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I’ve got the same problem with Chrome on a Mac. The menu in v2 is broken. Works fine in v1 though.

What are the optimal dimensions for the images in this theme?

- The home screen slider image set dimensions

- The optimal dimensions for parallax transition images in the interior of the theme? I would like to know what you used for image sizes so that my images don’t have a mirrored effect when scrolling…

Any updates on the WP version????

Good question… I want to buy the WP version but if it’s not going to be ready soon I’ll buy the html version and I’ll update contents via code. Any news??? :)


When the site is on a mobile device or the screen width is under 700px, the parallax background images show that they repeat. Is there anything we can do so that these images don’t repeat and just fill the entire parallax teaser background?


Hi there. I would like to inform that Kutcher WP version will be released in the following days :)

Stay tuned to get the WP version!


to the TOP button in menu is under “About” link in google chrome.

is someone have fix for this

Amazing template! Thanks! Just a question, is there a way to anchor the same part of the content to two different links keeping the same “smooth” scrolling down effect for both of them? Thank you again!

Any advice on how to implement the sorting feature for the portfolio? Downloaded theme yesterday but not seeing where that aspect is located. Thanks

WP version for me too!! ;)


I would like to apply this template to several html files in a website.

I was wondering if was possible to have a main menu for changing html files, and then a secondary menu to navigate in the same page.

Is possible to add to this template a secondary menu?

Thank you!!!

I cant install it… I uploaed it to WP but it keeps saying:

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Did anyone experience problems on Firefox 20 on Mac (Lion and Snow Leopard)? If i click on any image of the portfolio and close it again some of the titles and subtitles disappear. This also occurs in the official demo! Any ideas how to fix this?


So much people wait your WP version. So do i :) In comments, you said as soon as, but when ? pleeeease !!

Any date for the WP version yet?

Every time I try to upload this in the /wp-admin control panel it fails. I have spent hours upon hours trying so many combinations of zips, unzips, zipping v1, zipping v2, FTPing certain folders to the corresponding names on my server but nothing works. Please can someone preferably the owner tell me what I am doing wrong, this is the best looking wordpress theme I have come across and I want to use it ASAP (especially after payment :P )

Is the wordpress version out yet?

Hello, I purchased the theme but it doesn’t work on IE 8 or IE 9.

The broken parts are: - Portfolio section: Going from image to image on the portfolio section, the javascript would not work and would not allow the transition from an image to the other - Contact section: The transition between the tabs would not work.

In the details of the template you offer support for IE8 and IE9 but it is not working, please provide a solution for this.

Here you can replicate the errors: http://themes.tvda.eu/demos/kutcherstudio/ http://cossina.com

thank you

Hi there, just wondering before I purchase, is it possible to have more that one full screen responsive gallery on one page, preferably one after the other, and maintain the same full screen responsiveness & functionality as the first slider?

Thanks, -M

when is the WP version coming out? you have been saying it will be out for months now!