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Great colors, good design.

Thank you very much Discobolus :)

Good luck with sells. :)

Thank you RAW_bd (Muzahidul Islam) :)

Are those View products – View gallery buttons from Gavick ? :) They look almost identical.

No. Nothing from gavik. If you see from that angel then nothing is unique in the world but inspired. But sometimes somethings can be similar with another but not mean that its copy from another. As I know that button is using almost 18 theme club in the world. Is that mean everyone coping another ? And also there have huge difference between that button. Our every button and typography from twitter bootstrap featured also that button. Thanks

When I re-size the window and get back in previous size then the footer height different from each time. I am not sure what’s going on. Could you plz check this? But Nice design. Good luck with sales…

Will you please check it now? The problem is solved.

Nice theme, nice color combination . Good luck with sale :)

Thanks afmjamaluddin

I downloaded the template as it was compatible with the version joomla 2.5 but not working properly, it was not possible to install the modules. Can you help me? thanks!!

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our template. Kufa template is compatible with joomla2.5 but demo made on joomla3.0. If you want to use it in joomla 2.5 just install fresh joomla2.5 and there install templates only file.After that you can configure it as you need. Template only file is containing only template.Its not Demo installer. Also try to use latest version always it will good for site security.

Hi, i just tried to install the template, but it always says:

“Helix framework not found”

What does that mean?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing our theme.You are trying to install template only file.Before install it you need to install helix system plugin in your joomla system because kufa made on powerful helix framework.You can download it from here http://helix.joomshaper.com/downloads/11-helix-system-plugin/download . But my personal advice is to install Quick Installer pack which is the demo ready pack for Kufa. It will save your time.


Nice theme =) is it possible to change the background image?

Yes. If its very easy to customize design.Also if you will find it difficult then we will help you to do that. :) . Always working for client satisfaction.

Ok really stupid question, is a 2.5 version available? Reason is I am using some components that are only 2.5 compatible. For example for K2 the AllVideos plugin needed to display and Allvideos is only available for Joomla 2.5 and not 3 yet and that is a majour component I need. Any ideas? Thanks

Ya we had got some request for all of our template for joomla 2.5 version. So from next we will release joomla2.5. For Kufa we will try to make an update to demo ready for joomla 2.5.

Great thanks. In the meantime how can I get the Allvideos plugin or similar to work as I want my K2 items to be video popups. Also when would the 2.5 be ready for release?

For third party extension you may be need to ask to the related company. Like for k2 ask the k2 owner. But I think you need to download it and install it to the site can be a solution. For 2.5 its really difficult to say that as we are working here hard to reach the train. :) May be next month we will release that but really its difficult to say the exact date and time. Hope you will be realize that.

Is it fully 2.5 compatible now? I wanna to buy it but not sure about that.



Only template is compatible with 2.5 but the demo file made on joomla3.0.So if you want the full demo pack on 2.5 then we do not have it. But the template will work fine with joomla 2.5.We can help you to use that in your joomla 2.5 site. :)

Great design. Just bought this template. I am trying to figure out how do you change the logo and copyright in the bottom where it says following

‘All Rights Reserved.DESIGNED_BY ThemeRoxBuilt OnHelix Framework Powered by Joomla! Valid XHTML and CSS’

Thanks in advance

Hi, To change logo just replace the logo file from here templates/rox-kufa/images/logo.png also to remove or change copyright just edit this file templates/rox-kufa/features/brand.php there you can change designed by part and to remove Powered by just go to the template manager then go to our template and from the settings in advance tab you will find on of button to of it.Let us know if you can do this or not.

ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files.

I need the Layered PSD. I dont found it in the downloaded Package.

Hi, Please mail us here support@themerox.com we will give you file there. :)

I use the EMail Adress stadttor@gmx.net

Ok we will get back to you :)

Hi… Knew as soon as I saw this template it was perfect for the projects I had in mind. I have installed the Quick file system as I got the Helix error but now I have this fault:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/addictiv/public_html/new/plugins/system/helix/features/totop.php on line 1

Can you advise how to fix this please.

I am having a few problems with certain areas so have sent email in with the admin log in details and reasons for errors… if you can let me know soonest would be appreciated… Thanks

mail us here support@themerox.com with screenshot of your problem.

Hey Guys… Still working on this template but I have a couple of errors if anyone can advise please. When a new user registrates and the email activation link is sent to them for the confirmation they get this….

Fatal error: Call to a member function where() on a non-object in /home/addictiv/public_html/new/components/com_users/models/registration.php on line 109

I have done some research but I am getting nowhere…

Thanks D

components/com_users/models/registration.php on line 109 its a core file and functions. Check your server php version and normalize it. Its not an template error issue. Thanks

I found that! It is very Nice theme, the best for me, but I need theme for Virtuemart. When it will be?

Currently we do not have plan to give virtuemart support for this theme. But you can do it very easily. Thanks

I have emailed twice now and waited for over a week for an answer… Seems you dont want to offer any help anymore…!!!!!

Copy of email sent to support@ last week:

Hey guys

All I want to know is how do I move the K2 Gallery off the index page to a page by itself for registered clients only….????

I have searched and cant find anyway of moving this… I want the Gallery off the index page and onto a page with a Top Menu heading…

Any help as this is now urgent…


Hi, All previous support ticket is updated. Please check it. For your 2nd question k2 gallery is a k2 category page.You can make any menu with the same category, settings and sub template will show the same layout in the menu. Just check demo content to know how we had made that. And to make user restriction you can do it from menu access settings or from k2 parameter settings. Top menu heading is by a custom module and if you want to publish it any other page just go to the module manager and then the module and from module settings just select the menus you want to show. Its simple. Thanks

Beautiful theme, I wish it were easier to customize. I am trying to edit the Leave a comment area. I haven’t been able to find it int the back end anywhere.

Hi, Everything from joomla default. Leave a comment is from k2 componant. You need to go to the files templates/rox_kufa/html/com_k2/ and then the templates you will find forms from where the comment form comming. You can search in the file by div id or class to find the actual file and can edit it from there. Thanks


I have downloaded the kufa template and then extracted the files from rox_kufa_quick_file.zip. Then the complete sets of files were uploaded as normal. However, the rox template with demo content are not showing. The template are uploaded and present in the template folder. What is the problem?

Hi, You will need to install as like regular joomla installation with that Quick Pack file. Its a full jooomla clone pack. Make sure to click on install Smaple data. Thanks