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this might sound like a dumb question or maybe I’m just being completely stupid about it, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the main big slider to display fully. I can add slides, I can add a logo to the top, but only about a quarter of the images are showing. It’s supposed to be a full page image, right, like in the demo? All I have is the top chunk of my pictures, then the main menu, then the next page all on one page. Please help me out here!


never mind, figured it out! Theme rocks now :D

Hi – I installed the theme, and imported everything.xml to set it up like the demo but all the attachments failed to import. Pages and posts were successfully created but without attachments, viewing the site just results in a spinning circle on black.


So I’ve managed to work out a few things for myself. However, the parallax doesn’t seem to be working. The background images do not move.

I’m having several problems in customizing the template, even in the simple things + how to insert a background image …

a doubt … the template is ready for WP 3.8.3?

As I wrote a few days ago, can not I add background images in the pages … it’s a problem of version of WP?

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Is it possible to have a ‘page’ appearing on the single parallax homepage without it requiring a menu item?

Hello, I have been reading comments related to the parallax issue (images breaking and not scrolling) with ipads and smaller resolution devices. Has this been solved? Is there a quick solution to this problem? Please let me know. Thanks.

I just bought this huge template, but during the tools installation, importing everything.xml to set it up like the demo, occurred that all the attachments failed to import.

Does anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks

Where do we go for support now, this link http://xiaothemes.zendesk.com is saying the support account has expired?


I think we can forget about any support from the developer?

How can I change the button title in the contact form area from “Feedback” to “Email”?

Hello, a single question before purchasing: Where does the ‘text’ on the #home slider resolve to, and does that text hide from the source on page? Just checking, I don’t see it in the source so I’m wondering if it resolves on the page itself, and then if its passed over in SERPs if it is not. For SEO it would be more desirable to show. Please let me know. Thank you.

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Beware of this theme. There is no support. They have taken away the help desk. They have broken links to all short codes. Bad news…

DO NOT BUY! THE DEVELOPER NO LONGER EXISTS!! (I bought and got a refund from Theme Forest)

The shortcodes aren’t working… when I go to look for the icon in the post area or in the layout builder… nothing there… Please help!

Hi there. I have a problem loading the images into a wordpress gallery with. The small images are loading but not when you click on them to enlarge… doesn’t display. Any advice? Thank you. http://csrpros.com/custom-finished-basements/

The theme doesn’t work and there is no support. I don’t understand why ENVATO does not close their account?!?

Is there an update for WordPress 3.9.2? The shortcodes button in Edit page is missing/ Additionally, some icons do not show up in Firefox but they show up fine in Chrome. This is my site http://take220.com

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Shortcode plugin does not add button to the editor and the layout builder is not compatible with WordPress 4.0. Any update on the horizon?