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how can i change the link colors, e.g. menu mouse over and other hyper links, duediligencedesign.com – it is still showing up red in a lot of places.



Thanks for purchasing our theme – You can editi all that via Kronos-WP/css/colors.css


i have never done this before, so here is what i did, i have already installed current version of theme, I unzipped the kronos theme, changed the color of the hover and saved it back as kronos-2, what do i do now, do i re-upload theme and overwrite what i have done thus far ?


Solution 1:
Find on server this path: .../kronos-wp/css/ and upload only colors.css using some FTP program like (FIleZilla, Total Commander) or through your cPanel.

Solution 2:
Zip a whole theme, delete the existing version from server, and install a new version.

Solution 3:
In Dashboard->Appearance->Editor Find style.css and add code from colors.css with !important attribute

div.main-menu nav ul li a:hover
    color: #D34A61 !important;

What’s the best way to define the email address linked to the contact form?


To modify your email address where emails will be sent please open your admin panel (www.yoursite.com/wp-admin) and in Dashboard->Settings->General->E-mail Address modify your email address.

What’s the best way to define the email address linked to the contact form?


To modify your email address where emails will be sent please open your admin panel (www.yoursite.com/wp-admin) and in Dashboard->Settings->General->E-mail Address modify your email address.

Hi DryThemes

This is a great looking theme well done, can i use another slider in this themes like Revolution Slider Plugin ?

Thank you


We do not provide support for external plugins, but we tested RS plugin and works really good :)

SegiTech Purchased

Hey there!

The theme is cool! Altough i have a couple of questions!

1. How can i change the color of the slider’s little chooser boxes! It is red/pink/white now!

2. How can i change the fonts in the theme globally? For example in the menu, and especially in the blog section?

Thanks for the good work, keep it up!

how do i arrange/rearrange the portfolio images in the order that i want once i’ve already uploaded images.

i.e. my newest uploads i don’t necessarily want to be at the top. i want to move them to the middle and some to the bottom.

how do i do this in the kronos theme? is there a plugin?


Hey buddy. You just need to change Date/Time and order will be changed :)

Hey buddy,

My menu buttons are only linking to #np- and no corresponding number afterwards, how do i fix this?

This only occurs when i have a custom menu.




Hey, that’s stange. Which Kronos ver. do you use?
Anyway, you can add that manually:
WP Dashboard->Appearance->Menus->Custom Links and for URL you need to input #np-PAGE-ID (bez “http://” )
If you have issues, our developer will help you via our Support Forum


Sorry… Just to add. It’s without “http://”

This may be a ridiculous question, so please forgive me if it is, but is this theme compatible with plugins? For example, shortcode plugins and maybe a form or MailChimp plugin?


Well, honestly, we do not provide support for external plugins, but we tested few and the works really good. One of the is Revolution Slider


Thanks for the quick reply!! :) Yes, I completely understand that I would be on my own, so-to-speak, if I added third-party plugins. I just wanted to make sure that the theme wouldn’t ‘reject’ them before I purchased. I need tabs and buttons, so I would purchase a shortcode package plugin via Codecanyon to add more functionality.

Thanks again. I think this theme is exactly what I need. :)


No problem buddy. Thank you :)

Hello i love this! good job. I would like to know a few things before i buy. I want to be able to only show ” Take me home, Video, Contact” but i want to have multiple video sections with obviously different videos.

So it would look like ” Take me home, video , video , video, video, contact ” but have them different colors.. ( also the video tittles would be name different ) is that possible?


Yes, you can :)
In theme you got integrated “shortcodes” for vimeo and youtube, and you can use “video tag” as well.
Example: how you can use selfosted video: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_video.asp


but can you do it in hosting video like “not” using 3rd party sites? sorry im doing a presentation for a few companies online and this are simple but questions i need to know in advanced.


Yes, You can selfhost your video file (not from 3dr party site). You got all in the link above. You just need to be careful about browser support, conversion, video format…

Hey DryThemes, is there any chance to use your Template in German Language?

Greetings, Kreativfuzzi


Yup. No problem with German language.

Johnco27 Purchased

I bought the theme but when I do all the steps for setting the template I get this:( Sorry, there has been an error. This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number) install the version 3.5 and 3.5.1 does not work and nor do I do?


I completely delete the theme and successfully reinstalled again. Theme is located in Kronos WP – SITE folder. Demo content is in Kronos WP – DEMO CONTENT and all you need to do is to import xml file from Kronos WP – DEMO CONTENT. Theme working on 3.5 as well as on 3.5.1 version


the theme is ok in the desktop version, but not in mobile version (on iPhone). The menu is not a dropdown menu, but links and they go over the main menu background.

Moreover I see on my site rounded corner for background menu, but I don’t see them in your demo.

At last in my mobile version I see my logo, while in yours I see the drop-down menu.

I use the 1.3 version.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Mario. Thanks buddy for purchasing. Your issue sound little strange, so it’s the best way for you to go to our Support Forum and “start a new discussion”. Our developer will check that and hopefully help you.


Thanks. I will do so.


Thanks buddy for understanding.

AmberJ Purchased

Hey DryThemes… love the theme. Easiest setup ever.

Small thing I’m trying to figure out. I have created a link on the “home page” that links to another page (in this case, the next page, “about”), but losses jquery effect… just snaps to page. What .js file and where can I set this?

Link: http://www.miragedesignworks.com/



:) glad we can help. If you have a sec. please rate our theme. We will appreciate that.

AmberJ Purchased

5* Theme


Thanks :)

hello :)

i sended you the same message somewhere else, i think on the drytheme page, but is it possible with this theme to change easly the images background?

and also, could we have the menu navigation on the first template that doesn t mach with wordpress, i liked much…. thansk

nico :)

(i am interested by this theme of course…)


I saw your question via support forum, so please go there and our developer will answer you.

i dont understand how people have the demo version working?.. i installed the theme and all i got was sample page? theres nothing if we need to set up our own contact form or like whats going on.. is there an installation of the demo and we can modify that?

Update : i figured it out but im having a problem with the menu showing underneath the white top bar?

Update : wow lmao i figure that out too! lol

I should probably take this off but if people have this problems i can help, at least this 2 situations.


:) Hey you got it

Cleanest one page wordpress theme I’ve seen on Themeforest. Had one initial question before purchasing… Instead of having the portfolio items open in an entirely separate page, is there a way to have them open up in a light box or possibly a jquery slide down effect that would display the image/video? Thanks for taking the time to read/respond.


Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately that requires larger modification and we provide support just for smaller issues and bugs.

is there a way to slow down the rotation speed of the slider?


hey i did this and changed to what it shows on there.. then randomly the small boxes that are underneath 3 just randomly poped up now i have 6 squares with no image.. i dont get it


Maybe you have some extra space (enter, br, &nbs) in code. Try to write shortcode in one line, with out enter: http://www.support.drythemes.com/discussion/comment/1515#Comment_1515

question, sorry i dont know why things arent working for me. The image on the about us section can i switch it to a video? and if so whats the code? thx you by the way for all the help

Please replace this code:
[col size="one_half_last"]IMAGE[/col]
with this one:
[col size="one_half_last"][vimeo src="http://vimeo.com/XXXXXXXX"][/col]
nforce Purchased
Hey there! How make different icons ?n each page? I mean portfolio icon on portfolio page, about icon on about page etc. http://gyazo.com/d2865d0732711855ded7693e81c5cd60.png?1361176196

he nforce. Please go to our support forum. I just talked with developer and he will help you. www.support.drythemes.com

nforce Purchased

Thank you!

JPednaud Purchased

Great theme! Purchased it and have no regrets. Just wanted to pass along my complements and I will be watching your portfolio for new themes. Here is what I did with your Kronos theme.


Looking great buddy :) Good job! If you like our theme, please rate us. We will appreciate that. Thanks