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The theme says “fully responsive” but when I browse to the Live Preview on my iPhone it stays in the normal format other than the “search in” moving down a line. Is this responsive to mobile devices?

Hi, I really like your HTML-Template. I also really would like to buy it.

Can you answear me my question before, this would be great:

Is there any backend where everybody (also people without HTML knowledge) can upload a new coupon?

Thank you very much,


Its been 4 months.. I am expecting the author to respond. Is he alive for further updates?

@computacionsimple : you can use any text editor to edit files but I suggest Dreamweaver and sublime text

@inetmate : Even I am looking for respond from him, I think he may be not able to respond

@JJ_TRY : No there is not any back-end in it as he is already stated that it is a static HTML template

@indoorseo : he is already stated that it is a static HTML template not the word-press theme

hi brother, help me how to install the theme. Word press version 3.9.2.

Trying to load, there is an error can not find the stylesheet


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Is this using any framework?

HYPERLINKS DONT WORK when you view it on phone…

Hello, I really liked the template and it was something that I needed. I have some questions: I do not want shopping to be done on the website. Needs to be just a discount site, where offers are valid for a period and enrolled customers porde access the offer and just print the coupon with the discount to present at the store at the time of purchase, it is possible?

It’s easy to make this change? you do? Thank you

Dear Author!

Is it possible to buy the PSD files of the template?

Thank you!

nope, I am developing directly on the browser

Hi Tsoy,

I don’t think this template is compatible with IE8 (as of today) as you mentioned on its description. Could you please verify that and provide an update?


Did some one can help us, and did someone already successfully use that as ecommerce and how you handle the sales? adding the products??? I know the author keep saying static HMTL but for people like who use Open cart its not that easy.

NOte: could some one give us there website with this template so we could see how that really work for a real e-commerce

Hi, I like your theme Kupon very much. But I need Wordpress version of your theme. I need to know how the situation really look like. When will be the WP version of Kupon theme completed?

Thanks for your reply,


Looking at this comments, there is a pending wordpress version – is the wordpress version available yet?

How can I use to change or custom colors themeWhen I download this theme it shown green color. I can’t see any options to change theme color like shown under themeforest website to change colors scheme for template.

no more news about the author, promise wp still waiting no reply….. if you can’t don’t promise to your customers

Hello, It is also compatible for ruby on rails?


Hi there. Great theme. Before I purchase have some questions. I want the theme for deals only from my deal website with minimum quantity of products and limited number of days to reach the minimum quantity. Questions: 1. Is this possible? 2. How does the buyer get charged? Once the deal is on? 3. Is there shipping address/membership information to ship the item and how does this work?

Many thanks in advance.


Nice theme. Is it already available in wordpress version? I’m interested to buy.

hi Im new to this ..is HTLM hard to work with,,is that like word?? can i use this with printable coupons..and do you have language pack FRENCH ..and is their videos on you tube to help me start..thks

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