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When editing the site on my localhost, all video portfolio pieces in which I reference vimeo videos gives me:

“Web page not found. Error 6”

On your online theme, the videos load and play, but in testing on my lcoalhost, they give an error or the spinner loads forever.

Will they play properly like yours online once I upload it to the web? Just don’t want to put my site on the FTP and go live unless I know for sure there’s nothing wrong, and it’s simply a problem with localhost testing.

The progress bar is not working on v1.0

mstoz Purchased

Hi, 1st thanks for this beautifull template. I would like know if the filter on the pictures (the very small vertical lines) is included in the template of the pictures are already treated this way before being applied to the template ?



can you tell me the new date for the WP version ?


Good morning, working on changing out the sliders and noticing that the logo top left and the slider caption text would look good dead center of the page. Would you be able to tell me which portion of code needs to be modified for this to work and keep the responsiveness intact when reducing size? Thanks


Hello. I apologize for the delay. Please open ticket on http://tvda.ticksy.com.

Is it posible to add more than 12 images in the image gallery? And if so how do i do it? Thanks Great Template!!

Hello – please could I ask – as this is an html template and not a WP theme, are there instructions on how to install it.

Also, I presume, to change the text etc you just have to change the code on the page itself.

Or am I missing something?!



Hello. This is HTML. Use any html editor.

Hello. I apologize for the delay. Now support at http://tvda.ticksy.com. Only http://tvda.ticksy.com. No comments. No emails.

Kutcher Studio WP theme – coming soon.

Excellent template! One note when viewing video with the fancybox gallery on a mobile device. The Vimeo controls in portrait/landscape are on the margins, this conflicts with the fancybox gallery navigation system. When electing to press play/pause or to expand the video to full-screen. The user will instead press the fancybox gallery navigation to either the next video or previous video. Thank you.

Hey there. Really digging this template and looking forward to purchase the WP version.

One question though: Have you considered implementing video as one of the background fullscreen slider items? Or will there be any way to do so in the future?

Thank you.

wyatt218 Purchased

I love this template but how do i get the twitter to use my username i cant seem to get it to work

Love the theme. I wanted to inquire if you have an ETA on the WP theme?

I also would like an ETA on the WP theme for this? Can you reply to this thread with an estimate? Thanks.

The shortcodes and the contact buttons (map, form, etc) do not seem to work in IE 9…Is this correct, or am I mistaken?

Almost 1,000 people purchased this, and as far as I can tell, I see no cross browser support. Someone please tell me I’m wrong….

Hi, I am looking for additional pages and short codes for this template, specifically pricing tables.

I’m noticing a disturbingly striking resemblance to whiteboard.is.

Nice work, but the slider and the navigation doesnot work when javascript is disabled. Will this be fixed in the future? Best Regards

Hi, I’m so excited to know when the WP version is ready. I’d like to know if you’re going to create a WP version of the Rudermann countdown (http://themes.tvda.eu/demos/countdown/) Thanks

Hi, can you give an approximate date when the WP version will be out? Thanks and an answer would be really appreciated!