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I had version 1.01, now I have 1.1. The updated menu functionality is just great and more “wordpress-like”. Good job.

I’m a PHP developer myself so I do realize the PHP configuration, especially timeouts, can cause problems but this host doesn’t allow me to modify these to drastically. On another host I didn’t have a single problem.

My setup is working properly now but I couldn’t manage this without installing the full demo and then to tweak the demo – I just couldn’t get the homepage sliders working. But, by modifying the demo I had a proper working website rather easily. My client will have a look at it today – the deadline was very short (3 days for a full-blown exhibition website).

Regarding the dox: these make only sense when having them installed on one’s own server: just add what is to be typed exactly in a code-block and it’s all set and clear.

Last but not least: how to create a child theme of this theme?

PS. I’ll send you my contact data by email.

3218 and 3219. The 3219 relates to the iPad display issue. The website is a high profile website with tv commercials attracting people to it.


I just replied your tickets with some news for you :)

I’ve seen the reply indeed. I’d guess solving that issue will make a lot of people happy here.

Images of Parallax mounted or overlapping when reducing screen resolution: When you enter mobile layout, the images of Parallax instead of reducing or just centered it distort them, making images appear in two parts upper and lover section of image split, even in live demo: http://ivang-design.com/octavius/slider/ We would appreciate you to answer asap. Tested on Chrome and Safari, latest released: October 22nd, 2013. Kind Regards.

I have a problem with my frontslider.

I have putted in new items, but they don’t show.

Can you tell me how to fix it?



sre Purchased

The html-tag (<html lang=”en”>...) is missing in the source code. Why? :-)

I have uploaded and saved my Logos in Section Theme Options_ but it will not load or display at the website_i have tried now 2 days to solve the problem and i am really upset with this problem because i am really need to finish_ Greetings


first of all: Great job!!

I have a question: When the screen size is more than 1400px the menu stays left and is not even on the same line as about, portfolio and so on. How can I fix this?


Safari and other browsers are crashing on my iPad 1. Are there any fixes to that?

Kind regards T.

Have had a ticked with you guys for two weeks – http://tvda.ticksy.com/ticket/132125

“Hey guys, love the theme! How do you uncapitalize all headers and such… not seeing a CSS file anywhere. Also, need to know how to get rid of the horizontal bar that appears by the text in the main slider. This is CSS as well. Thanks!”

Any ideas?

hi there.

would it be possible to use a VIMEO video as background, too?



I downloaded this template for a German client, who needs umlauts (‘ä’, ‘ü’, ‘ö’) in his headlines. I know that Bebas Neue includes these characters, but they don’t work in your template.

Thanks! -Jorg

I have sent you an email two days ago telling you that the version I downloaded is not the same as the one I have purchased. Could you please get back to me? Thanks

This file are bugged !!!!!!!!

./lab/vs/contact/class.phpmailer.php ./lab/vs/contact/process-form.php ./js/twitter/index.php ./js/twitter/lib/tmhUtilities.php ./js/twitter/lib/tmhOAuth.php

I bought this theme and my server are partitre 48,000 spam emails

I uploaded the finished design to my server and now the icons including social icons are showing as square boxes. It works fine when I test it on my hard drive. Please help ASAP. Site is http://www.k-tizo.com Thanks.

Got it figured out… it was a conflict with the way I had a redirect in my htaccess file.

Hi … I write with a translator … sorry! Because the effect of parallax I work locally and not remotely? Example: http://cavallidirazza.site11.com/ Thank you!

The parallax effect does not work … I installed the original here: http://cavallidirazza.site11.com/ The pictures do not move.

it seems the support here is not good at all— many questions are not answered

Hi, there is a version under wordpress ? Thank you

Hi, I have just downloaded the theme….fyi….there is a positioning problem for the back to top icon on the v2.0.1 version…it sits amongst the rest of the menu….I solved it by using the style.css file from your live website.

Great template :)

It works but just very slowly :(