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After the contact page there is a 75px high white space at the bottom. it is not in the live preview but shows up when I open the downloaded theme.

My issue is fixed. dont worry.

Inquiry: Contact menu, if i try to display the Map or Feedback content, the page jumps to the top, the content is not displayed. This is happened just after i published the content, local it works.

Environment is MAC/ PC, all browser. Any suggestions?



I can’t help you. Perhaps you have incorrectly written the path to js file. Give me a url of your site.

Hi there!

Thank you this amazing templete! Really nice and clear!

I would like to delete the text in the supersized.imgaes.js (4 of them)and I want to put the text in the index.html slidecaption div! I do not wants to change the text with the images, because of SEO, the robots can not read js, only html!

I waaiting for your answer!

Hello. Thanks.

Sorry. This plugin (supersized) don’t support descriptions in the html files. But you can make one description for all images. If you want that option. Give me your e-mail.

Thank you for your answer, i can editing the text in the supersized.images.js, but the goggle boots can not read there, that’s I wants to put the text in the html file…Is that pissible put one text on the index.html file, and the text will display above the sliding images?

Is my question clear? I hope you understnad what I mean….

I waiting for the answer!

Take care!

Is there any chance to get support or just waste my time…..?

Already answered.

Thank you!

Or at least please let me know how can I move little upper the basic navigation menu like your other template:Identiq!

Does this theme have a “front page” builder like many nother parallax themes? I would like to build the front page exactly how I want and implement blog entries at the front page.

Is it also possible to make a full width sub page?

Hello Is the “Facebook like button” still working ? is there any new code ? Thanks for your answer Philippe

Where is the programming of the submit button on the feedback form? Please provide some direction.

Hi, amazing theme. Would it be possible to play a video (youtube, vimeo) on the background of the homepage?


The video player isnt working in any browser

please advise me if i have something wrong in my code

<!-- Start Project --> <div class="four columns item isotope-item video"> <a href="https://vimeo.com/46593634" class="fancybox-media" rel="group2" title="Showboy Filmzq"> <div class="img-wrp"> <img class="scaleimg" src="https://secure-b.vimeocdn.com/ts/324/548/324548895_295.jpg" alt="Video Commercial: Mitchell Alomar" /> <div class="overlay-wrp"> <i class="icon loupe overlay-content" /> <div class="overlay" /> </div> </div> </a> <p class="project-title">Showboy Filmzq</p> <p class="project-description">Video Commercial</p> </div> <!-- End Project -->

Problem: When clicking on the images thumbnails under Portfolio the “lightbox” feature doesn’t open. It does locally but NOT from the server: Here is a link: http://radiolajodedera.com/demo3/#portfolio

I need this resolved! Thanks.

Also the menu items doesn’t align the same under IE and Chrome.

I would like to buy this theme to create a wordpress site. Please confirm if I can use this for wordpress. Thanx

no reply??? the wordpress theme link doesnt work.. if i cant get a reply before i buy a theme, i wonder what support i’ll get after i buy it.

Hi there,

This is the HTML version, we sent a fix to our WordPress version that will be avaliable as soon as the Envato Reviewer team see it :)

Please stay tuned to check when it’s back – if you want, I can let you know by here or by email.


I have purchased the wordpress version of this theme. I have raised a few support issues regarding some major bugs/layout problems with the parallax and the menu not appearing on mobile devices. I haven’t had any response to the support issues and today I see that the wordpress theme has been removed – can you please let me know if this is for you to address the issues in the theme? Can I expect a fixed release soon, or should I be seeking a refund and finding myself another theme to use?

Hi there!

We submitted the WP update of reported bugs today, stay tuned since it’ll be reviewed soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you very much – Rafael

Hi, using a shortcode accordion / toggle, how do I default one or more of the toggles to start as open ?

where the heck is the wordpress theme? Why is it removed? And why didn’t you guys answered all of those questions?

Ah I see the answer 2 post before this. Hope you guys get it on the market again!

Hi there,

We removed to fix some things and add new features – like support to default WP Nav Menus and other things :)

We’ll get in the market with all the sure as soon the reviewers review our update! Please stay tuned.

New WP themes are coming as well :)

Thank you for your patience.

So when I set a page to external. How do I get the Parallax Settings to work? I dont have the check box checked. SO I thought it would just show up.

If I set it as normal then it does show on the homepage scroll… But need it to be its own page with the paraallax working.

Similar to how you have shortcodes page with contact us at the bottom.

Ignore the above question. I posted it in the wrong theme section. I am using the WP version. So posted my question there. Sorry.

Please how to get rid of that pattern on full screen photos…thanks

Sorry for my english. This template has an error with Chrome last version. http://demos.xiaothemes.com/kutcher/

the error is in the return button, paste the html code.


the current online version is correct, but the download version no. the error is in the versions v2 and v2.1