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Whoops wrong account, here’s my purchase proof.


How can I display just the background image parallax with text overlay on the main parent page? It only allows me to select the parent template.

Also how can I make the buttons into a scroll link rather than opening on a new page?

Thank you!

Hey there,

For all support, please use a ticket:

See you there!


Hi.. I want to add different background images to different menu items… Background image is appearing but when we click on menu item it doesn’t active 1. how to activate the menu item when we click?

Please contact me with the account that purchased the theme.

Hi Tom, can you let me know if this theme is working with WordPress 4.2.1?

Ok great thanks :)

can i get the xml files after buying ?? I am not much of an expert and i find that themes i buy dont end up like the demo and i want a site like your demo if you give xml and all files included so i can edit and replace easily

Hey there,

Yes indeed, full demo data and documentation included.


Hi Tommus,

The theme has run really smoothly for about 18 months but I’ve suddenly run into an issue where:

• The top navigation links have stopped linking to their anchor points/sections on the page. Instead they link through to an empty blog type category.

• It might be related to recent updates (to the theme) although the problem has only just started to happen which is weird. I also recently ‘refreshed’ the permalinks to fix a broken link to the blog section. I didn’t change the setting, just went into permalink and ‘saved’.

• One section menu item still scrolls to its correct page position and I’ve noted that the url for this includes the ’#’ – so The others seems to have lost this.

the website is

Any help would be really appreciated – I don’t know where to start.

Thanks E

Hey there,

For all support, please use a ticket:



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Hi Author,

Please read my ticket #450320 , Looking forward for your reply.


Hey Tom,

Long time, no speak!

We’ve had to update Revolution Slider to the most recent version due to the vulnerabilities that were discovered last month. We didn’t update, and our site was compromised as a result. Problem is, the portfolio pages no longer work with Revolution Slider. The images are missing.

Are you able to release an update, or provide any help or advice on getting this fixed? Test URL:

Hey mate!

I updated the theme a while ago to fix that, but all you need is this:

.revolution ul { visibility: visible; }

Cheers! – Tom

Thanks fella.


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Sorry for my English.

Buy KYTE and try to do these three points:

1. Enter social networks and the SCROLL qtranslate.

2. Make a subcategory not visible from the beginning. Let me explain. Seen from the beginning alone: ALL / FORMAT / STATE and when to click STATE, it appears: IN DEVELOPMENT / PRODUCTION / SALE. It does not appear from the outset categories and subcategories together.

3. Modify the portfolio. Ie enter more information below categories. For example. Year, director, producer, etc.

It’s posible ?.

I read as much and can not find the way.

Thank You.

A greeting.

Hey there,

Each of your questions would require theme customisation, for customisation questions please see here:



pjgm Purchased

Good morning again.

First of all thanks for the reply and sorry for my English.

There is one thing I do not understand: In the editor unlike me Categories several levels and I view it on the web in the same (Question 2). It is to modify source code or get a different more advanced plugins aconsejais or not ?. But I do not understand the difference between viewing and editing.

Thank you very much for your time.

A greeting.


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Can you please explain how to have the showcase portfolio appearing by default when the page loads, because when I go to reading -> set static page -> showcase it still shows the slider as the first section by default

thanks UOU

Hi there

Looks like some google js is having trouble loading – please head to our support center with some logins and ill be happy to take a closer look

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)


uouapps Purchased

Hi Danny, Tom

Thank you guys for your great support just got the notification from Tom who fixed the SSL issue

Thanks a lot & wish you all best Cheers

p.s: if you update the theme can you please add it to the update


Yeah we’ll be adding the same in an update :)


Hey mate,

Will you be doing an update to include the latest v5 of Revolution Slider. I’ve installed it on our site, but we just get the loading spinning icon on portfolios and blog post entries so have had to downgrade to 4.6. Would ideally like to be on V5 as we’ve had some vulnerabilities lately.


Ahh no problem, thanks for letting me know revslider is safe for now then, I’m sure v5 will be better after a few more updates :)


No worries. Heads up… Twitter link on your Envato profile is dead.

gah, yeah, changed it to @tommusrhodus, was hoping it would redirect, no such luck I guess! :)

Before I buy the theme, is there any way to make the text for the (home, contact, services etc) links bigger on mobile? So that they are easier to press?

Yes, you can do that with CSS.


Hi, I need you´re help!

I have problems with porfolio because display all images below each other and not as slider check this:

Could you help me?

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!

Hi, nice design. I just want to make sure before buy it. Do you always update compatibility with the latest WP version? Thanks


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Couldn’t seem to submit a ticket but left URL blank and it went.

Ticket Received

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)