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Hi, we purchased this theme (Kutcher) but with IE 8 (with IE 9 we don’t tried) and iPad (retina + safari or chrome) we get error with images and parallax doesn’t work. Slider on top works fine.

You can view the issue here: http://www.orenji.it/northsardinia

Can you help to us?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Fabrizio

Don’t expect any quick support nor answer… unfortunately…

Bonjour, J’ai charger et payé ce thème.

La réponse est : Installation du thème à partir du fichier : themeforest-3431507-kutcher-studio-responsive-parallax-template.zip Décompression de l’archive de l’extension… Installation du thème… L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Il manque le fichier style.css à ce thème. L’installation du thème a échoué.

Francis Darbellay http://frandar@bluewin.ch

Worst support ever and many bugs.

I instantly regret buying this, had it less than an hour, errors so far:

1. When you click the slider button on the home page twice to the right, it highlights the entire page.

2. The styling for the .links a.to-top seems to be incorrect as it falls on a new line and forces the menu upwards off centre on Google Chrome (Mac). position:absolute could be the issue.

I’d like to partially retract my previous comment.

I don’t regret buying it. Works well and looks great for me, although I’m not using all of the features.

I gave it 4 stars as I had to make a couple of changes myself to correct the two issues I outlined previously and because of your lack of presence on the comments thread. Otherwise it would have been 5.

At the moment we are working on WP version. The release will be from day to day. After that, we will answer all your questions.

At the moment we are working on WP version. The release will be FROM DAY TO DAY After that, we will answer all your questions.

The Twitter feed is broken because of the API update to V1.1, do you plan on updating the template so it will start working again?

All templates will be updated by the end of this week. New Twitter API.

All templates will be updated by the end of this week. New Twitter API.

When can we expect an update for the Twitter API? Thanks.

dude, the Twitter feed is still not working. I requested the API from Twitter Dev, changed everything according to the PDF document, but it won’t load the tweet feed.

Too much time spend on this so far. Can you please advise.

Hello. I checked all the steps of instructions. Everything is working. Try again more closely.

Where do you change the teaser images?

Sorry, that was meant for the WP version!

This seems to be the WORST support ever. Even their own support section is not up-to-date and contains several open questions.

@tvdathemes: Developing a template means also providing support to those who purchase your items. Or at least make sure that your FAQ is available!

Hi there!

We update the template to version 2.0.1. Fixed Twitter feed (Twitter API 1.1).


We apologize for our very very bad support. We promise to correct the situation. We will provide support from Monday to Friday.


(sorry for my english. not my mother’s tongue)

I’ve some question.

- What’s the size for the parallax image to don’t have a repetition in the bottom & top.

- How can i change your template model. Like “page full”. There is always a lorepsum text under my title. ( I install everything.xml and I can’t change the template. )

- Can i change the size of the full slide in front. Because when you clik on an article you go directly on the full slide. People don’t understand that they must go down.

I don’t know if I’m understandable :) but thank you for the effort :)

Bigbook (from Belgium)

Hey there, I love your template. I am designing a website that has parallax scrolling in it. This is the link www.rajshreepatel.com

Now I am having issues with text and imagery since Im not a pro. Can you advice me if I buy this template will I be able to edit it the way I have designed my site?


Hi! Thank you for your love :)

Looks like Kutcher supports what you are looking for, sure it won’t be the same result because are different themes, but Kutcher supports parallax areas, icons, blockquotes.

Maybe you’ll need to rethink the design a bit to shine with Kutcher!

We can help you if you need some help.

Again, thank you!

where is the twitter section of code to update if we modified the original already?

Hello. The new archive contains a pdf file with step by step instruction.

Is there a reason that v2.01 parallax feature doesn’t work out of the box, but v2.0 does? Was this an error in packaging? How does one turn on parallax in 2.01?


I downloaded the same file as you. Everything is working.

DO NOT BUY THIS THEME!!! Unless you are comfortable with self-support. The “support” (and I use that term loosely) given is awful (as echoed by so many others here), in that it does not exist. Neither here nor on their supposed forums, is there any support given. Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware