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i bought this thinking it was the worpress version is that available ?

This is HTML. WP soon.

can u instruct me how to install this ??

This is not WP Theme.

Hello there How can I add this infos bloc please? I think I have a previous version and do not want to update all files ;) Ta H


Awesome coding! I know it’s a far out there question, but I was wondering if you know if there’s any way to use a video as one of the background fullscreen slider items. If so, can you point me in the right direction where I can find out more on how?

Video not supported.

How can I adjust my CSS so that my mobile site parallax photo backgrounds are replaced with solid colour like yours?

Hi there, for some reason the template shows up great while offline. But when I put it online, the images all got weird stripes through the pictures. What’s happening here?

will 2.0 have an option to remove the lines over the images?



- Edit the /images/pattern.png file to be blank

- Create your own pattern in the file, larger dimensions work too.

Suggestions: You can use this file in other ways to bring out your text (the point of the lines I imagine) You can create a transparent coloured PNG to colorize your images, or a semi transparent gray PNG to darken your images.

- Comment out the line /background: url(../images/pattern.png);/ underneath the #homepage and .pattern tag in style.css.

Hope this helps some other people!

Suggestions: You can use this file to colorize or darken your images to make your text pop out better. A semi-transparent coloured PNG will colourize your images, and a semi-transparent gray PNG will darken them.

Thanks for the tip. It worked out great.

I’m sure it’s very simple but could you tell me how i can get the mobile dropdown links to link to a seperate page? It only seems to work for anchors. please help somebody!!

current code <select class="dropmenu" onchange="moveTo(this.value)" name="dropmenu"> <option selected="selected" value="">Menu</option> <option value="#homepage">Top</option> <option value="#about">About</option> <option value="#culture">Culture</option> <option value="#services">Services</option> <option value="#portfolio">Portfolio</option> <option value="#contact">Contact</option> </select>

p.s. i need someone of the links in the dropdown to anchor and some to link to other pages

tested the theme in a iPhone5 and iPad2 does not work as well as on a computer, the imagetested the theme in a iPhone5 and iPad2 does not work as well as on a computer, the images lock when opened, what can be?s lock when opened, what can be? :(:(

Download version 2.0.

Kutcher 2.0 tomorrow. All answers on your questions tomorrow (support).

Awesome, can’t wait :) Can you test the template on Nokia phones as well?

Hi – great template, it’s been really easy to set up and customise.

The only query I have is regarding Prettyphoto on mobile devices. On an iPad the overlay is distorted and on an iPhone it’s fairly redundant. Can you suggest a way of disabling Prettyphoto on mobile devices? I’ve literately turned the internet inside out looking for a fix but no joy. Appreciate this is slightly off-topic but any help greatly appreciated.

In version 2.0, we have abandoned this plugin.

Cheers for the reply – I’ve download it. The new filterable portfolio, feedback form and map are a real winner. I’ve changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars! Highly recommend this template, great job.

Hi tvdathemes! I have purchased you theme and love it. Could you tell me how i can add a video background to the home page picture slider? The video would only be a 5 sec loop and repeating. Thank you.

Video not supported.

Would it be possible to have an active state on the clicked menu item ?

We did not implement this functionality. May be in future.

Version 2.0 uploaded.

i really love this theme, but the anticipation for the wordpress version is really building up for me .. many thanks. great theme.. hope it has a lot of shortcode goodies and supports video :) hint hint :) thanks again..

the progress bar is not working. It just stay blank while the images are loading. How can I fix it please?