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another error on ipad background images are cut in half

Please can you help. My slider is not working online, it just shows an animated loading gif. When i have it open locally within Dreamweaver it works fine.

Please Help,


I want to love this but will you ever have a better navigation for the Mobile version? I hate it when people use the built in iOS scroller function.. it feels very impersonal and screams “template”

Also for a portfolio site the images really don’t display well on a mobile device either… any plans for a full screen slideshow that is a bit more organic and responsive?

The initial design is great but without a better nav and a usable slideshow for the mobile environment I am afraid it falls short for my needs.

The wordpress version is removed again?!!!! What is wrong with you guys? I bought it two times!!! How can you try to take some money from your customers, but don’t care of them!!!

what happen to the version on wordpress, i cant find it anywhere

wordpress version becomes available??? I need!! await news..

Dont buy all of his themes, bad support, waste of money.

I have the wordpress version of kutcher-studio. If your site has some problems, please contact us. I help you repaire those bugs of it. Email: David@themesda.com

Hi Im having the same issue that another user had, but the answer was not posted. How can I fix this?

Problem: When clicking on the images thumbnails under Portfolio the “lightbox” feature doesn’t open. It does locally but NOT from the server: Here is a link: http://radiolajodedera.com/demo3/#portfolio

Hegel94 Purchased

Hi, i have a question: is possibile to make a fade in/out or slide in/out of the captions? Thx for your answer :)

Hi anyway you know why i can’t see my home page “slider banner “

I already purchased your theme



May I have tutorial for edit “MAP” for the theme?

Hi! Someone can help me? I bought the kutcher wordpress theme… but I want to make the portfolio as it is in the kutcher html. When you click on the thumbnail of the case you can click on the Magnifying glass moseover efect and see diferent images in a lightbox with a description underneath. Is there any way to do it? Can I do it in the wordpress version? I only manage to do it with a single image and without description :( Thanks a lot!

does it support a shopping system?

hi where can I find the version of this wordpress templates? though and for sale in other sites

I’d need to complete a job

many thanks

My friend, I buy this project, you give me very good custom service ? Thanks !

When is the wordpress version coming back? it has been removed twice and I’ve bought it twice and now very annoyed that I have a useless theme with lots of bugs that aren’t being fixed?

Ready to purchase the WP version when it returns as well.


Woohoo! Thanks for the update :)


You’re more than welcome :)

Thank you for your support and let me know if you need something ;)


Purchased! Thanks again.

Can I get the PSD Files?

Customer bought this team and got me into configuring it. Well. Mixed feelings. Documentation isn’t that good unfortunately. When doing all things manually, I’d get stuck with a loading-icon only. Importing the demo site didn’t work at some provider, so I had to do it per file and then to import the everything file as well as the media weren’t included. Still, the slides weren’t there either. Added those. Hmm… works pretty good. It’s kinda cool.

But… in the documentation you suggest to use the Post Types Order to reorder the slides. The Reorder link does appear at several other post-types but not at the slides, probably just because the file xt_framework/custom/main_slider_manager.php sets the hierarchy to true. I’ll stick to do the ordering manually.

Furthermore, creating a child theme from this theme doesn’t seem to work. How to do this?


Hi there.

Thank you for all your feedback. If you have problems with installation, you can contact our team to try install for you, for example.

Sometimes, PHP configurations don’t allow some functions of importer work correctly, but we’re always here to help.

I’ll check the issue with the Post Type Order and Child themes, where can I contact you when I have a solid answer?

Again, thank you very much!