Tex Gyre Adventor (free font), but we do not redistribute the font in our theme due to the licence.

Hey Guys,

I bought this theme but I wonder how I could extend team page. I added fourth member on the page. but team page pushed the blog page down and the fourth member’s pic is on between green and pink.

I solved it thanks ;)


:) Well, good to hear. Thanks for purchasing our theme.

The theme is fully localized? There are .po/mo files? Thank you


Hi piccolobil. Sorry buddy, but there are no those files.

Hi…i got few questions about this template… I saw your template HTML Version where the menu is o the side….this template has the same appearance as the html version? May i load videos on portfolio ?


Html version of Kronos doesn’t have video section and you cannot add video to portfolio. Plus is not responsive. this Wordpress ver. of Kronos is responsive, and you can add video or images to portfolio pretty easy.


Can the info we put on the sliders be a link? To another page or blog for example?



You can put the link, but just on whole image in slider. You cannot link txt in slider because it’s actually an image :)


Got it. That’s what we need!. Thanks!

Good Theme Good support(!!!) Good design

Like it.


Wow. You bought between 100 and 499 items. That’s for respect!
It means a great deal to me buddy. Thanks for the kind words :)

mikehern Purchased

Great there- really clean code, and very easy to customize. Im having one issue though – How do you edit the timing on the slider?


Hi mikehern. We are glad that you like our theme. The answer is here: http://www.support.drythemes.com/discussion/272/slideshow

mpitre Purchased

Can i use a video in the image slider?


Nope. Just images in top slider.

mpitre Purchased

consider it a feature request then! Thanks.


Noted. Thanks :)

Nice theme, Looks great. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!


Thanks buddy :)

I love this theme. I purchased both the HTML and Wordpress version (got HTML and then I realized it wasn’t responsive). I love the vertical navbar in the HTML version. Is there a way to integrate that into the Wordpress version instead of using the horizontal navbar?


Hey buddy, thanks for purchasing our theme. We put horisontal menu on WP theme because we wanted to be responsive theme. And menu from Kronos html template on lower resolution goes above content wich is awkward. Bottom line – there’s a way to put menu from html template to Kronos WP, but it’s really large modification mate :)

Great theme. I just wanted to know why the menu disappears and doesn’t go into some sort of mobile friendly responsive state when viewed on a mobile device?

There is no menu on a mobile device.

Are you just hoping that the user will know to scroll down the page?

Can you please help me with adding a menu to the top of the page on a mobile device?

Hi and thanks for purchasing Kronos WP. It’s actually easy. All you need is to delete next line in kronos-wp/css/responsive.css (line132)
        display: none;