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imbondz Purchased

One more question, is there a simple way to have the Logo not show up on the homepage, but only on the other sliders?

I do not want it to show up on the homepage, but I do want it on the other slide pictures.


Hello. Yes. But I need some time. Tomorrow I will send the code.


First off, thanks for the great template! Beautiful work!

I have a question I am hoping you can help me with. On the slider, the images are appearing with every second pixel blacked out. I’m assuming it’s for loading time/file size. However, I would really like to show the images at full res. I went in to supersized.images.js and adjusted the performance settings, but it didn’t work. Any suggestions?


Please send this file at themes@tvda.eu

If I buy Kutcher 1.0, will I get free upgrade to 2.0 version? Let me know. Thanks!

Unfortunately I do not have time to answer all your questions. I apologize. We are working on the following projects. Tomorrow you will get answers to your questions.

From Support.

I love it so far.

I did my logo centered like you showed how in another comment, my problem is that I want it close to vertically centered as well. When I position it using a pixel margin like margin: 150px auto 0 auto; it is good most of the time, but on iPhone or windows that are wider than they are tall the logo will cover up the large caption type.

Is there a way or could you make a way to keep the logo in the vertical and horizontal center of the slider?

I am also wondering if there is a way to turn off the vertical lines over the slider and parallax images. I know it helps make the type stand out but I would rather just darken my images myself in some way.

Oh yeah, also the parallax images are appearing weird on iPhone. Instead of parallaxing they are static, not a problem, but the images are sliced where the image starts halfway through and repeats instead of being the top of the image.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

edit: site temp hosted at http://unreality.co/advantagemodels/

thomgrub Purchased

when is the wordpress version coming please?


21 January

thomgrub Purchased

sorry, you already answered that – the 21st right?

HI, I NOTICED that you were answering questions but didn’t get to mine…. When this template is viewed on a screen size larger than about 1280×800, the whole template design suddenly snaps to a left-justified version with the 1px hairline divider becoming quite short and not relative to the width of the screen. Because most people that view this site are on larger screen resolutions, how can this remain center aligned and function correctly on larger screen resolutions? Thanks for quick reply, I am in the midst of launching and its an irritating factor.


Sorry for delay. Reply sent to email.

I’m waiting over 6 days for answer… it’s a bit frustrating and I regret that I bought this theme. Support here = 0. And I’m very dissapointed especially when the bug is on the original design and it isn’t my fault. Moreover someone has this problem before me and it wasn’t solved. cheers


I’m sorry. We are very busy. We will answer all your questions today.


Reply sent to email.

Can I get an answer too? I too wanted to know how to keep the centering on wide resolutions, if you can’t answer my other questions right away I’d like to get that email that lvhconsulting got too. Thanks!

Kutcher Studio 2.0 will be uploaded today. Soon.

psf2012 Purchased

Hello, I have purchased this item and even if I just upload the template there is an errror. Upon refreshing the page the menu does not get drawn Can you help me fix it please? Thank you

Here is the link: http://www.martalafarfalla.it/redone/

This is a decent theme, but doesn’t have a lot of extras, and the documentation is pretty sparse. Kind of “What you see is what you get” in terms of layout & features.

I’d expect that if the author releases an update with half-columns & easier ability to move around sections, background color for the page, etc, then this template could be a lot more versatile.


This html template and not the topic. Html template does not provide functionality to change the background color, font, etc. For customization, you need to edit the file CSS (very easy to edit).

Html template is designed for people who have knowledge of web development and are going to connect it to your CMS. The documentation describes the basic principles that help to understand someone else’s code. If you want to understand how to work with HTML and the CSS, you need a study material (books, lectures, podcasts), and no documentation.

If you do not have such skills, you’d better wait for the version of WordPress. This version will have the functionality for customization. It is, incidentally, will be released soon (January 21).




I don’t want to feel like a jerk just for asking for an update. It was over two months ago I asked about the parallax issues, and was told that it would be fixed in the new update. This new update has been pushed back multiple times. The last update was that it would be posted to Themeforest “today” which was three days ago. I feel like I’ve been pretty patient, all I ask for is honest communication.


The administration has found an error in the new version. We will fix them after the weekend.


this is a nice theme. Is it possible to have a blog in this theme? Cause i’m going to travel and want a nice homeside such as this theme, but also want a blog and a gallerie etc.

I want to apologize for the delay. Now we get a lot of negative messages about the release of version 2.0. We understand. We want to make a quality product. Quality product takes time, which we do not much. This is not our main job. But we try. Here I will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

When is version 2.0?
Soon. From day to day.

Will this upgrade free?
Yes. You will need to re-download the archive.

Will there be the blog?

Will there be filtering portfolio?
Yes. We’ve improved this section using Isotope and Fancybox.

Will there be a feedback form?

What other innovations?
Retina Ready, Font Icons, Many Shortcodes, Blog, New Portfolio (Isotope (Commercial Licence), Select the number of columns), Improved display on mobile devices, New Contact section (google map, feedback form), new menu for mobile devices, fixed many bugs, deleted prettyPhoto, added FancyBox (Commercial Licence) and more.

When will the version for WordPress?
Soon. Near the end of the week.

I have a question: when will be available this template in wordpress?


Your Twitter FAQ does not work.

I’m referring to this: http://themeforest.net/item/kutcher-studio-responsive-parallax-template/3431507/faqs

It neither works, nor makes much sense.

It seems that you’re busy with an update, but if you wouldn’t mind clarifying the process for making it work I’m sure it would be very appreciated by users who have purchased your theme.

Thank you!

imbondz Purchased

Can anyone help me out with why the Logo isn’t exactly centered?

I followed the directions but for some reason it’s a little left of center.